Island Discussion #1: Theories of the Future

Hello penguins!

Today I am going to discuss some of the Club Penguin Trends. Today’s topic will mainly be focusing on parties and upcoming events to occur on the island. NOTE: any of the following information is my opinion and thoughts and just theories. These notes could be confirmed at a later date but there will be updates on this. 🙂

First of all…

I would like to discuss the EPF. The EPF have been quite inactive recently. The only event to have occurred this year was the renovation of the Command Room but there have been no other important operations. You could say that the Future Party involved UP10K but it is Herbert and Klutzy that have suspiciously been our top suspects. Why? Well you will find out soon!

Another burning topic we could discuss is the Frozen Takeover. This party has been strongly requested by the community and with the some photographic evidence, we have some theories to discuss. Well here are my thoughts…

Frozen Confirmation

Club Penguin have recently teased a Frozen Takeover Party. It was in the Best Day Ever Music Video where a majority of the Club Penguin Community spotted a white Puffle who looked specifically like Olaf. Obviously not the aesthetics but the features. Below is a picture:


See the carrot nose? That is Olaf! With this little hint, the community was thrilled and engaged into everything that Club Penguin have shown us. When I say show us, it doesn’t actually mean showing us more confirmation; for me, it is about observing in depth for a hint or a clue.

Anyway with this one piece of information, it only gave us the impression that you will be able to adopt or create an Olaf puffle and giving us confirmation that the party is coming up soon. But how soon you ask? Recently, in the 457th Club Penguin Times Newspaper, we have some strong evidence telling us that the Frozen Takeover may be in August (next month)!


Pretty cold for the summer.

Sounds a bit obvious to me. [SPOILER’S ALERT] If any of you don’t know, Arendelle, a small city in Norway, is frozen by Elsa but not intentionally. It is set in the Summer but Elsa was born with magical powers that make her freeze things. Consequently she accidentally freezes the city after a small quarrel with her sister Anna. Since her power is very valuable, it is not easy to contain it so the slightest bit of fear can lead the city into great danger. [SPOILER’S ALERT]

This phrase can definitely relate to the movie so it is a quite powerful piece of information despite being a small one too!

A friend of mine (Sms8) gave me exclusive information on the party. He found an SWF file from the Club Penguin App which also hints that the party could be on the app too! Some of it won’t make sense but I made sense out of it. Have a look:

Collect magic snowflakes at the Beach to unlock item
Collect magic snowflakes at the Forest to unlock items.
Collect magic snowflakes at the Cove to unlock items.
Collect magic snowflakes at the Town to unlock items.
Collect magic snowflakes at the Snow Forts to unlock items.
Members that collect all the snowflakes learn magic powers!
Throw freezing snowballs
Create a snowman puffle
Become Marshmallow
Become Olaf
Queen Elsa brought a gift for her hosts on the island!
Collect magic snowflakes at the Dock to unlock items.
Collect EVERY snowflake and celebrate with the Ice Party Hat.
Collect magic snowflakes at the Plaza to unlock items.
On Aug. 28, visit the Ice Palace and see Elsa perform!
Transform into Olaf and Marshmallow
Buy Frozen items like the Blizzard or the Reindeer Floaty
Find all the snowflakes hidden around the island.
Excellent. You’ve earned your magic by collecting the snowflakes!
Wanna go to the Ice Palace? Queen Elsa’s performing! She made me out of snow!
oooh! It’s so shiny! Are there more here?
Hmm. No snowflakes here. Maybe in another room?
There must be more of them! Are there any rooms you haven’t checked?
Oh WOW! You found all three! Can I see your prize? I love prizes!
Any magic snowflakes here? Look closely…
I’m impressed. Let me freeze the snowflakes into a prize for you.
Elsa’s making ice furniture for everyone that visits her Ice Palace. Come back on Aug 28 to see her.
Did you see all the stuff you unlocked? You are super-good at this snowflakes thing!
The heart is the only way to melt magic ice. Try emoting one to thaw the room.
Do you want to build a snowman? Make a snowman puffle with magic!
Care to try out freezing snowballs? Throw one here to decorate Arendelle-style
Now try out your powers and let it go!
“Adopt”,”snowman_puffle_adopt.2014_frozen_components_puffle_name.adoptthispuffle_text”:”You created a snowman puffle!

Reading this file I could tell that there will be a scavenger hunt for snowflakes in each party room. It also hints that you unlock stuff from finding them! Also you can transform into Olaf and Marshmallow (Abominable Snowman) and freeze items with snowballs. One piece that stood out for me was when it mentioned “On Aug. 28, visit the Ice Palace and see Elsa perform!Elsa might be singing ‘Let it Go’ which would be quite cool. Near the end, it mentions that you can adopt a “snowman puffle“. This very well could be Olaf from Frozen.


On a side note, there have been rumours that a certain cave on the Tallest Mountain could be Elsa’s Ice Palace. I do follow this rumour (in some ways) but it could possibly be more EPF evidence. More information about this will be posted later! (The following images are owned by Trainman1405)

Ice Palace

This image is the Snow Forts in the style of Arendelle. Where the Ice Rink usually is, you can see the ice palace. It looks quite laid back but no where near on top of the Tallest Mountain. However look at this image:

Ice Palace 2

The Ice Palace is high up in the mountains? This image supports the mystery mountain cave more than the other one. The reason for this could have been an error in the art unless the team are still working on concepts. In this very image you cannot see Elsa either but there will probably be more information on this later.

It is still an argument between which party shares the mystery mountain cave. Could it be the Frozen Takeover? Or could it be – what I think will be – Club Penguin’s next EPF party this year?

This is all I have to analyse at the moment but be sure to check out Trainman1405’s Blog via my Blogroll. He has more exclusive party room images of the Frozen Takeover! I will be adding more theories and discussions on the EPF soon and conclusions to each topic.

Thanks for reading this so far and I hope you will enjoy the latest edition to the Island Discussion, coming soon…


UPDATED ON 29/07/14

Hello everyone!

In this update I will be discussing the EPF side of our current stories. First I could start by talking about their latest history.

The last major Operation for the EPF was in November 2013. More commonly known as ‘Operation Puffle’, the mission was to capture all Puffles that were locomotively controlled by Herbert P. Bear. No surprise… I sure loved that party as it brought the Wilderness into it. There was so much detail and depth into the party just like Operation Blackout. At the end of the party, all agents managed to locate Herbert and Klutzy behing Ice Falls. We managed to unleash the power of the Puffles to foi his plans and send him away from the area. The only problem was, we never knew where the Puffles took him! Since then everything has been quite. Except from when UP10K attacked us (solo) at the Future Party.

In April the EPF Command Room renovated it’s looks but nothing new has been introduced… No Field-Ops, System Attacks or any new Elite Gear. Why could this be? Maybe it is in preparation of something big happening. This could be another major operation in November or an unveiling of something happening soon.

Below are some images I took from the UK Magazine and all of them are EPF related! Take a look…

Agent Training!

This particular image tells us that something major is going to happen quite soon! As you can see: “AGENT TRAINING!” Training huh? Well it obviously means that the EPF are aware of something that is going to happen.

Bear Watch!

Bear Watch 2!

These two images are from a section of the Magazine. It reads:

Herbert P. Bear was last seen carried away by puffles last year, after his plans were once again thwarted by EPF agents. Is Herbert still out there, or has he finally gone into hibernation? Write to us if you have any clues or bear sightings to report!

To mention this must mean that something is going to happen.

Danger Watch

The image above was near the end of the magazine (on the fan art page). It seemed a bit random for it to be put there and the message itself is quite crazy!

There have been sightings of a white, furry creature in the Wilderness, walking upright on two legs. No, it’s not Herbert! That’s who we thought too. Stay vigilant?


In the CAMERA 14 image is a Yeti. Penguins have access to the costume if they attended the Great Snow Race. This message could be vital or it could be a mistake. First, a penguin could have been waddling around in a suit like that. However it mentions the Wilderness but no penguins would have stepped into the Wilderness since the end of Operation Puffle. Talking about the Wilderness, we have other things to observe.

Over the last few months, penguins have been able to find images of a misty scene which looks like it is set back into the Wilderness. The image is below this block of writing.


The foggy Forest scene looks familiar. You can see the Lake from the Club Penguin Map and a penguin holding a puffle? Let’s get a closer look!


You can also see what seems to be a giant puffle in the background. Now for those who attended Operation Puffle, you might be able to recognise it straight away (because I did).


This structure is the River Cave and it looks very similar to the Foggy Forest image. The only thing I could argue is that the positions of them are widely apart. For example if you compare the distance from the lake to the River Cave you will have second thoughts…


Well, this map of the Operation Puffle Wilderness shows us that you can’t even see the lake because it is that far away. I may be wrong about this since it could be another lake lurking around somewhere or I could have misinterpreted the scale of the structures. Another extra bit of detail I found about this was the Tour Description of the room. It said

This is the River Cave. Look at the unique formations. This is a great spot for diving. Keep an eye out for puffles, lots of them show up here.

The image of the Foggy Forest supports this as you can see a puffle in it. I could be wrong but it is a little extra piece of information that I wanted to share with you.

Going back to the Foggy Forest, there is still more comparison we need to do. Quite a while back (with Operation Blackout) Herbert had been an admin of a website called Club Herbert. It was basically a page that gives images as teasers for EPF related events. The very last image used was this one and it still remains on the website if you visit there now!

Klutzy and map

The scenery in this image looks like the Foggy Forest and judging by Klutzy’s emoticon, it seems that he is frustrated which could mean that he has lost Herbert after he was carried away by puffles. The map looks like it is based on the Wilderness and you could also see the lake and the mountains from the Foggy Forest picture as well.

Now that the magazine has hinted some EPF, there is a possibility that the EPF may strike again after the Frozen Takeover which had been officially confirmed (by Polo) to take place in AUGUST! It could be a September, even!

That’s my theory and my part of the discussion for the upcoming parties this year. Please comment your thoughts and I will be certain to respond to them. Make sure you follow my Blog for more Island Discussion on my Blog! I may update this post with even more news coming up soon. Though I have more things to find out and that will take place soon.

Thanks for reading!



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