Island Discussion #2: Can the Iceberg tip?

Hello Penguins!

Today I will be talking about the Iceberg! A lot of penguins really want to find out if it is possible and I do too! Well, I personally think that it can be tipped and it is because of this.

Iceberg Tipper copy

I took this image from my iPod and it is from the 1st CP Magazine. I thought it was a crucial piece of information to keep for the next few years and with secrets being so hot lately, I think it was a good time to share it. 🙂

The most common place that penguins are bound to drill is on the tip of the iceberg. According to the image, you will need to be on the right of the iceberg to be able to do something to it. The image has a chance of being “fictional” other than true but the only way to find out is to participate! This event has been planned to be part of Blue Buns and very soon, I will be posting dates.

My aim is to get the whole community involved so we can get a full room on the iceberg. For now it is just trial and error. We could try many various formations in order to crack out the sequence. The has been confirmed to be a Club Penguin secret just like the Mountain Cave and it is up to Blue Buns and the community to find out!

Furthermore the shark (from the Prehistoric Party) has been lurking around for quite a while now. Could this be the key? Is it a threat? This also appeared to be an ‘Island Rumour’ in the Club Penguin Times. The strangest thing is, is that it hasn’t been a threat for the last 5-6 months. Could it be fake? Or is it preparing something?

To conclude this event, I’d like to state that the Iceberg is possible to tip. It has been around 6 years for us to be able to prove this. 6 years! What if it can be tipped? It could be history! My task and your task is to get involved. I know for a fact that there are loads of ambitious and enthusiastic flippers out thee who have attempted to do this but we need more!!!

Please comment your thoughts and questions for the whole community to understand how important this is and how important it could be! Please share with your friends and the community to make this happen. Even if it doesn’t we will still be recognised for our determination and who said that history wasn’t made up of fails?

Thanks for reading!



One thought on “Island Discussion #2: Can the Iceberg tip?

  1. According to a video, it says that the ice berg is beginning to rock. There are different screenshots with different times. Each screenshots shows a different position of the ice berg but no one knows that it is possible to tip the ice berg…yet.

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