Island Discussion #3: ??????

Hey penguins!

Welcome to another edition of Island Discussion. Very recently penguins have been left on the edge of their seats. Why you ask? It’s because of ‘??????’! That’s right. ?????? is an upcoming mascot and he/she is very mysterious…

It was only earlier this week when there were all sorts of reports of it. What is it? Why is it here? Well, there were some leaked images of it and the background that it would give away. Have a look!


Mystery Background

It does look weird. It is now commonly referred to as the Sasquatch. As you can see, Sasquatch has the Beta Party hat. This instantly tells us that he has been on the island for as long as it’s existence. It does have a beak. Loads of penguins have been arguing about it’s species. “Since it has a beak, it sure must be a penguin?”. I kind of agree to this. This is because I have been comparing it to Herbert. Herbert is a Polar Bear and that’s final. He does not have a beak but he has a snout. He hates the cold and wants warmth. Penguins, however, live on a frosty island which surely implies that it is their natural habitat. There is a difference. Now going back to Sasquatch. Sasquatch has a beak but his body is noticeably different to a penguin’s. This so called “Sasquatch” may be a penguin in disguise; it could be a costume. It wears the beta party hat which is a clothing item on Club Penguin so the other parts of him could be fake clothing.


Now it is time to move onto physical evidence. Since this mythical creature has been leaked and confirmed for a mascot release, I thought it was time for some investigation.

There have been rumors that the Sasquatch has been roaming the island and it does sound sussed. Why would Club Penguin do this unless it is the beginning of another sneak peek. Club Penguin love giving out information! Once Polo Field informed us with hints of the next two party within a month. I do not disagree with this but I am justifying that this mascot could be confirmed in September or later this year. It would be a different kind of sneak peek but it is very similar to how they unveiled Sensei.


Since I was very intrigued about the rumor, I thought it was time to find out myself.

I found a tracker which tracks when the Sasquatch comes online. It took me about 5 attempts before I could find it; Sasquatch was so quick! Within 1-2 minutes Sasquatch disappears and I think it is something to do with the amount of penguins in each room. Eventually becoming face to face with it, Sasquatch leaves when they are annoyed and penguins annoy him! I, myself, quote his “UGH”s. Sasquatch is a very sensitive and an anxious mascot and this is only the beginning of the mystery! Where does it come from? Is it a penguin? How long has it been here?



Remember the Mountain Cave? Well you can read the description from it here:

Times Mystery

It says to report to the paper if any “intrepid myth-hunters” spot anything strange. Well I can say for a fact that this Sasquatch is one of the strangest things I have ever seen on the island. Obviously you can’t really feature your argument in the paper so I am going to contact Club Penguin Support about this. I WILL UPDATE THIS POST WITH THE ANSWER TO MY EMAIL SOON! Don’t you think this Sasquatch lives here? Maybe it lived in the mountain for years but got lost. Or maybe a certain villain (a.k.a. Herbert) stole it away from him. It could be true! You know why? Because I have a feeling that the EPF are going to be involved with it. Once this Frozen Takeover has finished, things will get serious. Reasons for this is because of these images!

Klutzy and map Bear Watch 2! Danger Watch 2 Agent Training! Mountain

All of them are relevant to this topic and most of them relate to the EPF. The EPF ones were in the latest magazine issues so there may be ore reports of Sasquatch in it. The one of Klutzy in it is the latest and current image on Club Herbert and it reveals the Wilderness. The party could be another operation major or minor but whatever it is about, the Sasquatch will be there!

To conclude, Sasquatch is currently an unknown mascot teased by Club Penguin. He has a beta party hat which could show that he is rare and elder and he is very secretive. His habitat could be the Mountain Cave or the Wilderness and the EPF could be investigating this soon. This post will be updated – frequently – as the time moves on but for now, stay aware!

UPDATE: I have emailed Club Penguin Support and it sort of turned into a conversation! Have a look:

BLUE:   Hello,
>       Very recently penguins have been able to spot this random mascot
>       coming onto the island. I managed to meet it myself and it’s name
>       is “??????”. It looks like a Sasquatch with a beta party hat on
>       it’s head and I was wondering if there was more to it. I obtained
>       a background and became it’s friend but within 2 minutes it just
>       disappeared! I wonder if it relates to the Mysterious Mountain
>       Cave and the reason why I am reporting this is because it said to
>       if you spot anything strange. Weird, right?
>       -Blue21102

CP: Hey Blue21102,

Whatttt! A mysterious creature lurking the island? That sounds so awesome! I haven’t seen anything while waddling around, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled.

What do you think it could be? I wonder if it does have anything to do with the mysterious mountain cave….

Club Penguin Support

BLUE: Hey,

The mysterious creature looks like a Sasquatch and the background that it gives away shows a forest. Could there be a Wilderness Expedition or could it be a major operation for the EPF to solve? Thanks for the reply!

CP: Hmmm… these are all really great guesses! I’m not too sure who this creature is and what it’s doing on the Club Penguin island! Do you think it’s a Sasquatch?

What does it look like? Did it say anything to you?


Club Penguin Support

It looks very hairy and has a beta hat on. That could show that he has been on the island for as long as it’s existence. Also it walks really fast and vanishes if it gets too overcrowded. It might be afraid of penguins or a very busy and a secretive Sasquatch. He tends to groan a lot; I caught him saying “UGH”. By the way he always awakes from the forest so maybe he lives around there or in the Wilderness. My other theory is that he could live in the Mountain Cave!

CP: Wow! You have some wonderful observations and theories! I still haven’t seen him so I don’t know anything! Have you tried following this mysterious creature to see where he goes? Maybe you can find out where he lives!


Club Penguin Support
BLUE: Hello,

There have been some rumours that it leaves near the mine shack but I haven’t seen him do it myself. I might need to track him down again to investigate this. Thanks for the suggestion!

CP: Hmm, the Mine Shack would kind of make sense as it’s pretty dark in places. Perhaps he IS staying there! I hope we’ll find out at some-point. If you manage to find out anything else about him, write back and let us know – we’d love to hear it!


Club Penguin Support

Thanks for reading,



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