Update: CPMVs

Hello everyone!

Today I quickly needed to tell everyone that I am going to start making CPMVs!!! I am part of a team that are glad to help me with it so hopefully it will be a blast for the community. The difference is, is that I wanted to make it more original and not like any other CPMV. It has been hard thinking about it and I decided that some will be seasonal (associated with CP holidays/parties) and others can evolve around SoundStudio mixes. I still thought that it needed something that nobody else has done. I have been thinking and thought of something very different. It will take a lot of time to do and skills to master so you must be patient. In the meantime I will try and focus on seasonal ones but I will post sneak peeks of what I am planning to do with my CPMVs in the future. 

Thanks for reading this little update on CPMVs and stay tuned for more news on it soon!



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