Island Discussion #5: Painting the Picture

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the latest edition of Island Discussion! This one will be quite small and subtle but very intriguing! Today we are going to attempt to paint the picture… This picture! 🙂

MallWhen I say paint, I mean to fill in the details and the possibilities of what this could actually be! Megg posted this image on the Club Penguin Blog for a sneak peek of the School & Skate Party this month! It will be a renovated room exclusively for the party but what room? Here I my guesses.

I really think that this room will be a Shopping Mall! I think it will be a mall – replacing he Clothes Shop – for the School & Skate Party. Why? Well the structure is genuinely big and organised in a mall fashion. It looks as if there are several shops aside the centre with a cashpoint. The stairs or (I guess) escalators is a strong feature in a shopping mall since it brings us to new heights and floors of various stores.

That is just the basic aesthetics. The appearance is just one piece of evidence however there is some written evidence that implies that I could be a mall. I found this in the Club Penguin Times Issue #464. Cp Mall Evidence“The Skatepark looks fun, but I don’t remember skateboarding being a class when I was in school.

And then there’s the mall he’s building.”

This was just a small extract from the article. Now we know for sure that there is going to be a mall! But is this enough evidence to prove that the picture is the new mall? Well luckily I have even more evidence!

Elevator Cp

This image shows this months soundtracks for your Igloo. I specifically highlighted “Starting Fresh Elevator”. This is because it is elevator music! Where can you find elevators? In a mall! But where could this elevator be on the image? Let’s go investigate now.

Cp mall analysis

I have highlighted two different areas. The red is a possibility on where the elevator could be; the blue shows the entrance/exit of the mall. Hence the symbol above the door. There could be an elevator installed into this mall but time will soon tell as the party starts this week!

That is it for this Island Discussion! Sorry it was a bit shorter than normal but I will be developing new theories and sharing them with you soon! I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment your thoughts on the image. What do you think it is? Where do you think it is?



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