Thoughts On The School & Skate Party

Hey everyone!

Today I just wanted to share some thoughts on the School & Skate party. The following will be my opinions on the party and I hope you will be able to relate to them.

So far, the party looks okay. It is brand new and different to a usual September party. Judging by the sneak peeks of it, it has a relation with Global Citizenship. This is great how Club Penguin are going to attempt to help the world out! However does that mean Coins For Change will be off the roster for this year’s parties?

Coins For Change has been an immense success for the Club Penguin and the WORLD! We have been able to save endangered animals, treat the people that are in need and support education by providing structures for the people who need them. I particularly like how the whole community is involved with this and just one penguin can make a change! The last point I covered about building structures is Club Penguin’s main focus this month.

The School & Skate party is encouraging penguins to help build school in India, Haiti and Ecuador. By doing this, Club Penguin are partnering up with FREE THE CHILDREN. This organisation helps children who are in need of a better life. Another way to encourage us is by renovating the island to celebrate this! Club Penguin have officially confirmed that there will be a new Skate park to stay on the island. It sounds pretty cool but I literally have no idea why skating has got anything to do with it. It could be similar to last year with the trains but instead you need to sate and perform tricks in order to contribute to the campaign. Anyway we have been given rough guidelines about the party but Club Penguin may explain more about the Global Citizenship side to it soon.

It seems awesome (so far) how Club Penguin are continuing raising awareness for charities. I am a bit lost on the skate side of this party but to be able to make an impact on hundreds of lives is a great thing to be aware of.

Moving on to the design. We have been given little information on the design of this party despite the fact that it is approaching the island later this week! The only sneak peek we have is a sketch of one of the rooms. I don’t know yet if this “renovation” is going to stay on the island but it looks awesome!


There is a chance that this could be the new school but it could be a lot of other things as well. To me it looks like a shopping mall and I know for a fact that many other people think this too. It looks like there are other shops departing from the centre and the stairs (or escalators) is a strong feature that a mall would contain.

There is a chance this could be the Clothes Shop – exclusively designed  for the event – or it could be a new structure you sometimes get at the Snow Forts? There are a ton of options but it sure has left me excited! What are your thoughts on this sneak peek?

Last of all I’d like to talk about the purpose. There is the obvious purpose for this party which is raising awareness for FREE THE CHILDREN and contributing towards the funds. There is the other purpose of this party which is that it is in September. School starts in September and it is pretty relevant to our moods right now. However what can this mean for September? Will Coins For Change strike again? Or will the team introduce us to a new ‘Holiday Season’ experience on Club Penguin? Or will it be a different party? If Club Penguin are partnering up with FREE THE CHILDREN now could mean that the chance of excluding Coins For Change is kind of high. I may be wrong but I am interested and intrigued by this. Just to note: I will be covering this point in an Island Discussion issue so I will be discussing more sophisticated reasons and elaborating on what I have written today.

On the whole, I am quite excited about the School & Skate party. The fact that it is new and different could mean that more people will be interested (especially with the Citizenship topic). I have high hopes for this party and I am pleased that Club Penguin are raising awareness this early! I may argue with the Skate Park since I can’t relate to it that well but the whole “School” kind of aspect to it can make the world feel closer and make the world a better place for everyone!

Are you excited about this new party? Be sure to comment your thoughts below and tell me what you think about this party.



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