Community Collab: Literature

Hi everyone!

I am introducing a brand new feature on my blog called ‘Community Collab’. I created this to raise ideas from the community and share them with the team. I have a lot of ideas on how to make the community involved more in Club Penguin and I think I should start with one of my favourites.

Who here remembers Penguin Tales? It occurred every Spring from 2007 – 2009. Unfortunately it has been discontinued from then. I thought Penguin Tales was amazing since it made the community more creative and they rewarded the best stories by publishing them in a book. The current 3 volumes can be found in the Club Penguin Times Office above the Coffee Shop so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already.

It was also a great game to express yourself and write what your imagination can think of. That is why I love writing and Blogging! In your imagination (full of infinite possibilities) there can be potential and dreams that keep you moving forward. There is a chance that you may not succeed in these – in reality – but anything in your mind is possible. By expressing your thoughts and your creativity through literature you are developing new skills to help overcome barriers in life. The literacy in writing can help motivate you and push you forward because dreams are goals and your target is to score!

In other words I think Club Penguin should encourage us to write more and involve the community with several opportunities to express yourself through writing. I could be a bit sceptical and maybe even say that schools are a place where students can learn and share their thoughts but Club Penguin (being a successful virtual world for kids) can influence this and make it possible to be who you are. If you can express your personality through fashion on Club Penguin, why can’t we express ourselves in creative writing?

That is what I have to say today and I really want to know your thoughts on this topic. You may disagree with me but I want to know why. There is no wrong answer and it is our job (as the community) to put out there what we think. Please feel free to use the comments section to write your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!



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