Community Collab: Merchandise

Hello everybody!

Am I the only one to think that Club Penguin has taken a step down from their advertising through merch? It seems weird that Club Penguin has not continued producing toys for the public.

I remember a time when there was a Club Penguin section in a range of toy stores but it seems that they have limited a lot of stuff that they used to sell. For example what happened to the mix and match figures? When I was younger I used to collect these as well as Club Penguin books and Card Jitsu Trading Cards. I think that merchandise and products related to Club Penguin can boost recognition and can show people how much it can matter to people.

Other MMOGs like Moshi Monsters and Bin Weevils are very popular for their website as well as their products. You can catch the moment when you hear Moshi Monsters advertising a brand new wave of toys in a TV advert but Club Penguin only uses this media for party advertisement. It is quite surprising since Club Penguin is very popular too and is valued a lot by it’s community but it is unfortunate that their production of merchandise has slowed a little bit.

Bin Weevils do particularly well in the BAFTA Kids awards, especially last year in 2013. Club Penguin has been a nominee for a matter of years but why hasn’t it won recently. Well, I think it has something to do with their distance between the public.

Over the years, some people believe that Club Penguin is maturing to suit older players and I can agree with some of the examples I have heard. Now that teenagers could be Club Penguin’s target, the toy products could be forgotten. These days (in Canada) Club penguin use Zazzle to promote their game and Zazzle offers a range of clothing products that are personalised to fit Club Penguin’s theme. I wonder if you are starting to realize the maturing now.

The problem with Zazzle, is that it does not include a form of product that would be advertised on TV. I think it is great that Club Penguin have attempted something different in their business of marketing however I do not think it will be enough to attract more players.

Maybe Club Penguin are developing new innovative ideas about this. Their approach may be slow right now but it does not stop Club Penguin from being the best MMOG right? 😀 What are you thoughts on this? Please comment your thoughts below to share your view on this situation.



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