Island Discussion #6: The Threat!

Hello penguins!

Welcome to another edition of Island Discussion! This is an element on my Blog where I investigate some mysteries and secrets on Club Penguin. You (the community) can relate to my findings and help come up with some theories for the topics I cover. Today I will be investigating Club Penguin’s latest threat! It does sound intriguing but it has been hinted a lot on Club Penguin. The good thing is, is that I covered a similar topic to this in an earlier Island Discussion. I wonder if any of you will guess which one it is?

Basically I think there is something up with Sharks on Club Penguin! It’s really weird and perplexing. Ever since the Sharks won the Penguin Cup, more and more gossip about sharks has rang the island. The strange thing about this topic is that it started years and years ago. Basically I am talking about the Mighty Megalodon!

It seems too practical for Club Penguin if this shark has no strong meaning to it’s appearances. Little evidence you get here and there makes it more interesting. In the next couple of paragraphs I am going to quickly round up the evidence so far! Please sit tight and enjoy…

1. Prehistoric Party 2013

-This is where it all began… It was this moment where we found out that the Mighty Megalodon was trapped in the iceberg which explains the awkward shape we see today. What really mattered here was the fact. It was fascinating and exciting however it develops into a bigger story.

Scary Ice

2. Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013

On April 25th the second Marvel Super Hero Takeover began! Drones were taking over the city and it was up to the Marvel Super Heroes to stop and vanquish the evil! Wait… Did anyone realize this?


3. Prehistoric Party 2014

Just under a years time, the Mighty Megalodon made it’s mark. We found it again in the iceberg but this Prehistoric party was even further into the future of the Prehistoric era. The island had more developments such as the volcano! Though, after a week the Megalodon vanished. The Iceberg was empty and penguins were shocked! Due to Gary’s calculations, the island radiation at the time was hot enough to melt the ice. This resulted in an escape for the Mighty Megalodon. This was the second key evidence so far but there is more!

Scary Ice #24. The Fin!

Since the Prehistoric Party 2014 ended, we have been able to spot a mysterious fin that roams around the Iceberg now and then. This is thought to be the Mighty Megalodon but how did it travel to the present? KEY EVIDENCE!

Shark_Spotted5. #464

The number above is a particular issue of the Club Penguin Times edition. It included a profile on the Mighty Megalodon! This edition was released later in 2014 and to gradually raise the topic up could mean that there is going to be trouble. It read:

“A menacing monster from the past.”

Did you know the Iceberg isn’t filled with ice?

In prehistoric times, there was a huge shark called a Megalodon frozen inside!

But then increased volcanic activity caused a state change in the Iceberg. That means it got warm from all the lava!

Scientists reported that the Megalodon went missing!

Even more alarming, a very large fin was sighted near the present-day Iceberg. I theorise that this is the very same shark!

For scientific reasons, I really want to find out more about it. Like its name! For other reasons, I’m scared of getting anywhere near it!

Mighty Megalodon6. School & Skate & Sharks?

The final piece of evidence (in this round up) is to do with an advertisement for the School & Skate Party. This party occurred in September 2014 and left me confused when I casually looked at the CSS Format of the website. I wanted to see the background and it turned out that I saw the Mighty Megalodon, bang in the middle of it. Normally this is censored by the layers in CSS formatting but with a bit of IT skills, I got hold of it!

September Background

That was a “brief” round-up of the evidence I have collected so far! Some of it is quite diverse and quite difficult to explain however Club Penguin must have done this for a reason… It is officially October (B-Day in 4 days! :D) and the next party is going to be the Halloween Party 2014. We have had some sneak peeks of what it evolves around and it seems to have something to do with Paranormal activity at the Puffle Hotel. Gariwald is back for this party as he is going to investigate the strange activity there. So far, no Shark related topic have been revealed…

In the Club Penguin Magazine #36 (however) some more evidence has been leaked! On the Danger Watch element, it shows a message reported by the Director (AA). I can read you the message however I am unable to submit the image just yet! I will be able to soon though. Have a read:

Attention swimmers and surfers. There are reports of a prehistoric, hungry sea monster around CP waters. Use extra caution.


UPDATE: Here is the image from the magazine!


This evidence makes it even more interesting of a topic. The question is: When will Club Penguin reveal the secrets behind this shark? We have a Halloween Party approaching, then in November it is currently unknown what party will happen at the time. There have been some rumours of it to be related to Puffles after a recent Blog post by Megg. She quoted in it that this year might as well be the “year of the Puffles”. This means that more Puffles are going to be announced this year!

With November a month probably for Puffles and December for the usual Holiday Party, when will the Mighty Megalodon reveal it’s true identity and story? Comment your thoughts.



One thought on “Island Discussion #6: The Threat!

  1. […] The Mighty Megalodon may be Club Penguin’s new threat! It is indeed a Prehistoric Shark which used to make the shape of the Iceberg before it escaped. It was in January 2014 that the Mighty Megalodon escaped the Iceberg. Since that Prehistoric age the shark has been spotted all over the place including today! If you would like to read more on the Mighty Megalodon, read one of my previous Island Discussions here! […]

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