Community Collab: Update (RETIRED)


I’m afraid to inform you that C.O.I.N. will no longer be established. This is due to lack of resources and help to make this happen. Sorry for the unexpected notice but please check out more Blog Topics for more fun reading! I will be focusing on these Blog elements more so I hope this makes up for this circumstance.

Thank you for your understanding!


In this edition of Community Collab, I wanted to give you an update. I will be accepting ideas to make Club Penguin better for the community so feel free to comment below or email me your ideas. Every now and then I will be doing a Request Roundup where I will be picking the most popular ideas. These ideas will be voted by you when I spotlight them on this Blog. I have created a group called C.O.I.N. where penguins help promote ideas and help the community in a lot of engaging ways. I am the lead member of the group and I will be accepting people who want to join us. If you like, visit the C.O.I.N. page on this Blog for more details.

That was all I wanted to tell you so stay tuned for some more Collab and please submit your ideas on the contact page or in the comments section below. I really need some ideas so we can make them possible so I’d appreciate some contributions to this.

Thanks for reading!



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