Thoughts On The Halloween Party ’14

Hi everyone!

The Halloween Party has now begun and it does look cool! The party is has an original story which can keep penguins intrigued and there is a lot of rooms to explore! Let’s hear my thoughts:

First. I think the Halloween Party (this year) is good. I will explain later in the post why I have not said fantastic. The new plot is quite strong and it brings in a whole new perspective of the Puffle Hotel. The sky is stormy and helps bring the spooky atmosphere to the party. The ‘Trick or Treat’ element has remained on the island which means penguins can enjoy other various activities on the island as well as exploring the new Hotel.

Second. Items available at the party is still strong. The daily quests have been continued which may be fun for particular penguins. Club Penguin (like always) support non-members with free items at the party which is a great thing. Members can unlock other exclusive content such as the Ghost Puffle. Not much has been said about them – yet- however they will probably be obtained nearer the end of the party.

Third. The content in the Halloween Party is extraordinary! Most rooms (on the island) are decorated as well as the sky! Plus, the Hotel offers a wide range of rooms that are completely new. However these Hotel Floors can only be accessed after particular dates. The only criticism I have about the rooms is that the majority of the island has the same decorations as last year. This could have been because Club Penguin planned this on the last minute since people have complained about how small parties have been. At least they gave the effort to do this. Also new rooms such as the Puffle Park and the Skate Park do not have any decorations – which is a little bit disappointing – however I think all of the Hotel Rooms have redeemed that.

Overall the party is great and judging by my experience of it (so far) it is looking good. It is nice to see that Club Penguin have brought the puzzle/quest element back to the party. These were a big success in: Wilderness Expeditions, EPF Operations and Medieval Parties. I can’t wait to find out about the mystery of the 13th floor but I do wander what Room no. 5 has to do with this plot. It seems too empty to be forgotten… Like, really empty! No floor at all!




3 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Halloween Party ’14

  1. Also, I’ll be sure to pass your blog post along to the team. They always enjoy reading what the community have to say about stuff they work on for everyone! They’re always looking to make things more awesome for players. 🙂

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