Happy Birthday Club Penguin!

Happy Birthday!

I would like to thank Club Penguin (on behalf of the community) so much for the effort that has made Club Penguin awesome and amazing! This is the 9th year already and so much as changed! Remember back in 2012? The next leg of the journey? That was when the whole island was renovated to look like what it is now. That was revolutionary! However this year I think Club Penguin have particularly worked on parties and the community.

My favourite party on Club Penguin – this year – would have to be either The Fair (because those rides rocked) or maybe the Halloween Party because it is looking good so far! What’s yours?

Now that we have looked upon the year, what’s next? Well some of you may know about #ProjectSuperSecret and it does sound BIG. What we do not know is what it is. Is it another big update? Will it enhance gameplay? What we do know is that it will start after the new year! Whatever it will be, it will probably play a big party in #CPNext…

To round off this post, I’d like to send the team a very big thank you for all of the effort spend to make Club Penguin what it is now! I am very proud of them and I hope their 10th YEAR and ANNIVERSARY will be even BIGGER!

Thank you Club Penguin!



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