The Iceberg: Will It Tip?

Hi everyone!

Today I am just going to show you a small but fascinating image to hint whether it is possible to tip the Iceberg or not. This image is of a picture in the Dining Room, in the Hotel. Have a look!Iceberg tipAs you can see, it clearly shows the iceberg tipped! According to this image you need to be on the left of the Iceberg for it to be able to tip but could this lead to disaster? Club Penguin have been hinting about a lot of this related to this Iceberg but it focuses more on one individual. That is the MIGHTY MEGALODON! Could this image be related to the Mighty Megalodon?

It is possible that this shark can tip the iceberg since it has been lurking around CP Waters for a quite a while now. All these little hints being given creates new theories and possibilities. Because of this it is still quite hard to figure out what is going on with this. What if there is something to uncover under the Iceberg? Is it a myth? Who is the Mighty Megalodon? What do they want?!



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