Island Discussion #8: Suspects at Large

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the latest edition of Island Discussion. Today’s topic is confidential! Agents eyes only! Or if you are just interested and a fan of my Island Discussions then please do read on. In other words, just read on… if you dare! Anyway, I would like to find out which enemies will be returning to Club Penguin. There have been a lot in Club Penguin history but with a few hints on the island and investigations, I have been able to come up with some suspects at large.

These suspects are arranged in no-particular order but note that some evidence may be stronger than others. Let’s begin!

1. Herbert P. Bear (THE OBVIOUS)Hrbert

Herbert has been at Club Penguin’s throat for ages. His delinquency can get out of hand however major operations have been able to prevent him from defeating the island. You could say that he is smart however his plans are never too big enough. I have labelled Herbert’s rank OBVIOUS. This is because his threats are frequent and the most common on the island. We currently do not know what he is up to now but we do have some confirmation that he is long lost in the Wilderness.

Herbert P. Bear was last seen in November 2013 (that is nearly a year ago). His plot then was to brainwash all Puffles by stealing equipment to construct the Brain Box. Luckily the EPF managed to foil his plan and released all Puffles at hostage. They carried him out of his lair, behind Ice Falls, and since then Herbert has not been seen.

However we have some evidence that can tell us when his next attack could be. However I do not think it will be any time soon. First we have several messages informing us that Herbert is hiding in the Wilderness but one evidence that surprised me was the skateboard design. At the School & Skate Party they sold the new skateboards but one particular design hinted Herbert. Have a look!

On the Club Penguin Homepage and Login/Log off Page (September 2014) You can spot Herbert's face on a penguin's skateboard! Is he coming back soon?  STAY TUNED! ;)

Why have Herbert on a skateboard? This piece of evidence was probably non-diegetic since I can not imagine a penguin publishing a design like this. This could tell us that Herbert is returning soon but due to some recent evidence about November’s party may change that.

On the Club Penguin blog, Ninja posted a picture. Nothing was said in the post however the picture clearly told us that a Pirate Party or maybe even an Adventure Party may be returning next month. It is unusual to have a party – like this – in November since it is approaching Winter instead of Summer. Normally we would have an EPF Operation in November which I love however maybe Club Penguin are laying back on the EPF a little more. Since the Pirate Party was requested a lot to have a return it seemed to have replaced the EPF a little. Is that good or bad? Well I like the Pirate Party and since we have not have one in ages, I think Club Penguin should go ahead with it. I am kind of disappointed that Club Penguin have not included an EPF party this year however this all may be a build up to a big one in 2015.

Anyway here is the picture Ninja posted:


Will the EPF strike again anytime soon?

2.  Klutzy (THE LOYAL)


Klutzy is Hebert P. Bear’s sidekick. It is quite difficult to classify Klutzy as an enemy but he is easily a suspect. It is unknown whether Klutzy holds sinister plots like Herbert or not which is why his rank is LOYAL. Evil or not, Klutzy has always been there for Herbert. Herbert does not seem to appreciate this since he complains about how many times Klutzy has ruined Herbert’s plans. It is quite amusing to hear but we do not know what this crab can get up to!

We have heard from Klutzy due to a recent observation from JPG! He sent us a message on October 9th which can be viewed below.JPG Message Kutzy PizzaIt reads:

No suspicious movement has been reported from Herbert. But Klutzy has been stealing pizza. Keep watch on the Pizza Parlor.

Could this be something to do with hot sauce again? Or is it a casual pizza party after they have reunited?

3. Tusk (THE MIGHTY)


Tusk is a walrus. He may sound weak and vulnerable but inside he is the Master of Snow. Sensei and Tusk were former friends until a phase of jealousy wore it out and turned it into something much darker. In 2013 Tusk sent his Snow Minions to defeat Sensei and his Dojo. It was an act to remind Sensei of his past and to warn him that Tusk has risen. Sensei recounted his story of the relationship between the two of them and it turned out that Tusk went in hiding for years after a fight. Since then, Tusk has been able to Master the element of Snow and threatened the entire island by crafting loads of snow minions to defeat the island. With the help of prepared Snow Ninjas, Sensei stopped him from causing grave danger but Tusk vanished before there were consequences…

The question, now, is where is Tusk? It has been over a year already and we have not heard from him. We do have some evidence which could show him up. In fact, you can see this piece of evidence from Ski Hill. It is about the Mysterious Mountain Cave! Not much has been said of it except in the Club Penguin Times. No ones knows who lives there but it could make sense that Tusk may have created it. We know that Herbert and Klutzy are in hiding, in the wilderness which leaves Tusk as the only one left responsible. Or is he?

Times Mystery

4. ?????? (THE INVISIBLE)


Who is ?????? you ask? ?????? is indeed “INVISIBLE” and a very hidden character. From now on I am going to refer ?????? to Sasquatch. Anyway this character has only been hinted around the island. Sasquatch never says any Penguin English; only: “oh”, “Umm”, “Ugh”, “Gah!” and “grunts”. There are more greetings and responds that he makes but I will not go into much detail. I have actually discussed about Sasquatch in a previous Island Discussion so you can find more information on Sasquatch here! If you are not interested in detail, then please read on.

Luckily I have managed to catch up with Sasquatch on a server. Sasquatch was very quick and it was so hard to get a picture of him but I got two! I will show one which clearly shows him as a sprite.


There are many ways to describe Sasquatch. “He” looks very different and unusual compared to most mascots. We do not know if “he” is a penguin dressed up or a super-natural creature on the island. Is Sasquatch good or bad? I would just say that Sasquatch is suspicious and we need to keep an eye on “him”.

Now lets come into some evidence. First I have met him therefore I have obtained a background that each mascot gives away when you meet them. The background is right here:

Mystery Background

You can see Sasquatch hiding behind a bush in what seems to be the Wilderness. I think this may lead from “The Forest” in Club Penguin since he normally comes from there when online. He also seems dark and cautious which may give us an impression that Sasquatch is a secret character at the moment but more may be revealed about “him” later.

Second. I emailed Club Penguin Support about Sasquatch and you can view the conversation below:

BLUE:   Hello,

Very recently penguins have been able to spot this random mascot
coming onto the island. I managed to meet it myself and it’s name
is “??????”. It looks like a Sasquatch with a beta party hat on
it’s head and I was wondering if there was more to it. I obtained
a background and became it’s friend but within 2 minutes it just
disappeared! I wonder if it relates to the Mysterious Mountain
Cave and the reason why I am reporting this is because it said to
if you spot anything strange. Weird, right?


CP: Hey Blue21102,

Whatttt! A mysterious creature lurking the island? That sounds so awesome! I haven’t seen anything while waddling around, but I will definitely keep my eyes peeled.

What do you think it could be? I wonder if it does have anything to do with the mysterious mountain cave….

Club Penguin Support

BLUE: Hey,

The mysterious creature looks like a Sasquatch and the background that it gives away shows a forest. Could there be a Wilderness Expedition or could it be a major operation for the EPF to solve? Thanks for the reply!

CP: Hmmm… these are all really great guesses! I’m not too sure who this creature is and what it’s doing on the Club Penguin island! Do you think it’s a Sasquatch?

What does it look like? Did it say anything to you?


Club Penguin Support


It looks very hairy and has a beta hat on. That could show that he has been on the island for as long as it’s existence. Also it walks really fast and vanishes if it gets too overcrowded. It might be afraid of penguins or a very busy and a secretive Sasquatch. He tends to groan a lot; I caught him saying “UGH”. By the way he always awakes from the forest so maybe he lives around there or in the Wilderness. My other theory is that he could live in the Mountain Cave!

CP: Wow! You have some wonderful observations and theories! I still haven’t seen him so I don’t know anything! Have you tried following this mysterious creature to see where he goes? Maybe you can find out where he lives!


Club Penguin Support

BLUE: Hello,

There have been some rumours that it leaves near the mine shack but I haven’t seen him do it myself. I might need to track him down again to investigate this. Thanks for the suggestion!

CP: Hmm, the Mine Shack would kind of make sense as it’s pretty dark in places. Perhaps he IS staying there! I hope we’ll find out at some-point. If you manage to find out anything else about him, write back and let us know – we’d love to hear it!


Club Penguin Support

As you can tell, Club Penguin Support “didn’t know” anything about Sasquatch either. No matter what, Club Penguin will not reveal anything about Sasquatch at the moment. We will find out one day!

5. The Mighty Megalodon (THE THREAT)


The Mighty Megalodon may be Club Penguin’s new threat! It is indeed a Prehistoric Shark which used to make the shape of the Iceberg before it escaped. It was in January 2014 that the Mighty Megalodon escaped the Iceberg. Since that Prehistoric age the shark has been spotted all over the place including today! If you would like to read more on the Mighty Megalodon, read one of my previous Island Discussions here!

 All evidence on this shark (which is a lot) can be found in the link above. If you would just like a brief about the Mighty Megalodon then please read on!

 The Mighty Megalodon has been playing many roles in the past 2 years. We have been able to sight it at the Marvel Super Heroes Takeover Party in 2013. It was behind a villainous seat – in the lair – which may imply that the Mighty Megalodon is a baddie! This could just be one role of it’s past since we haven’t realised what it has done in the past 6 million years! Either that or it could have been smuggled in through the Time Trekker 3000.

Also you can see the odd picture of the Mighty Megalodon now and then through sneak peeks. At the School & Skate Party the shark was on the advertisement background image as well as on a painting in the renovated school at the time. Also there were more newspaper reports on it then which made me think it would have done something soon. However it has still been quiet and not even the EPF have commented on it that much. What is it playing at?



Otherwise known as Protobot, UP10K was designed to be a friend instead of one of Club Penguin’s powerful enemies. Gary the Gadget Guy built him for help around the Gadget Room when the PSA were active. However the invention went horribly wrong since Protobot and the Test Bots turned against Gary and cause trouble on the island.

We have last seen these villains at the Future Party where Protobot threatened the island with meteors. The Extra Planetary Defence (future EPF) managed to stop them yet again and Protobot was finished for good! However that was in the Future. It is still possible for Protobot to rise again until then. We know that it is not possible to defeat him until the future however we know that the island will be safe since it was when we entered the Future. Except a little different but that is technology everyone!

No evidence can prove that he will attack soon so I do not think he is that important yet. Time will tell as Club Penguin grows along the years…

That was a bit of information and analysis for you! There may be more suspects or enemies for Club Penguin to reveal (like Skip for example). Keep on the look out for more strange activity on the island that may hint some of the suspects that I have written about. Please comment your thoughts in the comments section so we can get some discussion going. Maybe you have your own theories that you would like to share and I would also appreciate feedback on the theories that I have covered.

Thank you for reading this edition of Island Discussion and I hope you will stay tuned for more updates!



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