The Island Detective: Chapter One

The Storm

It was a stormy night. I heard every pattering rain drop; I felt them as they skated gracefully along my beak. This was just the beginning. Thick, dark clouds approached, scaring the blue out of the skies and the blue out of me. Now and then I watched the flashes toggle as if it were a loose light bulb. I could remember the Puffles that had cowered over such a fork of lightning. The owner of them hurried away as if this storm was about to break free.


It wasn’t long before I heard the distant groaning of the skies. Or was it my stomach? I couldn’t really tell. Life was hard on a bench. There’s wasn’t enough room to anything. Fine, you can sleep and gaze upon a storm like I did but it was nothing compared to watching a storm out the window. Behind the window, it was warm and toasty. I distinctly remember the crackling flames of the fireplace. Wavering around like there was no rules; it made me relaxed and feel safe.


It was funny.


Then I was here. Surrounded by trees drenched in tears. They menacingly loomed over me which made me feel vulnerable. I didn’t like that. Also the bench itself was deformed before I slept there and – even for a penguin who can survive cold climates – it was tough. Now I begin to think whether it was the benched that groaned. I wasn’t that hungry anyway so it made sense.


It had been only around ten minutes before the lightning cackled as it forced to the ground. It was ever so sudden that the trees were manipulated into stalks as wind struggled its way through the atmosphere. After that I was just alone on this bench with piles of crispy leaves flooding around me. Was it even possible to drown in leaves?


More and more bolts voyaged through gravity like missiles hunting its target. They were more scattered over the place as if each one was searching for a particular thing. I carefully watched, minding the heavy rain that was thoroughly seeping through my fine hair. It didn’t matter that much, the fact that I get wet, but I seemed to take more of an interest in the sky. I guess that was one good thing about living on a bench. You get the “front seat” of everything that goes on in the night. At least I was bothered to think that rather than being pessimistic about anything that happened.


Gradually the rain softened and the howling wind quietened. I cautiously felt the chills as the atmosphere seemed to calm down. Great! Now I had no company. A state of relaxation suddenly struck Club Penguin but unfortunately I wasn’t a big fan of it. Sure, I complain about the weather but that was the best I had. Now I had to put up with sinister silence.


Rustling and turning into my sleeping position, I managed to capture the lightning again. It was blinking. A bit dimmer I would also say. My eyeballs rolled away and halted as they were delicately preserved. The blinking was still visible through my eye lids. Softly sighing I took a quick glance at my scratched watch that gripped tightly round my flipper. My eyes fixed onto the hands as they all stopped in unison. It was still blinking and flickering. I slipped my flipper under my cheek and continued to doze.

Why worry? It was Halloween after all.




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