The Island Detective: Chapter Two


“Oi! Shadow!”

I reluctantly lowered the Club Penguin Times from eye level. The Office was staring at me.

“We make newspapers, we do not read them,” Mr Stirling clearly warned me. “Do you understand?” His eyes gradually broadened.

“Yes-sir,” I responded, shoving the newspaper off my desk. The pages rapidly scattered along the ground; my flippers palmed my cheek as I witnessed the mistake. Sighing, I collected the prints. The whole Office still glared at me. Why me? “Get back to your job!” I thought. Before filing them in the storage cases, one particular article was striking enough to catch my attention. Dare I? My head cautiously scanned the room. Mr Stirling – my boss – took another sip from his latte as he typed away on the computer. I quickly slipped the article into my pocket and jammed the rest of the pile into the case. I took another sigh as I sat down on my seat. It was just another boring day…

It was 10:30 am. I carried on editing the paper. My flippers raced away on the keyboard, finely painting a masterpiece. Work was tough. But my work was tougher. Some penguins admired my organisation as a designer/editor but it was just an act. Penguins are intrigued by my uniform. Then again, that’s not really me. They also love my jokes but to be honest it was just the silly ones you would find in a joke book. I find jokes annoying; I am serious. It’s probably the nerves that trigger off a doppelganger of me.

However it was ever so recently that penguins started to avoid me. Did I smell? Did I say something? Like I told you earlier, they just stare at me and never respond to my voice. For example:

“Hey Lucy!”

She looks the opposite way. I sigh.

“Get back to work!”

That was my boss.

It is just an on going process of my life at work. Also I find that they whisper behind my back. Most of the time I pretend to examine my work when I am actually examining their conversations. Some giggle and Mr Stirling does not react to it at all. They seem to smile a lot more when I am not in any of their contexts. It was pretty obvious that something was wrong with me but then again, this isn’t me!

I am a sloppy penguin who enjoys peace and quiet. I like books (as you can probably tell) but I am not a social kind of penguin. My igloo is a mess. It’s not because I am lazy, it’s my Puffle – Harvey. He’s hyper and sometimes I can’t stand it. Yes, I get angry… a lot! But I still love him; I love Puffles. I hardly have any friends except my cousin Buddy. I guess that doesn’t count much but his name can make me sound a little more popular.

Oh, and by the way my name is Frank. Frank Shadow. I much prefer if you called me Shadow since it sounds epic and secretive. I can be secretive but penguins don’t know it. That was another fact about me. One last thing. I like mysteries. That article you saw earlier, that was interesting. I haven’t actually read it fully yet but something about it kept me going. Since I like mysteries, that makes me a creative penguin, right? Also intelligent!

So that was… me. I guess I have some sins but I am good in a lot of ways too. I still can’t figure out why people avoid me though. My eyes carefully gazed around the room. My beak perched at the top of my computer screen. All of them had their heads down. Typical.

12:00 pm. Noon. That’s lunch break! The Office suddenly flooded with all of my co-workers. Surprisingly I was the only one refining my editing. The others soon made their way down into the Coffee Shop for a mug. I quickly finished the editing until a shadow (not me) appeared on my desk. I paused.

“That’s enough,” Mr Stirling stated. My flipper immediately halted. “Take a break”. Mr Stirling sturdily strolled off towards the staircase. Before he left he suddenly said “Thanks.” He then went downstairs.

Thanks? I was left questioning his beak. Boss never said anything like that to me. Maybe that means he like me! A buzz surged through my skeleton. We were getting somewhere. I pressed Ctrl + S to save then put the computer into sleep mode. I happily fetched my jacket from the back of my chair and made my way downstairs.

By the way, why did I say “skeleton” you were asking? Well that is simply because it was Halloween! I wasn’t a big fan of Halloween but I loved the season and the atmosphere since it can attract a lot of mysteries which I love! You can get all sorts of paranormal activity anywhere at Halloween so I had my eye out on everything.

Forcing the Coffee Shop door open, I entered the Town Centre which was thoroughly decorated. I watched as gangs of penguins left the Clothes Shop with their costumes for the night. Did I mention that the whole Dance Club was transformed into a Pumpkin? It looked pretty sweet however I wouldn’t really have fancied dancing in there; it must have been quite slippery with all the guts hanging from the… you get it.

I strode along the cobblestone and took a seat on the coffee table outside the shop. I didn’t want a coffee. I wanted a good story! I pulled the stolen article from my pocket. It was a bit screwed up but it didn’t matter too much. My flippers meticulously unravelled the paper until it was legible. Finally. My favourite part of the day was right in front of me.




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