Island Discussion #10: A bit of everything.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 10th Island Discussion! I am very pleased to have continued this element on my Blog because some of you find it interesting so thank you for reading and congratulations on making this element awesome! For this edition, I am going to go over a few updates on what has been going on in Club Penguin as well as telling you some other cool stuff. Welcome to a bit of everything…

1. Skip The Bellhop

——————————————————–SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT———————————————————–

Some of you may have heard about the true identity of Skip. Some of you may have seen the true identity of Skip. Well please read on if you know what I am talking about but if you haven’t completed the quest at the Halloween Party, I would move to no. 2. Thank you for your patience.

As we all know, Skip has now been revealed to be a ghost! It was definitely a plot twist at the end of the quest since I suspected nothing of him. Well done Club Penguin! Anyway is there a chance he may return? Since he is a ghost, there are quite a few complex rules that tell us whether he is gone forever or if it is possible that he may return. I am not that good on mythology myself so maybe one of you may have a theory about him. If you have anything to share, then please comment in the comments section.

2. EPF Update

In this update I am going to briefly tell you what has happened with the EPF over the year. On the whole, not much has happened.

The first major EPF related update was on March 6, 2014. Basically the EPF Command Room was renovated into its current design now. At the time it was quite exciting since the EPF Command Room was inactive in its use of Tube Transport and Field Ops. It was still damaged since Operation: Blackout in 2012! That is just over a year of a broken HQ. The new design is very efficient and much more modern. There are two new sections in it including the: jail cell and the lab/storage room. These are not very active at the moment but they may be next year or sooner. The only disadvantage with this update is that the VR room is gone for good and it is missed by many including me.

A bit later – May 22, 2014 — June 4, 2014 –  the Future Party was introduced to the island. This had a connection to the EPF since the new organisation (at the time being Extra Planetary Federation) had a resemblance to the name of the Elite Penguin Force. It was thought that this would be the future EPF. The threat at the party was the Ultimate Protobot 10000. He threatened the island with meteors and Micro Bots and eventually himself during the Ultimate Battle. Using Robos (technology at the time) the Extra Planetary Force defended the island from being harmed.

I wouldn’t classify this party as an EPF operation but judging by the party planner for the next two months, it seems Club Penguin have. Usually we would get an EPF Operation this month and I love them so much! Unfortunately is seems that we are having a Pirate Party instead. I love Pirate Parties too but it is a shame that Club Penguin replaced it with one of the hit parties of the past two years.

Moving onto around this time, we have been getting reports on Herbert and Klutzy reuniting. JPG has been researching their location and it turns out that they are in the Wilderness. Could this hint the next EPF event?

3. The Island Detective

My new story “The Island Detective” is going to be related to these topics. As you have probably noticed, the titles are very similar and the story version is from one penguins perspective. They are referred to the Island Detective. I would recommend you to read these if you are a big fan of my Island Discussions. I would really appreciate more readers and you can find the chapters (so far) here! I hope you will enjoy them!

4. Island Discussion Update

This update is quite important for you to read. I am afraid to say that this element on the Blog will be taking a little break. It is quite difficult to explain why however there is still Community Collab to tune into. Also make sure you look out for more stories. It will probably be around the end of this month that I will start continuing the Island Discussions. I hope you will understand.

Thanks for reading this Island Discussion and I would appreciate your thoughts in the comments section. Stay tuned with my other elements on this Blog. Thanks again,



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