The Island Detective: Chapter Three

The Fish Dog

I was so tired this morning. I managed to escape the storm and fall into a deep trance about my life. You see, my life is off the rails at the moment and dreaming about it made me feel a bit more organised. I had a plan to become a chef at the Pizza Parlour and even my gut tells me now that it is a good idea. I just remembered serving up a big, juicy cheese pizza with extra squid. My mouth watered thinking of it. If only I had the cash to buy one. If only I had the gut to walk into that diner looking like a birds nest.

I sluggishly edged away from the bench, leaving a trail of leaves which drifted away from my rugged jacket. My back creaked as I stretched my flippers towards the blue sky. The weather looked neutral but that was a change. I tiredly rubbed my eyes until they were clear enough to see what was around me. Pumpkins. Ghost cut-outs stray against the trees. This was Halloween. Abandoning the bench, with my tatty satchel, I ventured on through the trees until I ended up in the forest.

Birds gracefully tweeted as if they were welcoming me to the delightful nature. I watched penguins hug each other and play amongst the snow. Some were trying out their new Halloween costumes. I remember the days when I was one of them. Young. Everything was easy but you never know when it will get worse. A lost tear trickled down my beak and I quickly swept it away, unaware of the emotions I was feeling. Some looked at me. At first I thought it was an insulting look but then they smiled. I couldn’t help conveying the spirit so I smiled too. Just then I felt much better. I bet that penguin was doing to cheer me up. Maybe I should smile more often. It helps but it’s remembering when to. Retreating from the snow-capped bushes, I set off into the Town.

Along the way I passed a lot of spirit into the season. I guess Halloween was a time for socializing with your buddies. Trick – or – Treating was the heart of Halloween according to the youngsters. I guess I enjoyed it a lot when I was living. I could remember smelling the aroma of the pizzas once I had passed the Pizza Parlour. It was so indulging even smelling one. But tasting one was obviously better.

At last I had made it to the Town. It was getting a bit busier and the Sun was at its hottest. Interested, I took a glance at my watch. It was 12:23 pm. Looked like I missed breakfast. Now would be a suitable time to fetch a lunch. Obviously I couldn’t. Passing by the buildings I took a seat on the bench near the notice board. It was usually empty and it was mainly there for people like me. Snow covered the tarnished metal frame of the bench; cobwebs hung between the gaps. I cleared my throat and took a look at the notices. One read:

Adopt a Puffle today!

Only 400 coins!

Another one read:

Join the Disco Club!

Open Evenings (6:00 – 9:00)

Sign up at the Dance Club today!

These were activities for leisure. I wanted to look for jobs. I need money to actually take part in leisure activities.

I kept on scanning. One caught my attention and intrigued my appetite.


Spend over 500 coins at the Pizza Parlour for a free MEGA Bundle meal. Offer only lasts until 12/11/14.

My stomach growled and purred. I want one so bad. Before taking my eyes off the deal, I suddenly fixed my eyes onto smaller print on the same advertisement.

Now Hiring!

My eyes gleamed! The sky seemed bluer than ever before. The atmosphere wasn’t just spooky and loud, it was also sunny. A grin stained onto my beak and it lasted for ages. This could be my chance. My only chance to live life again! I sat back and enjoyed the moment. Before I even think about applying, I would have to look and sound the part.

My eyes carefully rolled around the Town Centre. I thought I could maybe get some advice from what people were wearing. One penguin wore a suede coat with a woolly hat. Not really smart. I saw another penguin, but with a ghost costume? Too spooky. My beak scanned even more thoroughly. A penguin, sat on a table near the Coffee Shop, wore a smart jacket and lustrous shoes. His hair was greased back and his tie was presented neatly below his collar. Now that was a penguin that I could learn from.

The only trouble was the money. How could I afford such decent clothes. Maybe this wasn’t the right path. I sighed. My eyes lowered and my head drooped to the floor. If only.

Before long a penguins swept across my head and tossed something in the bin aside the bench. I jumped up in shock. Whatever that penguin chucked into the bin, smelt peculiar… and rich! My beak sniffed into the air and detected the smell until it was fixed above the bin. I dared to look down but I saw something so fine. Amidst the junk and rubbish, there was a stray Fish Dog delicately wrapped in some paper. It looked clean and untouched; my flipper went for it. As I picked it up, the aroma wafted into my face and I was suddenly in Heaven. No more rotten sandwiches. This was the best I could get.

My beak urgently smothered into it, enjoying every second. Its warmth was still present and preserved it all the way. My taste buds tingled as I wedged in the last piece. It was a delight! I could tell that my face was messy with sauce judging by the look of the penguins’ faces. I smiled. I hope that was the right time to use one.

It was 12:30 pm. Penguins began to retreat back to their jobs hesitantly. Then there was me, stranded in the Town Centre without a mate. I wish the fish dog would have lasted longer. I used my dirty jacket sleeve to wipe away the excess from my beak. Whilst doing that, I took another glance at the advert. My face frowned but something about the fish dog made me want to go for it. I felt healthier and warm. I could feel it comforted in my belly. It is probably best to look the part for a job but this is my best and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of luck either!

I stood up from the bench and buttoned up – what was left – of my jacket. I pulled my hair back and dusted my filthy shoes. Smile. It makes you feel a lot better!




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