The Island Detective: Chapter Four

Define A ‘Waste’

Back at the office. The window beside me was bursting out the beautiful sunset. The Halloween sunset… The Sun glimmered and glistened; it was ready to hibernate but now was it’s time to shine. At least work was a bit laid back now. Boss had to fetch some groceries for the Coffee Shop so the entire Club Penguin Times office took a step back and made the most of it. Of course I wasn’t spoken to at all but I liked the peace and quiet. In fact I had just finished editing this article.

It was an Ask Aunt Arctic. I find these columns a joke! Some penguins waste their time writing all these easy and simple queries when they could ask about Club Penguin’s deepest secrets. Especially when it was Halloween! You can get all sorts of the paranormal lurking around. The problem is, I am not allowed to submit my thoughts; I edit them instead. I printed the articles and took a deep sip of my creamy hot chocolate which was full of goodness. My flippers absorbed the warmth as I held it.

By the way, did I tell you about the article? I didn’t did I… Well it was very interesting indeed! In fact it was so good that I accidentally spilled my coffee (because my flippers were shaking of excitement) over it and had to buy a new one from the rack. It was worth it! Anyway it was on the Mysterious Mountain Cave! You know, the one you can see from Ski Hill. I didn’t notice much when it was actually visible to Penguins but I took a trip later in my lunch break to have a look! Fascinating… I can just go on and on about it but I am meant to be editing and editing instead. Perhaps at the weekend I can bring along an enhanced telescope to be able to discover it’s formation. Acid rain? Rock weathering? Or was it anthropogenic? Meaning Penguins or any kind of creature built it themselves. Some even say it is the home of the Sasquatch… Weird, right?


Work was getting a little more tense now. Boss came back half an hour ago and his presence had a massive impact on the office. As soon as he waddled up the stairs, the whole office retreated their slouching and their chats and immediately pretended to type on the computer. Obviously I was doing my job correctly… I think. Wait, what am I doing! I am losing my trail of thought.

I glanced back at the computer and surfed the net for some extra information on the Mysterious Mountain Cave. This is kind of breaking the rules but it just seemed that everyone was too quiet and sluggish to complain or report it. I was feeling a bit weary myself actually… I found a few Blogs and articles on it. Surprising. I thought it was just me who was interested but I guess I don’t realize how big the community of Club Penguin is. In fact I came across this cool website called ‘Blue’s Blog’. It has all these reports on it and it refers to a lot of evidence that can explain why it is there or how it got there. Another one caught my eye. It had a beautiful, large, round, crispy pizza on it… I have no idea why but it is a good tactic to attract viewers.

I was quickly scanning through the search engines until suddenly it just went! All gone. My screen just blacked out. Concerned, I took a gaze around the office to see if any other Penguin had the same problem. Yes, they did. Mr Stirling rose and sighed so deep that it caught everyone’s attention.

“Settle down everyone!” he moaned in a boring tone. Lucy (a co-worker) looked a little annoyed. She was muttering over the kerfuffle; she was so quiet that I couldn’t here her. Something about losing all of her… Oh no! I lost all my work! This wasn’t good. I spent ages and ages doing all that hard work and now it was like it was tossed in the drain. I was so furious. I couldn’t keep quiet about it. I had to… I had to say something.

“What do you mean?” I shouted. “How can we calm down! All of the editing! All of it is gone! You should know better. You are the one making profits on this!”

Why. Why did I say that. I hesitantly shut my eyes. I could tell the whole office was looking at me and giggling. I opened my eyes again and encountered Mr Stirling – my strict and fearless boss. His belly was at the level of my eyes and I could feel the frustrating tone in his heavy breaths. My head just weighted down with disappointment. I stared at my legs which were as jittery and precarious as jelly. I could tell what was on the next page of my horrible life…



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