Magazine Fun: Issue #37

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Magazine Fun. This is a topic where I show you some of the Magazine’s key features. You will also get the inside scoop on what will be happening on the island as well as a look at Penguin artwork from the UK! I hope you will enjoy!

This is the front page of the Magazine! As you can tell it is Holiday themed and the content inside evolves around the Holiday Party. The strange thing is, is that there will not be a Holiday Party this year, yet the Magazine gives us an impression that there is. Maybe Club Penguin thought it was too revealing to announce it since this Magazine was released in early November!

2014-12-03 18.59.46

We get a little bit of an introduction for the next 2 pages however there was one thing that caught my eye! We have a little EPF Alert! Sometimes these kind of things are published as a little bit of a sneak peak for the coming weeks on Club Penguin. This one surprised me, though. It has a picture of Herbert P. Bear and the message (from the Director) reads:

Herbert P. Bear is always up to something. We are watching him at It all seems a little too quiet, so stay sharp. The Director.

2014-12-03 19.00.28

Aside this message we have a little element that involves Magazine readers to get involved. The element is called ‘C.P.T.V!’ Moderators and the team spy on the community and pick a portion of Penguins who have been wearing an item that is exclusive to the CP Magazine. It is quite hard to get picked since you are not volunteering in any way. except wearing the appropriate item as much as you can. One top tip to succeed is to enter full servers and make that item your permanent outfit for the month. Also, try and attend events such as: Mod Meet-up or Mascot Sightings since there could be penguins from the team spying on you.

Anyway here is the image!

2014-12-03 19.00.49

Special Mention to: Twilit2, Walkymoo, Xian06, Cheekygirls15, 007 Cool, Madeline124, Petulla, Dinosmith, Marzbarz16, Jake99320, Dionelis, BubblegumXD, Iron Man8896, Penghew, Goggs2, Firesensei, Pengwquinn, Purple00657, Eddie614, Yoshi99779, Hellokimmy, Sarah0611p, Frozen Bllrd and Mercury Polo.

These Penguins were lucky enough to get into the Magazine, therefore they would at least obtain the ‘Published Reader Trophy’ which is awarded to those who were published in the Magazine at least once. However people who have been published into the Magazine 3 times obtain the ‘Star Reader Trophy’ which is gold and quite rare to get hold of. These awards can be placed in your Igloo as décor. I have been able to get it so I rest it against the wall for me to look at and be proud of. If you haven’t already, try and get into that Magazine! It is worth it and the whole thing itself is fun to read!

A few more flicks through and we come across ‘Cadence’s Catwalk’! This is a page that involves readers to submit a “Penguin Style” for a particular theme. The Magazine gives you 4 themes to choose from. In this case we have:


Every picture shown wins 1000 coins plus the ‘Published Reader Trophy’. Every month they pick one theme from the 4 and thy pick the outfits which they think look unique and suitable for the theme. This month (November) they picked NEW SPECIES!

2014-12-03 19.01.16

Well done to: z Orange3, Blacky67677, Xxxhelenxxx, Hornsby4, P249165005 and Starts68 for your awesome styles! Each style is judged by Cadence and is given a name so it is quite an honour to become a winner of this page. Furthermore there are some fashion tips issued out to those who want to try and win. The following are for “looking good on the water!”

The fisherman look is so hot right now!

Pair some cool accessories with your swim wear!

Get a slimy squid pet to complete the look!

Within the Magazine we also get a couple of activity tutorials. These are usually associated to a particular season or event so you can guess that the following activity involves some holiday spirit in it! This little activity is called ‘Puffle Tree Hangers!’ The purpose of this is to give your Christmas tree a puffle makeover with funky little decorations.

2014-12-03 19.02.03

If you would like to see the full tutorial of this, click here! (LINK COMING SOON)

Next we have the Cool Cribs page where igloos are published to the magazine and 7 of them are featured every month. These can have any theme at all however you would want a unique one to obtain the ‘Igloo of the month’ title! Luckily I managed to get there with my ‘Vault of Villains’ igloo. Below is the image of the Cool Cribs page!

2014-12-03 19.02.20

By the way I apologise for the blurriness in some of these images. I have to bloat them which makes it a little more difficult to read however I am happy to present you the lucky Penguins who made it! We have GeePeach! GeePeach is one of my buddies and their igloo was good enough for ‘Igloo of the month’! Their igloo is called ‘Fruity party’ and the CP Magazine go that much further and list key parts of the igloo. Well done again GeePeach!

Other winners are: Justabusta, Rose14899, Tobyp999, Ice29742, Jorge Fitch and Lillianlilly! Congrats and enjoy your trophies AND your 1000 coins!

Our next page is another activity! These activities are more to do with Science but in a fun and a crazy CP way. This is ‘Gary’s Experiments’ and the purpose of this experiment is to model how rocks dissolve and how you can adapt them to make little “treats” for your buddies and your family; ’tis the season…

2014-12-03 19.02.41

For the full tutorial of this activity, click here! (LINK COMING SOON)

For people who love art and design, you have reached the Community Art topic! The next couple of images will spotlight Penguins who have submitted their artistic and creative imaginations to the Magazine. First we have Dot’s Doodles! These are drawings that are seen to be creative or stunning in a variety of ways.

2014-12-03 19.04.17

Congratulations to Coolpengu5, Jessilovpip1, Danny 04089 and letinrelle for your amazing effort!

Our next people to congratulate are winners of the ‘Elite Puffle Power’ competition from Issue 34! This is presented in the ‘Idea Factory’ section where Penguins are set challenges to draw ideas for Club Penguin. These can range from silly and wacky Gary inventions to island-changing gear! This challenge was t create Puffle Gear for the EPF. I must say that a lot of the winners designs are amazing and I would love to see more involvement with elite Puffles in the future of Club Penguin!

2014-12-03 19.04.36

The grand winner is awarded: a one year membership, 100,000 coins and a Puffle Plush Toy from Jakks Pacific. That grand winner is Ninjafive1! Well done for your amazing ideas!

Other winners win 20,000 coins and a Puffle Plush. These are our 10 runners-up: Frost949, Bongo3136, Jeremy1545, Epicbilly, Rydon7747, Cayapapaya, Chazzy508, Dustin459, MrPingoo89 and Waddles41083! Enjoy your prizes everyone!

For those who are EPF agents, you may want to read on! We have another ‘Danger Watch’ where The Director warns us about strange activity on the island of Club Penguin. This one is quite interesting…

“If you see this imposter coming down your chimney, call the EPF immediately. This crabby claws doesn’t leave presents, he takes them! The Director

2014-12-03 19.04.10

Interesting. The Pirate Party involved a lot of crabby attitude so this could refer to that. However this could be hinting towards the Holiday Season since the wanted crab seems like an imposter of Father Christmas! Could it be Klutzy?

Last but not least, we have the special Very Important Penguin Award! It is obviously quite rare to be awarded this since you win 20,000 coins! A lot of that could be donated to Coins For Change! Anyway the Penguins who want to become a V.I.P. have to: answer a set of questions and send their igloo + player card to the address.

2014-12-03 19.04.54

A very well done to Busling who managed to be title V.I.P of issue #37 of the Club Penguin Magazine!

That is it for this month’s Magazine Fun! Fear not, since I will be back soon to analyse the next issue which comes out on the 11th December! I will post it after that date due to the Advent Calendars and other stuff happening on this Blog! I hope you all enjoyed this Magazine Fun and please comment your thoughts below in the comments section.




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    • I am not too sure if it is sold online, however I am sure that you will find it at your local retailer. I live in the UK and get it from a corner shop all the time! 😊

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