The Island Detective: Chapter Five


I am heading towards the Pizza Parlour. Still smiling. I wave to fellow citizens and they respond with a lazy greeting. Come on! Penguins have got to bright up a little bit. They should appreciate their life. Look at me for example. I appreciate what I have got yet I am kinda homeless… Hopefully this vacancy will be the next milestone of my life and I am literally dreaming about all the major enhances that could inflict on my life if I was offered it. Imagine.

Buying some new and clean clothes that are not 2 years old! I will be able to have money to move on in life. Maybe buy an igloo and over time it can transform into a mansion! I can have friends as well. I mean, you can’t fork out for them with dough but you can earn them from a great lifestyle. But most importantly, I will be happy! When I am happy, it triggers off success in a range of ways.

The Pizza Parlour was right in front of me. I could smell the delicious aroma of the pizzas that elegantly fried on the oven. Another good thing about this job is that it is working in an atmosphere that I love. With pizzas around me to: eat, smell and serve, how bad can it be?

My flippers gently nudged the diner doors open; what I saw next sent a chill down my spine..




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