Club Penguin Community – PLEASE READ!


I understand that there is a lot of talk about Club Penguin never being as good as it used to be. You are saying that their parties are dropping back and the effort is being lowered. You are saying that it is not enjoyable anymore and you are protesting about this. I have to admit, I do think that Club Penguin is not getting better however I would like you to stop and think.


Why is Club Penguin failing to make you happy? I may know the answer. Club Penguin have been working their socks off but you do not know it. It is not Disney destroying Club Penguin as some of you may think. It is not that Club Penguin is refusing to listen to their players because that would be stupid. It is because Club Penguin are taking on more responsibilities now…

You may not have realized this but Club Penguin have been stressing out lately. This is because the virtual world is shared between three different platforms: Online, Android and Apple. Have you ever been wondering why Club Penguin parties have been getting worse? There is a pattern, I tell you.

It is true. Club Penguin was exceptionally great before it was brought onto Apple devices. I am talking about the content here. The world within seemed to be wider and much more enjoyable until it was also brought to Apple. A lot of you were asking for Club Penguin to be supported on Apple devices and Club Penguin have listened and made it true! There are a lot of things to ask for but it is time that you think more…

Over a year later, parties were brought to the Club Penguin App so the community would be able to enjoy it on the go! This was requested by a lot of you too. Parties since have been lacking room decorations. A few month later we get Club Penguin on Android! We then encounter one of Club Penguin’s weakest parties of 2014, the Merry Walrus Party. Can you see the pattern here?

Since Club Penguin have decided to bring the experience to multiple platforms, the responsibilities have been risen a lot! The effort is still there and it may be exponential but some of you need to stop and think right now. Why would Club Penguin suddenly lack everything when it is such a popular virtual world? Club Penguin are working at their very hardest now because of the multiple platforms which does not always mean the performance is at their best. This explains the lack of party rooms added because there is less time to make more and produce them on three different platforms! This also explains the lack of enjoyable quests but it is not their fault! I know for sure that Club Penguin are not trying to let everyone down and so should you! There must be an end to the protests on social media because Club Penguin are not happy with it. They sure do accept constructive criticism but not threats.

Please put an end to #SaveTheClubPenguin… Please think again about why you are doing this. Club Penguin get the message already! They know that their performances are not as good but they are trying. We asked for Apple. We asked for Android. We asked for parties. We basically asked for more effort and that has caused this.

Club Penguin are always looking for the right option. They are always looking for the future and so should we! Lets appreciate their work and celebrate! Just hope that 2015 will be better and by doing this we have got to work together as a team. We have got to support the Club Penguin team, do not dominate them. Please read this over and over until you get the message…

Be proud of where Club Penguin are at. I am sure that this will not last but not everything is perfect.

Thank you for reading.



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