First of all I would like to apologise that this is my first post this year, yet we are already thirteen days in. It has come into conclusion that my Blog will not be the most frequent this year so I hope you enjoyed every moment of 2014. But for 2015, this Blog will be slightly different. I would briefly like to inform you some little changes…

  • My Blog will seem less active from now on due to other responsibilities.
  • The usual topics will be posted sparsely throughout the year.
  • My YouTube account will halt its video submissions.
  • I will be introducing a new topic!
  • Club Penguin Team Interaction should be more likely now!

Sorry that the first few were a bit disappointing, but to be honest, it makes it a lot easier for me to limit some stuff and even more interesting stuff for you to read will make you happier…hopefully. I guess the only two good things on that list are the last two. They both tie in with this post and it should be exciting to start making it happen!

Judging by the title, most of you probably guessed that the new topic will be ‘CPFuture’. If you were one of those fellas, well you are right! This new topic will involve interaction with the team by teaming up together to make Club Penguin better than before! Each post on this topic will introduce an idea or a suggestion for the team. I am sure loads of you have a lot of improvements in mind so hopefully some of you were thinking the same as me. However each idea has to be solidified by the community for it to be able to be considered as a future Club Penguin change. In other words, I post an idea and you have the chance to send an email to me if you agree with it and you would be happy to support it. If I have over 5 emails (supporters) then I will email Club Penguin Support and address them the feedback (hopefully getting a response too.) It is a bit like a petition!

Another way to support is to comment below and give your reason why you have chosen to support the idea/suggestion. This way Club Penguin Support will get a rough idea on how important this could actually mean.

Make sure you use #CPFuture if you would like to raise an idea and I will think about posting it on this blog. So use Twitter to help raise awareness of this project. If you have any questions about this, please comment below or email me. The first idea will be posted soon so please stay tuned and think about supporting!

Thanks for reading! Have a great start to the year too!



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