#CPFuture: Project #1

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first project for the #CPFuture! If you have not heard already, #CPFuture is a little topic on my Blog where I showcase ideas to make Club Penguin even better! I will start with one idea, then it is up to you to decide whether you would like to support it. If you agree with the project, please email me through the contact form that you will find here! For more of an idea of what #CPFuture is, please click here for the link to the introduction post! Now, let’s start!

My first project that I would like to offer is something that I think will enhance the interaction with a few features on the play screen interface. This will be something that will make Club Penguin even more interesting and… different! I think that Club Penguin should introduce…


When I mean mobile phones, I mean in-game ones that will help you access various features. Try not to get confused with reality since Club Penguin has already expanded the experience onto real mobile technology. Anyway I would quickly like to summarize how think can make Club Penguin better…

I think adding mobile phones to Club Penguin would be a great idea! With mobile phones on Club Penguin, it would enhance the interactive tool bar and transform to into something new, effective and creative. Instead of having a buddy list that glitches most times, it would be cool to see this as a feature if mobile phones were to added. It can be the equivalent to a ‘Contacts’ page on a regular phone. Another feature would be an inbox where Penguins can receive postcards, or custom messages! This can even support private chat with Penguins since it is a similar interaction. Also these mobile phones can be customizable! You can change the cover, the theme and spy phone features can also be integrated into it, OR you can upgrade your phone to a spy phone.

How are you liking it so far? Well let’s go into more depth with each feature. I will also include a sketch of what the interface of this can look like. In fact you will find my sketch below mapped with different numbers. These numbers are a reference to a paragraph later in this post so if you would like to read more on a particular feature, look for the number and scan your way to the paragraph. I have a lot of ideas for this and I think it could be amazing!

#CPFuture Project 1


The Map will still be available to look at. However I think it would not do any harm if it was moved to the toolbar instead of the left hand corner. The icon will show the map inside it so it should be clear and effective!


This icon will be kept since it is awesome! It will look the exact same and function the exact same too! Maybe a more enhanced target range could be applied…


The chat bar will be pretty much the same except the filter should be more enhanced. This way penguins can communicate more easily without any social media required! Also safe chat can be enabled in the settings (20).


It would be lovely to see updated versions of each emote as well as adding more too! Emotes are very important in Club Penguins since it can unleash your expressions, personality and your mood. This way penguins can get an understanding of each other which will hopefully result in better friendships and fun!


This is also a returning icon. However I think there should be more actions added. We can get a variety of dances and maybe, in the future, animation on the web could be improved so each action can be refined.


Obviously we need to keep the igloo icon as an easy way to access your igloo. I think the style and the function should be the same so there is not that much to improve about it.


The Club Penguin Times is very interesting to read so it should definitely stay. To improve it, there could be more content inside to add. Maybe some blog posts can be posted in it as well as polls just to make it even better. What do you think?


I think the current one is absolutely fine except it should be improved to accept any text at all. This can be quite hard since there is online safety to consider but surely all bad language can be eliminated. I was also thinking of calling this “DIA-LOG”! Get it?


This one is quite big to discuss about. Basically there should be an icon like this to warn whether you have received a postcard, a message or even a reminder to let you know how your Puffles are doing. It could keep ringing (since it is a bell) once you have received a notification and then you can click it to be informed whatever they are. Sometime in the future, Club Penguin may produce their own social network where players can interact with each other like never before. I know a lot of the community use Twitter as well as me so maybe there could be a link with social media too. However I think it would be safer for Club Penguin to have made a social network for Club Penguin players only.


Replacing the Map and the Spy Phone, there could be the NEW Mobile Phone! This gadget will access you to a range of features as well as introduce you to refined versions of icons from the current tool bar. Just click on the phone and then your play screen will zoom in on your own mobile phone! From there, there is a range of things to do which will be explained in the next several references!


The camera will be a new and interesting tool. It is common on most phones but it will function in a different way on Club Penguin. Instead it will capture screen shots of the play screen and these can be cropped. To access the camera, you need to click on the Camera/Gallery Icon (14).


Similar to the play screen interface notification icon, except it will continuously flash on your mobile phone if you are in use of it at the time. This was you are always sure when you are needed!


Just like the usual contacts or address book a normal phone has! However you will be able to search where your online friends are. Currently it will notify which room an online buddy is on as long as they are in the same server as you. They should make it so that it can tell you what server and what room for an easy game of hide and seek! But it will also be best if that Penguin chooses whether they would like to tracked or not. This way it can be useful in games such as hide and seek or if you just wanted to be alone.


This is the icon that will lead you to the camera. This way you can take screenshots and share them on social media if Club Penguin eventually design one. Screenshots can also be saved to your computer too!


This is the icon you select when you have received notification on your phone! It will be the same as the notification icon on the play screen but instead it is also integrated into your phone!


This feature is one of my favourites however it is unknown whether this could be a permanent feature to add. It involves private chat which Club Penguin believe is unsafe. I also agree in some aspects however it is a shame to not include it when it could make postcards much more fun and customizable. You could write your own messages or use premade ones. I think the 10 coin deposit should stay too! However members should get free credit every time a message is sent. Furthermore you can add buddies to a contacts list within your inbox so you could send messages to them quicker than ever before too! This feature is quite risky but I a sure it is favoured by many of you.


I think this could be a cool little in game app to help train your Puffles. It could include the Puffle tricks when you are on a walk and elite Puffles can also be obtained from this app. Maybe it could include the Puffle catalogue as well so that you can buy food or appliances on the go. This could even be a new app in reality too! That would be quite cool!


This will be a new and improved player card with more details about you. It will include your stamp collection, your favourite colour; food; music etc… And possibly a bio too so that you can reveal whether you are a blogger or not. From this profile, you can also customize your penguin and the background/pins. The profile can also be accessed by clicking on your Penguin. Features such as your favourites could be shared publically or private. Your choice.


This will be an entirely new catalogue where you can buy customizations for your phone. It can even be upgraded into a spy phone however the customizations are still in your flippers. You could add an elite gear application to your widgets or even afford to buy a spy phone separately and a default phone. You can also purchase themes and colours of your phone case. All purchases can be applied in the settings (20). There could be a lot to choose from so this could be a really cool feature!


Last of all we have the settings icon. This will access you to Club Penguin settings as well as phone settings. It can show your stats, your purchases, your customizations and furthermore options. Memberships can also be purchased from here and the option to manage your account as well. Basically all the technical stuff, you will find in the ‘Settings’!

So that was it! What are your thoughts on this project? If you think it is awesome, please support today for a chance for Club Penguin to take this idea into consideration. Remember, to support you need to fill in the contact form here! This can also be found on: Blog Topics / #CPFuture / Support A Project.

Please feel free to comment your thoughts below and also use it to suggest further topics that could be discussed on this Blog. Thanks for reading!



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