Island Discussion #11: Solving Mysteries

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to an Island Discussion! You may remember that I took a break on this topic but now I am back with more news to share. This post will be all about solving mysteries on Club Penguin and I know that there are a lot. Some have only just been introduced but there are some ‘invisible’ ones that I would like to discuss with you. Let’s crack on! First I would like to talk more about Herbert P. Bear. This suspect has been on everyone’s nerves at some point and it is about time to think why he has been so quiet lately. Just think. We had all of 2014 without any EPF Operations at all. Herbert did not intrude any party at all. We only saw him during the We Wish You A Merry Walrus animation but he never intruded the actual party itself. Although his appearance may be quite significant after received an update recently. Take a look at the new picture!

Club Herbert January

What we see here is that Herbert obviously did not like the present that the Merry Walrus gave him. It sounds weird since Herbert loves piece and quiet but now we get an impression that he has turned against his desires. Maybe this could somehow relate to the upcoming SoundStudio Party in February since it involves loud music. Hebert does not like loud music so this could be a link. Furthermore it could also indicate that someone has broken into Herbert’s lair and trashed it. This may not be true but it is possible. This supports Herbert’s passion for silence and peace unless he has suddenly turned on everyone. But who could this intruder be? Sasquatch? Let’s think about the bigger picture. In the background it shows that Herbert could be sticking around in a cave. Is he still in the Wilderness? Or is he here? MountainNow this could make sense. If you look at the surroundings, Herbert could well be hiding out in the mountains. Again, this could be false but it is another possibility! This mountain cave has been here for a while, yet we still can’t figure out who it belongs to. Other people may say it could belong to Sasquatch, however it looks like that he usually hangs around in the Wilderness instead. So where is Herbert? What is he up to next? One last piece of evidence which could hint him being active this year. EPF what's nextIn the 2014 Mashup, we get several images hidden inside question marks. One of them was the EPF Logo. Maybe this could mean another operation is going to take place (which I hope) or it could show a bigger uprising of the EPF after Operation: Puffle. Herbert could show up anytime soon so look out for more evidence…  

Next is a mystery that I have been aware of but it doesn’t seem too important at the moment. Have you ever wondered what is under the sheet in the Gold Mine? I haven’t really got a clue but we can discuss it’s importance and if it links with any other mysteries within Club Penguin.

Under The SheetIt could be an uncovered machine that drills gold or could it be Club Penguin’s intentions to leave it for Penguins to solve it for themselves. One of my guesses is that it could be a new gadget or an invention created by Gary or Rory. Since it has been left there for quite some time it may not be referred to as much in the future. Furthermore it could be a piece of machinery which will allow Penguins to dig for stuff in the future. Maybe it could be a mini game or a piece of evidence which will help us in the future. But when?

Another BIG mystery is to do with Sasquatch or ??????. We are hoping to meet this character later this year since Club Penguin have mysteriously introduced this character in a range of ways. First we saw him emerging from the Forest as a sprite. He looks very hairy and some spectators say that he is usually grumpy and isolated. I managed to meet him myself and I must say that he is very tall but there is still much more to discover rather than judging him based on the appearance.

Furthermore he has been spotted in the ‘Awesome To Be Rare’ music video. The point of this video was to promote Puffle Wild (a game on iOS devices). So does that mean Sasquatch relates to the Puffle Wilds at all?


Again he is surrounded by trees and is based in the Wilderness! Still, is he good or bad? I might guess and predict that he is actually a good being however it seems ironic that he is in the Wilderness where Herbert was last spotted. So it is possible that Herbert could have recruited him to become a new villain and take advantage since Sasquatch knows a lot about Club Penguin. I can tell this by the fact that he has a beta hat and another piece of evidence below!

Sasquatch Book annoations

This was an ‘Ask Aunt Arctic’ article in the Club Penguin Times #447 and it was about the origin of the Merry Walrus. Basically Aunt Arctic found an old book lying in Forest. Inside was the tale of the Merry Walrus and this was what introduced the party. I have analysed the article above and I found that the last paragraph was important. It reads:

‘Is there anyone you’ve met recently who loves old items?’

Yes! Yes we have Aunt Arctic! It must be Sasquatch; Sasquatch is the author of the book. The fact that it was lying in the Forest cements the theory since Sasquatch first emerged there. I am pretty sure that Sasquatch is a very wise ‘thing’ and Herbert could possibly be tampering with him!

One last piece of evidence for this is something to do with Puffle Wild, yet again! This piece of evidence could imply that Sasquatch is a ‘Keep of the Puffles’ or the discoverer. A while back we got a video from the team and it is a short clip of some sketches. You might remember it!

Interesting… Well in the YouTube description of this video it describes how pictures can tell amazing stories and that we get a glimpse of the mysterious wilds through the “eyes of a great explorer”. That is all it said so we do not know who this actually is. A lot of you probably assumed that it was PH but I do believe that it may well be Sasquatch! Who else would know more about the wilds than any other being who has lived on the island for years? It matches up with the other evidence too!

Actually I would like to conclude the Sasquatch Theory by taking a look at the appearance. I know there could be a lot behind it however I have an interesting theory that would make my others even stronger! Below is an image of Sasquatch:


We can see that he looks monstrous and really hairy but if you look carefully, you could say that this guy is a Penguin. The most obvious evidence that tells us this is the beak. Many people argue that it just shows an element of Club Penguin and penguins within the world of CP. But this could actually strongly tell us that it is a Penguin! Why? Because if you think about it, every Penguin is different and unique. Take Rookie for example! He wears a propeller hat which Penguins in reality do not wear and he is silly. His name gives him label too! You could get characters like him in real life. Then we have Rockhopper who is a Pirate. He has a beard like Sasquatch and ridiculously big eyebrows too! They are very similar but I don’t think that it the link.

If you don’t think this is good enough, well why not take Herbert and Klutzy. These villains are of a different species. One is a polar bear and one is a crab. They both do not have Penguin beaks whereas Sasquatch does. If ‘Sasquatch’ is a Sasquatch then why does he have a beak, even though they are never known to have any! Exactly! Point proven. ‘Sasquatch’ could be a Penguin after all. His feet look like Penguin feet however they have claws on. That is just a sign of difference in the world of Club Penguin. Why is ‘Sasquatch’ hairy? Because he has been on the island a very long time and has not had the chance to shave. It is a bit stereotypical since we assume old beings have beards however if ‘Sasquatch’ has been living out in the Wilds, how could he shave?

Well that was an in-depth discussion about some mysteries on the island. I think we are getting even close to finding out about Sasquatch as well. Out of all the mysteries we have discussed, which one are you most interested about. Are you curious about what is underneath the sheet at the Gold mine? Are you looking into Herbert’s future plans? Or are you researching more about Sasquatch? There is even more evidence that have popped up in the Club Penguin Magazine however I will probably mention them in a later Island Discussion.

Thank you for reading this Island Discussion and I hope you enjoyed the theories!



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