Blue Reviews: Star Wars Rebels Takeover

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a ‘Blue Reviews’. This is where I review the monthly parties which take place on Club Penguin. Within this review I will be judging several aspects of this month’s party as well as announcing the verdict at the end! Please enjoy my review on the…


First of all I would like to note that this party is quite impressive despite my disliking of Star Wars. I say that I do not Star Wars however I have never actually took an interest in it. I know for a fact that it is very popular and this party is based on a “newish” show on Disney XD and Disney Channel. Anyway I am not familiar with much of the characters – which is a disadvantage for me – but the party was good enough to make me understand some sort of plot and I did enjoy it. Not as much as the former Star Wars Takeover, though.

1. Story

I am still quite unfamiliar with the background of this party. It all started when you could see the ‘Ghost’ ship through the telescope, on the Beacon. This may be the mother ship of the “Rebels” or it could link to the Empire too. Basically I think the Rebels migrate to this island to protest against the Empire and by doing this, they set you a few quests to help them These tasks are also a test of your ability of becoming a rebel. By the end they are hoping to challenge and defeat ‘The Inquisitor’. During that period you are given a lightsaber so that you can duel with other Penguins as a form of training. As you earn points from duelling, you can unlock a few items as well as an igloo! When you are ready, you can go ahead and challenge ‘The Inquisitor’. I have not done this yet since I would like to upgrade my lightsaber!

It is quite hard for me to judge the story… It looks as if it relates to the show and the characters do fit the personalities. I found it quite fun too! The only thing I do not understand is where it is based. I think it would be better to see a galactic view of the map like they did in the former Star Wars Takeover which could make it clearer for noobs like me. Furthermore a stronger link between the Club Penguin world and the Star Wars Universe would be handy.

2. Visuals

The room visuals are spectacular! I love the new style that the team has used for quite some time now. It is also unique too since all rooms are new. I appreciate Club Penguin’s effort with these rooms and I hope they keep it up in the future. A downfall is that not all rooms are decorated. I understand that this is difficult to achieve however I do not mind about the Ski Village, Ski Hill, Mine Shack etc. It is the buildings that count a lot too. I found it quite weird how the inside of the lighthouse was not decorated at all even though the outside looked like a base of some sort. I was also expecting some decorations in the Coffee Shop, Dance Club, Pizza Parlour or the Hotel too! The fact that there was the party music in some of these rooms made me think this and I would appreciate it much more if Club Penguin could go a little further with room decorations.

The visuals are impressive and they are improving however it still lacks some decorations. To succeed in this maybe it would be better to limit party rooms on that app whereas more are decorated on the web. I understand Club Penguin now have to focus on bringing these rooms onto different platforms so it is a struggle.

3. Content

The content in this party is quite good compared to more recent parties such as the Merry Walrus Party which I know disappointed a lot of people. The quests are much better and varied however it still doesn’t beat the quests that were available at the Halloween Party ’14. Furthermore the final quest with Kanan was different and quite fun! I like the fact how you could replay it too! All these quests were worth it since the items you got were great; it was rewarding to get some of the Rebel Forces’ outfits and role play as them!

I am glad that Club Penguin brought back the lightsaber battles this year and carried on introducing unlockable items which can be obtained as you progress you way through many lightsaber duels. At the end you could battle The Inquisitor which I assume is a villain but the duel itself wasn’t anything special…

Club Penguin did quite well with the content and I could tell that they are listening to the community. The quests are still not quite there yet but they are definitely improving which is a good sign for everyone! Maybe the duel with The Inquisitor could have been stronger and more structured however I appreciate the fact that they included this in the Takeover, considering that I do not really watch Star Wars myself.

4. Durability

This party is quite durable because there are more developed quests to enjoy. Also you can replay the final quest as many times as you like as well as continuing your lightsaber skills. The only thing is, is that there were not much quests to participate in. Each one of them was fairly strong however they did not last a week which means Penguins could complete the party within a matter of days. A reason because of this was the fact that Club Penguin allowed Penguins to complete up to 2 tasks a day! I like this element of the party since it makes you more engaged and involved each time but I think that they should realize that it makes the Party smaller unless more tasks are added each day for the first week. (This is their usual method). I appreciate that Club Penguin did this because I usually fly through tasks in past parties such as the Frozen Takeover. At least, this time, Club Penguin were more aware of that and decided to take advantage.

Moreover some of the rooms made the Takeover more durable. I know for a fact that the Cove was very popular since it was transformed into a spaceship (?) and it certainly attracted more Penguins. Another popular room was the Outer Space one which you could access from the map, secretly. I did not discover this room until other Penguins found out about it and it was pretty cool. Again, it would have made it even more durable for at least one or two decorations in buildings such as the Coffee Shop or the Pizza Parlour. I find that it is these rooms that make the party more worthy since the experience expands which then encourages other Penguins to have fun and enjoy the Star Wars Rebels Takeover. I found it quite fun even though I am not a Star Wars fan so Club Penguin has made it durable enough.

The Star Wars Rebels Takeover was quite durable because of the quests, the room décor and the atmosphere. Even though the quests were a fine addition to the party, it would have been better if they were more spread out or more were added. I felt that that the overall plot of the party only lasted about 4-5 days considering you had completed all of the quests, earned all the lightsaber duel rewards and battled The Inquisitor. It should really last at least the first week of the party however what Club Penguin gave us was okay.


Overall, not a bad start to 2015! Quite a good one actually since I felt the party had more stuff to do! I was impressed with the quests since they were more varied and it kept players happy. However the party still lacked in room decorations which made the party less durable and appreciated. The durability was good enough however it would have been more praised if there was even more things to participate in throughout the first week. The content was great however it could have been more varied or, for an even better response, Club Penguin should have added more things to do – even if it wasn’t that much related to the story. Not bad though. I wonder if the next party will live up to these standards or exceed them…

SCORE: 7.5/10


  • A decent start to the year
  • More quests
  • Improved content
  • Rewarded efforts


  • Needs more durability
  • A stronger story to support new Penguins to Star Wars
  • Add more room decorations




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