Island Discussion #12: The Sasquatch Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Island Discussion #12! Today I have decided to round up all the theories on Sasquatch into one final interpretation of his character. Who is Sasquatch? Why is he here? How long has he been here? Hopefully I can answer that for you as well as link you to my former Island Discussions on Sasquatch below!

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Each one of these articles really dig deep – especially the #11 one! Anyway, below I am going to share my theory with you guys after having a good look at all the evidence! Please enjoy it and prepare to be blown away!

The Sasquatch Theory

?????? or Sasquatch (as we usually refer him to) is a funny looking creature who lives in hiding on Club Penguin. I refer to him as a “creature” however you will find out later in this post my real thoughts on his species. Judging by Sasquatch’s clothing, I can tell that he has been around on the island for ages – way back when Club Penguin was in beta! As most of you can tell, Sasquatch wears the Club Penguin beta hat so this piece of speculation is fairly obvious.

Sasquatch may live in The Wilderness of Club Penguin since he mostly emerges from the Forest every time he is sighted on Club Penguin. From experience, I know this! We get an idea of his “habitat” especially with his background giveaway. It shows a picture of his silhouette somewhere in the wilds.

Mystery BackgroundBut where exactly is he based? There are two possible solutions here:

Case Study 1:

The Mystery Mountain Cave

Times Mystery

Club Penguin specifically refer to a Sasquatch with this piece of evidence however do not be fooled since we already know that Sasquatch is seen near trees and the wilds. This was an Island Rumour in the Club Penguin Times and I think it was the first one too. This could a false piece of evidence to expand the mystery. Who knows? Someone else like Herbert or Tusk could live there? Club Penguin is full of mysteries so this piece of evidence can be seen as weak.

Case Study: 2

Puffle Wilds


This piece of image goes deep into Club Penguin’s Wilderness, otherwise known as the Puffle Wilds. Here you find all sorts of mythical Puffle creatures and by the looks of it, Sasquatch too! This image was shot during Glitterpant’s single ‘Awesome To Be Rare’. You see Sasquatch trudging near the penguin statue briefly; it is quite hard to spot him! Anyway I think this evidence is stronger since it ties in with the rest of The Sasquatch Theory and it ties together the fact that Sasquatch lives in the Wilderness.

So now we know that Sasquatch could possibly live in the Wilderness, but why is he so significant? This is what I think… Sasquatch could be an ancient explorer on Club Penguin who discovered the wild Puffles. He may have discovered a lot of things but the reason why I said Puffles was because of the video that was posted on the Blog and YouTube.

It is called Pages from an Explorer’s Journal. And I think that this explorer could be Sasquatch. Also this links with Case Study 2 since we see Sasquatch amongst the Puffle Wilds. If his is not good enough evidence, then maybe this will cement the theory for you.

Sasquatch Book annoations

I found a particular ‘Ask Aunt Arctic’ column very intriguing since it refers to Sasquatch and him being ancient on this island. It also links with the fact that he has journals on his discovering. This article was part of the Club Penguin Times #447 and when  you first read it, you probably won’t be able to see the link with Sasquatch and the…Merry Walrus!

I have analysed the column and the whole point of it was to give us an idea on how the Merry Walrus was heard from. Basically, Aunt Arctic found a mysterious storybook out in the Forest. She mentions that it is very old and probably “as old as any other item on the island”. So now we know that the Merry Walrus origin was once an ancient story but this also refers to Sasquatch as being the author since Sasquatch has been around on Club Penguin for a very long time. Furthermore Aunt Arctic asks if there is anyone you have met who “loves old items”. Well this also has a link with Sasquatch since Penguins have been able to encounter him randomly. The beta hat is a key piece of evidence since it is an old item and Sasquatch wears it everywhere he goes. Who else could this be referring to?

Now we know that Sasquatch could have been the author of this book, does this prove that he is the author of the journal with studies on the Puffle Wild? I think it does which also proves that Sasquatch is an explorer who also discovered the Merry Walrus! This secretive fellow may have discovered Club Penguin which could signify the beta hat. However I could argue and say that it represents that he is as old as any other item on Club Penguin. This links with my last point.

Last of all we need to study the appearance of Sasquatch a bit more. Here is an image:


I must admit, it is very difficult to judge the species of this creature. I have not come to a confident solution however I do think that Sasquatch could be a Penguin after all. I may be wrong and this is a risky speculation since I am much more confident with the other evidence. But the thing that strikes me most here is his beak. Penguins have beaks, you probably aren’t stupid however this can be very significant even though the rest of his appearance does not fit this conclusion. Sasquatch is ridiculously hairy and has claws and a beard with matching eyebrows so it is hard to believe. However if you compare him to other species on Club Penguin, this prediction could be correct after all!

Lets have a look at Herbert, for example!

HrbertI definitely know that Herbert is a Polar Bear after the Fur Scanner identified this when we inserted a clump of Herbert’s fur into the machine. This was part of a PSA Operation a long time ago but it is important to note this. Herbert isn’t a fake since his behaviours with the cold are appropriate and we also hear – from him – that he did live on an Iceberg until he was washed ashore on Club Penguin and met Klutzy. Herbert also has a snout which Polar Bears do have. Now lets link this with Sasquatch. Surely, Sasquatch would have a snout if he were a Polar Bear or whiskers if he were a cat! But the fact that he has a beak, it could mean that he is a Penguin. If he were a Penguin it would fit with the evidence of Herbert being a Polar Bear and it would be common sense for a Penguin to have a beak. Maybe Club Penguin intentionally made Sasquatch a very odd looking Penguin to mess with our heads. After all, what sort of Penguin has so much hair? Rockhopper is the closest I could relate to…

That concludes the Sasquatch Theory and I hope it was not too complicated for anyone. I do think that Sasquatch is an explorer who has a relation with Puffles. He could be a Penguin as well but it is quite hard to tell. Moreover could this link with the upcoming Puffle Party in March? Polo Field did confirm a Puffle Party and The Sasquatch Theory does relate to Puffles a lot! Maybe we will find out who Sasquatch really is very soon!

So do you like The Sasquatch Theory? Please comment your thoughts below and be sure to share your theories on Sasquatch too. Maybe you have a piece of evidence that I have not discussed about. Either way I would appreciate some feedback!

Thank you for reading!




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