Blue Reviews: SoundStudio Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a ‘Blue Reviews’ on this month’s party. I will be judging the party on four elements: it’s story, the visuals, the content and the durability of the party. As well as tying it all up at the end with a verdict and a score out of ten. If the score is below 2, it is quite a bad party. If the score is between this and 5 then we have an average party with a few disappointments. When the score exceeds 5, we have more good stuff than the bad. 8, 9 or 10 is a very rewarding score! Please enjoy my review on the…


1. Story

There is not much of a story that supports this party except the release of a new app. The whole point of the party is to celebrate the new SoundStudio app and Cadence invited Penguins to come together and make music! Some elements of the party comes from the Hollywood Party in February 2013 and it combines with some Music Jam related rooms too!

Snowball Records opened at the Snow Forts where Penguins could “record” some tracks, following the SoundStudio genres: Pop, Dance, Rock and Dubstep. After recording some music, players could perform on stage and Cadence – with two other guest judges – “judge” your performance. In the meantime you could hang out with Penguins and conquer STARDOM!

The story of the party sounds very intriguing to me and it is nice to see some Hollywood Party elements combined since I enjoyed that party a lot! It was also exciting for the new app but there was no much of a story behind this party, really.

2. Visuals

The SoundStudio party visuals were okay. New room decorations were introduced, for example: Snowball Records and the Talent Show Stage however I do not consider these as room decorations since they are more like party rooms which are only exclusive to that party. I quite enjoyed hanging backstage but this was the only room to appreciate  for me. Other rooms such as the Plaza and the Limo returned from the Hollywood Party and I am glad that they did this. If only Club Penguin kept them great rather than making a pointless Awards Ceremony and a Limo that travels endlessly. To be honest, I didn’t do that much travelling in this party since I was quite disappointed with the lack of room decorations. The sky was pretty cool however it only covered from half of the dock – half of the forest. Does that even make sense? Rooms such as the Cove and the Ski Village were just default which some people appreciate but I think it would enhance the atmosphere of the party if every room was lit by the starry sky. Furthermore you can probably tell by now that the party rooms are limited…again!

Graphics were okay too except for when you performed in front of Cadence! The quality was awful and even if you altered it to high quality, there were delayed reactions on the screen. Other than that, Club Penguin did pretty good but what much was there to improve from the Hollywood Party rooms?

The visuals, all round, were nothing impressive since a few of the rooms were available previously which means that Club Penguin hardly decorated much rooms for this party. I thoughts having the awards was great but Club Penguin removed the nomination roster and kept it empty. More rooms still need to be decorated! Last month, during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover, more rooms were decorated and it looks as if Club Penguin have not improved on that. I do appreciate the Coffee Shop decorations, however!

3. Content

The SoundStudio Party lacked content! No quests, no structure and no judging! I thought the story line sounded amazing when I read it but the actual party itself never lived up to the standards I was expecting. First of all there was no structure at all! It was all pretty free which some players like but it made the party seem less professional to me. At first I was quite confused. You got a message from Cadence to go down to Snowball Records and record some songs however that was the last time you saw her! After recording a few songs you were not prompted a space in the Talent Show and the activities were not even interesting. I thought it had nothing to do with SoundStudio at all l and found it quite appalling!

Furthermore there was not even any judging! The Talent Show was such a disappointment for me since it was so repetitive and boring! The three judges did not judge anything at all which made me surprised because I thought it said that you will be judged. Moreover the guest judges were just silly and annoying. Who would want a lamp or a buoy as a judge? I thought it could be some mascots or the community but I guess I just interpreted it wrong.

Club Penguin did award some items after recording from each genre however but this is one of the minor things to expect…

Although the party content is very disappointing, the app is quite cool! It is available for both Android and Apple and free with in-app purchases. A new genre was added which spiced a lot of things up since I wanted a change. I love the DJ Cadence genre since it is unique and a lot of the loops are catchy! The app also introduced CP Radio which is a station where you can flick through some random mixes. I guess it is cool to listen to if you are bored but pretty basic though. Also I am impressed with the quality of the app since it is nice and fluent to play with. Also the intro is different!

The SoundStudio Party was nothing special for me. The app is great but I felt that it was a pointless party since it only celebrated the release of SoundStudio on mobile. Maybe it would be more appreciated if it was a party that lasted a week instead of it being a monthly party. It also ruined the reputation of the parties because of this…Not even The Penguin Band showed up!

4. Durability

I wouldn’t consider the SoundStudio Party as durable but repetitive! Repetitive is durable – yes – but very boring. The fact that there was no daily activities/quests made it a quick experience for most. I only finished it within an hour! You can repeat the Talent Show as well as the Snowball Records activities but they were nothing compared to the Kanan rescue during the Star Wars Rebels Takeover!

Lack of rooms made it less durable too since there was less decorations to enjoy with your buddies! In fact I hardly logged on during this party because it was so repetitive and easy. Little things such as the limo and the Awards Show could have made it durable since it would keep Penguins excited for the rest of the party.

The only durable element of the party was the app (my opinion). Since I made a few new tracks, I kept logging on to share them at the Dance Club and share them with you guys on the internet. Other than that, I found it hard to enjoy what Club Penguin had produced this month…

Overall it was not durable at all…There is not really much to say other than this, to be honest. Let’s just hope Club Penguin will improve. It may take a long time however I want my last year on Club Penguin to be the best so I will not stop believing!


I found the SoundStudio Party a major downfall in Club Penguin history. I enjoyed the Music Jam 2014 more than this and that is a rare thing to say! I still appreciate Club Penguin’s efforts now and there and I don’t mean to sound sceptic all the time. I just find that this party was quite concerning compared to every other party. Of course, Club Penguin have their ups and downs but I seriously think that they need to up their game for 2015. It is their tenth year so it should be big and amazing! Anyway the release of the app was enjoyable and I so really think it was a mistake for Club Penguin to host this party instead of another one. This could have been a one week event for when the new app released. This way it wouldn’t have been so repetitive and it almost seems as if the lack of efforts of this party fit with a minor event (no offense Club Penguin).

Please, please do something about this! I want this year to be fantastic and who wouldn’t? March needs to be incredible to make up for this…

SCORE: 3.4/10


  • Great app
  • New music genre


  • Repetitive
  • No structure
  • Disappointing content
  • Lack of room decorations
  • Lies




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