Island Discussion #13: Lesson On Analysis

Hello everybody!

In this Island Discussion, I am going to be using a short passage to help uncover what will happen at this year’s Puffle Party. Furthermore I will be analysing some updates such as the new adverts and the newspaper. The new Puffle Lodge will be evaluated in future Island Discussions, especially the Mystery Attic. Anyway lets move on!

This discussion will be pretty brief since I want it to give Penguins a head start on the background of the new party coming this month. To start with I want to fill in some gaps of a mysterious passage the team posted on the Blog a week ago. I have been examining it thoroughly and it does get tougher to work out however I have come to a conclusion! I wonder if you will agree with my input.

The passage reads:

Before this year’s Puffle Party begins, players will discover ______ has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new ________! In the _____ there is a large fishcake that is being saved to eat during the Puffle Party. When the party starts, PH announces that someone, or something, has broken in and eaten the fishcake… but who… or what? Players must first __________ before they head out into the wild. Once there, they will be able to access rooms with ___________, that ____________ and coax out new and different wild puffles. As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.

Have a read through and see what you think. We already get quite a lot of information from the passage without investigating the missing words. So I will interpret the passage chronologically as I read on with small explanations on why I chose the word/phrase.

The first missing word is PH. I know this as a fact and so should you. If you haven’t already heard, PH has rebuilt the Ski Lodge as a new Puffle Lodge (second word). It is quite cool actually; I love the new attic! Anyway the evidence is online. PH will recruit you to join the Puffle Guides and you can collect the pin to confirm your join. I advise you to log on and check it out if you haven’t already!

So now we know the first two words. The third word is pretty simple too and that must be ‘Lodge’ or Puffle Lodge. It doesn’t matter what you refer the Puffle Lodge too since this piece of information is not that significant – but the rest is! Read on and you find out that there is a large fishcake that is being saved for the official release of the Puffle Guides. You can view this cake online; it looks quite tasty! Anyway the next sentence kicks off a mystery since someone or something has eaten the fishcake! Tragic, right? We don’t even get to eat it. The good news is that we get to enter the wilds to find out who the suspect is. However we need to first do something before heading out. I have two words to fill in this gap. The first guess is investigate since it is a mystery so we need to think through the case a little. I don’t think this is the best answer since the whole point of investigating could be out in the wilds. So that is why my second guess – gear up – sounds stronger since it is preparing you to face the strange wilds of Club Penguin. Moreover it is quite dangerous near mountainous terrain and stretches of forests so it makes sense to at least wear some sort of suitable clothing.

The next sentence gives us a hidden explanation on what could happen when we enter the wilds. Judging by my Puffle knowledge, I think that the next word is O-Berries because it is the basic nutrition any puffle would feed off. You get a lot of O-Berry bushes around the wilderness since it indicated this in old PSA Missions. Furthermore I have a feeling that O-Berries play a big part in the app ‘Puffle Wild’ which has some sort of relation to this party. I don’t own Puffle Wild at the moment so I don’t know much about it however I know that there are different types of O-Berries that grant wild puffles special powers and abilities to help them survive in the wilderness of Club Penguin. In addition to this, I read one of the latest archives of the Club Penguin Times and found out this:

O-Berries and Wild Puffles

This particular paragraph intrigued me:

“But they’re really far out in the Wilds, and they can be a little nervous at first. They hide in the bushes. The best way to find a puffle creature is to use a wild o’berry. They’re mad for ’em.”

So now I have discovered that Puffles are attracted to O-Berries and they are nervous unless they are near one. This evidence leads to my next guess of the following missing words.

The next word in this sentence is quite hard. I struggled on this one a tad however I linked it to the previous word to make the sentence make sense. I think the word is tame because to be able to coax something it needs to be tamed. Also, using the black puffle as a model, O-Berries can help tame puffles since you could use one to attract a black puffle in a PSA mission. An alternative verb could be reveal since Puffles are attracted to O-Berries which makes them recede from their position and therefore reveal themselves to Penguins. However this does not sound as strong as the other verb.

The last sentence I am just going to paste here:

As they draw the puffles out, players realize that ________.”

The answer to this is not as straight forward as the other ones since it encourages you to be creative with the plot however I think I already know what could go there. I think that “As they draw the puffles out, players realize that” it was Sasquatch (??????) who ate the fishcake! I know a lot of you with similar answers and I think that you are also correct too! I have a lot of evidence to support this final conclusion and you can view it by reading ‘The Sasquatch Theory’. To summarise, I chose Sasquatch is because I have linked him to Puffles and evidence have proved this link in several ways. I think that Sasquatch is a great explorer who discovered the Puffle and he may be some sort of leader of them.  In the passage it mentions that someone or “something” could have eaten the fishcake. Sasquatch is a funny looking creature and it could be referring to him since we don’t know the actual identity of him even though I may do. Again, read ‘The Sasquatch Theory’ for more information on his identity and purpose.

Now we have analysed the passage! What are your thoughts on my conclusions? Do you have your own? I would love to hear them! Please comment below your thoughts on this passage and remember that there is no wrong answer yet; it is all just speculation and analysis. Read on for some advertisement analysis on the Puffle Party…

The following image is the main advert which promotes the Puffle Party this year and the byline is ‘Join The Expedition’. This already tells us that we will explore the wilds on an expedition to look for wild puffle creatures.

Puffle Party Join The Expedition

The advert shows a few of the wild puffle species surrounded by the wild (notice: the o’berry bush). However the thing that is the most interesting is the cave. Not just the cave itself but what is in the cave. Just by looking at it, the pair of eyes match Sasquatch’s identity. You can tell this by the angle in which the beak is pointing and the very subtle look of the eyes. Now we know for sure that Sasquatch is going to show up even if he was not the suspect who ate the fishcake – which is very unlikely.

That concludes this Island Discussion for today! I hope you enjoyed my speculation and analysis and by reading this, you should hopefully have a rough idea of what may happen during the party as well as some predictions inspired by the evidence that was discussed in this post. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I would appreciate some feedback in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!



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