Blue Reviews: Puffle Party ’15

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this months party…

The Puffle Party ’15: Join The Expedition

1. Story

The background behind this party is the launching of the new Puffle Guides. Led by PH, the Puffle Guides search the wilds for new Puffle creatures as well as encourage others to treat the wilds with respect. In order to celebrate, a fish cake is reserved in the new (Ski) Lodge (Puffle Lodge) so that new members of the Puffle Guides can eat it and enjoy their launch. However a week later, it is gone! All that is left behind is a few leftovers of the cake and a large crack in the wall in which the thief produced after escaping the scene. This leaves PH shocked so the lauch party is put on hold until you discover who the cake thief is. PH suspects it may be ‘Giant Puffle’ since a trail of the suspect’s footprints leads into the Puffle Wilds and the whole in the wall seems too big for an ordinary Puffle.

As you enter the Puffle Wilds, PH sets up a reserve where wilds Puffles can be lured in and inspected. To tame Puffles, PH leaves you to search around the Puffle Wilds, looking for different types of food which acts as bait once you bring it back to the reserve. You are given a backpack before entering the Puffle Wilds however PH notes that it can only carry one food item at a time! Different types of food attracts different types of Puffles/Penguins so it is up to you to take a note of this. If you manage to tame a Puffle, members have the option to adopt it and raise it up as their own! Keep searching and luring wild Puffles until you finally discover who stole the fish cake. I will not ruin it from here…

I think that the story of the party is very strong and well produced since it supports the new opening of the Puffle Lodge as well as a new organisation called the Puffle Guides. For some who have finished the quest, may realise that there has been more to the story which led to one big climax. I am very impressed with this story line since it definitely helps introduce the party in a clear way. Furthermore the introduction to the new Mystery Attic may foreshadow later events that will occur later in the year. This is very interesting to me…

2. Visuals

Club Penguin did extraordinary with the visuals of the Puffle Wilds. I was very impressed with their efforts to make them vibrant and alive. I love how you can see the water move naturally as well as the bobbing fish and the occasional rustling in the bushes. All this really captures the essences of a wilderness and it would be a shame for Club Penguin to remove some of these new rooms. For the rest of the party rooms, Club Penguin did great even though they were old room decorations used in the former Puffle Parties. Nothing that much was improved upon these rooms however there were the odd tweaks within rooms such as the Forest. Though I really enjoy these old rooms since they were a lot of fun last year and Club Penguin took note of this and used them again for the best. I love the Water Park at the Cove and the Hospital at the Lighthouse. They even decorated the Coffee Shop and the Clothes Shop which I really appreciate!

The only problem (which I assumed was a bug) is the inactive Puffle Gala. Last year the Puffle Gala was a show for Penguins to show off their Puffle with their tricks. Every now and then it would signal a particular trick for you to perform and you would do it. However this year it only told you to do the ‘love’ trick. This is not a major bug but it would have been better if it weren’t there.

Club Penguin did a great job on the visuals, making each room count! Even though most of them were reused from last year, it still kept the Puffle Party going! It must be difficult to find the time to create new rooms since Club Penguin is now shared on multiple platforms. The new Puffle Wilds are absolutely amazing but it is unfortunate that only one of them is staying…

3. Content

I found that the Puffle Party, this year, had some great features which kept the party exciting! I do not think it had a lot to do however it was mainly the quest into the wilds which kept players interested. First of all this party obviously introduces more Puffles to the island! The different creatures available are the: Deer Puffles, Raccoon Puffles, Rabbit Puffles and the Unicorn Puffles. These all come in four different colours (except the rare Unicorn Puffle) so you can pick your favourite or collectors can adopt them all! The downside to this is that it ruins the exclusive title on the Puffle Wild app. Before this party, members could find and adopt wilds Puffles using this app meaning that these Puffles were an app exclusive. The thing is, the app was only available on Apple devices so many fans would be annoyed which may provoked Club Penguin to make them available on the web as well. I do not own an Apple device however I understand that this may be upsetting for those who owned them exclusively at the time but I do think it is also unfair that not every can access them. Maybe it would have been slightly better for Club Penguin to release them on Android as well or release more wild Puffles on the Puffle Wild app to keep the exclusive title.

Secondly I think that the gathering of the different types of food was unique compared to the usual quests you get in some parties. It was great to see more of a variety of activities to keep this party different! In addition each food you brought back triggered off little in-game cut scenes which gave the party a structure. Also PH will pop up now and then to check on you and to give you advise if you are stuck which I think helped reassure a lot of people. Club Penguin even made it so that the Puffle Statue (item) would be sent to the attic at the end of the party; I had a look and it is! Even the very last bit of the quest where you meet the thief counted and it gave a reason behind the crime! Overall the party had a strong structure which relates to the legendary PSA missions.

Thirdly, Club Penguin offered party items once you had tamed a Puffle creature or completed the storyline. Fortunately, non-member items were also given as well as exclusive member items such as the hoodies and the Puffle Guides outfit at the end of the quest. It would have been even better for some more party items in a party catalogue however the massive Penguin Style (March) redeemed this since it was full of Puffle related clothing for members to buy. I really like the new Wild Puffle hoodies; they are so fluffy!

The content gives the party a powerful and a rewarding structure for players I am very impressed with the efforts to make the quest unique and thrilling although there was not much content offered around the island. I must admit that I do miss transforming into Puffles. However the amazing storyline grabbed the players’ attention mainly to the Puffle Wilds, where most of the fun happened during the party. Well done Club Penguin!

4. Durability

This year’s Puffle Party is much more durable compared to former Puffle Parties since this one offered a thrilling storyline for non-members and members to participate in. Usually the Puffle Parties showcase each Puffle by showing off their unique talents and celebrating the release of a new Puffle. Past ones especially did this and it was a splendid experience. Even though these types of Puffle Parties were absolutely great, they were not as durable as this one. I must admit that this year’s Puffle Party does miss out on the true elements of a regular Puffle Party but it was indeed unique in another good way.

It may be durable compared to former editions of that party however there was no actual replay value within it whatsoever. Some find that this may be a disadvantage since every move you make was ‘permanent’ (except collecting the different types of food). However once you find a Wild Puffle, it stays there and there is no turning back. I am one of those who find this a disadvantage since I found that it disrupted my documentary a lot. Alternatively, you can not rediscover a Puffle that you have already tamed, meaning that the quest it quite limited even though there are four different types of Puffles for you to collect.

I would not say that this Party was that much durable in a sense of being able to replay your progress. However it was durable in the meantime of solving the mystery because it was exciting finding out who the thief was. I was only one of a few who found that there should have been some kind of replay feature but that was only because I was making a documentary of the Puffle Wilds during the party.

The Verdict

The Puffle Party this year was extraordinary in its content and storyline. There was so much to appreciate and so little to fault since it was indeed a solid party in Club Penguin history. The fact that it was unique compared to any other party on Club Penguin made it much more of an exciting adventure with a great ending! The conclusion to this party has also left us with a promising future of Club Penguin – this year – now that we have the Mystery Attic! Overall I think Club Penguin raised the standards with this party and it makes me really excited for what’s next!

SCORE: 9.5/10


  • Impressive efforts
  • A perfect storyline
  • Vibrant Puffle Wilds
  • Appreciated room decorations
  • Promising links between both the party and past events


  • Wild Puffles no longer app exclusive (minor)
  • No replay value (minor)




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