Community Collab: #KeepCalm and #CarryOn

Attention Community of Club Penguin!

I am posting to say that everyone needs to put an end to this drama. It may be shocking that there is a cut in jobs and the fact that the Brighton Office has shut down however raging on about it and threatening staff will not make the circumstance any better at all. In fact, it just makes it worse!

The best thing to do in this situation is to let off some steam and stay tuned for any comments from the team. They may deny some of the facts posted on or encourage the community to keep calm about the situation. The situation may be elaborated on soon so it is best to stop campaign against Disney, Spike Hike, Polo Field or any member of Club Penguin. Just wait for some more information and hopefully it may be fixed soon.

Screenhog has tweeted that Club Penguin need to work on the “long-term future” which does not mean that it is specifically “dying”. If we hear more from Screenhog or the team, we will definitely be reassured. I am doing this as a favour for you and Club Penguins since they may be under a lot of stress right now and the worse thing to do is add onto the stress. I also find it frustrating that everyone assumes that it is someone’s fault even though it may not be and I am sure a lot of you want an end to this rage (especially on Twitter).

Please think about what I have said and remember to #KeepCalm and #CarryOn. Please tell this to your buddies and do the same so that the Club Penguin Community will be set a better example rather than causing a lot of chaos.

Thank you for reading!



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