Island Discussion #15: The Truth Behind The Merry Walrus

Hello everyone!

Welcome to a special Island Discussion which explores one of a few mysteries that have recently been hinted at since the revealing of the new Mystery Attic. This new room is awesome and I am sure Club Penguin intended to leave players thinking as some of the artefacts and objects stored inside may foreshadow future events that will occur in the coming months of Club Penguin. For now, I have left the Club Penguin Times Office so that I can move into the Mystery Attic for some detailed research.

Here I am, moving in:

Club Penguin Blue21102 Moving Into The Mystery Attic

Please Note that it was a tough process…

Anyway I am glad to finally discuss a lot more mysteries in Club Penguin. Every ‘The Attic’ I post will be about a different topic each time and they will be updated if more evidence comes up! So this is the first Island Discussion on ‘The Attic’. Are you ready for me to share with you the first mystery? Well if not, you should be! Here is my Island Discussion on…

The Truth Behind The Merry Walrus!

When I mean the truth behind the Merry Walrus, I mean that there could be something that Penguins have not figured out – yet – about his true identity. At the moment, we do not know a lot about the Merry Walrus however I think I know someone who does! That would be the Sasquatch and if you would like to know why, then please click here for my theory on his background.

To sum up, the Sasquatch is a creature who admitted that he lived with wild Puffles within the Puffle Wilds of Club Penguin. Some of you may have met him at the Puffle Party this year and it was not really unexpected at all! Now we know that the Sasquatch is a friendly being who has become good friends with PH. We do not know a lot about him except this:

Sasquatch's Story

Now my whole theory on the Sasquatch complements the fact that he hangs around with Puffles as well as – in addition – explores the background of his life. One main key event was that he may have written this storybook that goes into detail about the origin of the Merry Walrus. Again, be sure to check out my analysis on the discovery of this book by clicking the link above. The evidence seems very promising however this does matter that much since it is the book I mainly want to talk about.

Club Penguin Times #477 Storybook

Basically, Aunt Arctic found this book in the Forest and it tells us all about the Merry Walrus. This book caused the Merry Walrus Party to start on Club Penguin so it is very significant in party history now that the Merry Walrus Party is an annual party that will occur each holiday. Now, we may assume that this book is accurate and reliable however there is a chance that it may not be a primary source. Whatever is said in the book, may be a lie however it is hard to judge the Sasquatch as this type of person – now that we have met him; he seems very decent! There is always the possibility that the Sasquatch never wrote this book in the first place so it is important to consider these points before moving on to some speculation or theories/conclusions. It is a bit like a risk assessment!

Say if we assumed that this storybook is 100% accurate, then it turns out that the Merry Walrus is the holiday idol that encourages cheer and spirit in the world of Club Penguin. By conveying his holiday traditions, he rides around on a flying sleigh which is steered by several Blue Crystal Puffles. Now I would like to talk about his Blue Crystal Puffles.


These creatures are very exclusive and rare so I am guessing that more of these will be available for adoption during the next Merry Walrus Party later this year. I think it is about time to introduce ‘The Attic’ into this Island Discussion. Below is an image of a possible future Puffle which may be unveiled at the next Merry Walrus Party.

Club Penguin Red Crystal Puffle NoteYou can find this image right next to my new office in the Mystery Attic. I am pretty sure that it looks like a Red Crystal Puffle since it highlights the complex shape of a Puffle which is hinted by the overall outline. So there is a chance that this Puffle will be introduced later this year but it seems to vague just to state that. Let’s go deeper!

Firstly the Puffle is a totally different colour. This could mean that there is more than one type of Crystal Puffle which suggests that the Merry Walrus may use these Red Crystal Puffles later this year. However the fact that they have not been used by the Merry Walrus (of what we know of) may imply that they are actually evil. We can tell this from the fact that we have not seen them yet and it would feel a bit weird for the Merry Walrus to use these Puffles unless the Blue Crystal Puffles are in a situation. Moreover the colour ‘red’ is sometimes referred to as an evil colour because of the Satan and the fact that it is fiery and fierce which highlights the amount of danger the colour red could represent.

If the Red Crystal Puffle is evil then it could signify some danger ahead for the Merry Walrus. Unless the Merry Walrus himself is evil too! That leads to my next point which is that the Merry Walrus is a dangerous figure.

Now consider if the storybook was not entirely accurate. We may not know the Merry Walrus that much at all…From what I have seen of him, however, the Merry Walrus tends to act decently and he sure is a jolly character for Penguins to admire. But the main reason why I brought up this point is because some of us may know another Walrus who seems to have the opposite personality. This other Walrus is Tusk! The Master of Snow. It may be handy for me to brief who this character is and maybe explain his life story however a lot of it is leaked inside the ‘Card-Jitsu Saga’. If you want to find out more about Tusk, either endeavour to become a Snow Ninja or wait for me to post a profile of Tusk which may be sometime later. I know quite a lot about Tusk so hopefully you can trust me in my views on him since I know for a fact that the reason why he is considered a villain is partly because of jealousy. This jealousy led to some aggression which made Tusk very powerful in his snow element mastering.

The last time Tusk was seen was when he was defeated in the battle in becoming a Snow Ninja. He was not exactly killed however he did state that he would get revenge once more. After that he disappeared into thin air which signifies his strong power. He has not been a threat since however he could be posing as the Merry Walrus! The Red Crystal Puffles could be a sign of danger so there is a chance that the next Merry Walrus Party will be crashed. Alternatively, the Merry Walrus is currently neutral since we last saw him however Tusk may disguise as him later this year. The Red Crystal Puffles would be under Tusk’s ownership and the difference in colour could signify the difference in identity. Who knows?


That is all the evidence for this so far however this post will update over periods of time if some more evidence is leaked to make my discussion more powerful! So what are your thoughts on the truth behind the Merry Walrus? Is he what he seems to you? What are your views on the Red Crystal Puffle? Please let me know in the comments section; I would love to hear your contributions!

Thanks for reading!




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