Hide And Seek Bossed

Hello everyone!

This Weekly Waddle Guide will help you master the game ‘Hide and Seek’ by revealing a few of the best hiding places on the island. I am sure a lot of you like to play this game with your friends so it is time to hear some tips and tactics that will help you succeed! First of all, I would like to go through some tactics that will help the seekers find the hiders. Being an expert myself, I do have experience in many types of situations of being a seeker so hopefully I would have supported you in as many kinds of situation as possible; Hide And Seek can be a very frustrating game! Some of you may find some hidden tips which will help you keep hidden too however the whole pont of this guide is to support the seeker!

The Seekers Guide will be followed by a list of 25 Hot-spots in Hide And Seek! That is a lot! Hot-spots are locations around Club Penguin where your Penguin could hide. The strength on how good they are will be ranked too! These will help both the hiders and the seekers so make sure you check them out! Now, prepare for the Seekers Guide!

A Seekers Guide

So the game has just begun and hopefully all Penguins participating would have dispersed from the room into some hiding places. Have you kept note of all their names? If not, well then it is essential – especially if you are playing with people you don’t know. Just grab a piece of paper before the game starts and jot down the names of the Penguins that are participating in the game. Therefore you know who you are looking for and you are ready to hunt them down. Also note that you should not remember any player from their outfit. It is not specified in the rules that you are not allowed to switch clothing items so Penguins use this tactic as an advantage. It is quite crafty however taking note of the names really helps you out in this situation.

After jotting down all the names and the game has begun, where do you start? Penguins are always on the move so it may be difficult to track them if they are constantly moving. It is cheating if you search where they are via player card since it won’t be fun if you find them straight away. This also applies to the hiders since they can always dodge where the seeker is which makes it much harder for the hiders to be found. My advice is to work in a logical order around each room, ensuring that you check buildings on the way. Do not ignore these rooms since it is possible that the hiders can be in there.

Once you enter each room, you should use your mouse wisely. There are some hot-spots where players like to hide and these will be explained before the ‘Hiders Guide’. If you roll your mouse across the bottom of the room – near the toolbar – there is a chance that some room decoration may be used as a barrier which hides the players name and penguin. These are very popular as hiding places so make sure you always look carefully. You can tell if a player is hiding behind a room decoration if the mouse cursor turns into a hand. If you click the player card will be revealed and it is likely to be an opponent. Make sure you always say “FOUND YOU” as quick as possible since the player can sneakily move to another room unless alerted that he/she has been found. Some people may consider this as cheating but it is up to you in your own game whether this rule is included or not.

Sometimes the players you find can become allies so they can assist you in Hide And Seek. Again, this is an optional rule since the players you consume become seekers so it would make it more difficult for the hiders. If you do accept this rule, then make sure you use your allies wisely. Be sure to order them to different rooms across the map so that each of you are equidistant or away from each other. Once spread out, you can enter multiple rooms at the same time which means that it is more likely to find the remaining hiders. Still apply the tactics and be swift in your search.

Another tip for players who are patient. This may not be successful all the time, however it has helped me in a few situations. I have found that if the seeker hides, it may sometimes increase the chance of finding a hider. Basically, you can either stay still in a room and remain inactive or hide in one of the hot-spots. In your speech bar, prepare a phrase like “FOUND YOU” or “GOTCHA” so that you are ready to send it if a vulnerable hider enters your room. Make sure you waddle out of your hiding place and send it as quick as you can so that it catches the player off-guard. Please note, however, that it may take ages for this tactic to become successful. You have to be fairly patient.

Last of all, do not ignore the secret rooms! These include: The EPF Command Room, Box Dimension, The Underwater Room and even Igloos! Make sure that you are an agent and that you have unlocked the Underwater room for a better outcome in your searching. The Box Dimension use to be quite a rare room in which you could only access from an igloo however it is now accessible from the Mystery Attic. Unlock the Underwater Room by following the Giant Squid in Puffle Rescue until you find a key that unlocks it. Igloos are sometimes used and they are often forgotten. It may be especially hard if there are lots and lots of igloos on the list so I advise the seeker to mention this before the game starts. It is also a strict rule that no one should hide in their Puffle Backyard since no other players can access this room only exclusive to your Penguin. This rule also applies to the Cloud Forest!

I hope this ‘Seekers Guide’ will help you find the hiders! Make sure you are always on the move and to go back to previous rooms after cycling around the island since it is a very sneaky game. Below is a list of all the hiding place hot-spots…Remember what I said!


Hot-spot #1

Hotspot 1

Where?: Town

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #2

Hotspot 2

Where?: Dance Club

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #3

Hotspot 3

Where?: Puffle Park

Strength: Strong

Hot-spot #4

Hotspot 4

Where?: Petshop

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #5

Hotspot 5

Where?: Puffle Hotel

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #6

Hotspot 6

Where?: Stage

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #7

Hotspot 7

Where?: Pizza Parlor

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #8

Hotspot 8

Where?: Forest

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #9

Hotspot 9

Where?: Forest

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #10

Hotspot 10

Where?: Cove

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #11

Hotspot 11

Where?: Mine Shack

Strength: Strong

Hot-spot #12

Hotspot 12

Where?: Skatepark

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #13

Hotspot 13

Where?: Cave Mine

Strength: Strong

Hot-spot #14

Hotspot 14

Where?: Cave Mine

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #15

Hotspot 15

Where?: Gold Mine

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #16

Hotspot 16

Where?: Fire Dojo

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #17

Hotspot 17

Where?: Everyday Phoning Facility

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #18

Hotspot 18

Where?: Everyday Phoning Facility

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #19

Hotspot 19

Where?: Puffle Lodge

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #20

Hotspot 20

Where?: Puffle Lodge

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #21

Hotspot 21

Where?: Puffle Lodge

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #22

Hotspot 22

Where?: Mystery Attic

Strength: Okay

Hot-spot #23

Hotspot 23

Where?: Mystery Attic

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #24

Hotspot 24

Where?: Puffle Wild

Strength: Weak

Hot-spot #25

Hotspot 25

Where?: Puffle Wild

Strength: Weak

Thank you for reading this edition of the Weekly Waddle Guide! Please let me know how it went since I would love some feedback on the content. I hope you found all the hot-spots useful as well as the Seekers Guide.

Thanks again!



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