The Blue Blog: One Year Of Blogging

Hey everyone!

I thought that it was about time that I share my journey with you. It has almost been a year since I started blogging for the first time ever so I thought that giving you a little bit of some history on how The Blue Blog turned into what it is would recap the amazing experience I have had over the last year.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone one of you in the community who knows me and believed in me when I first started out. Honestly, I have never known a better community who is so helpful and welcoming. It was the support from you guys who kept me going and I really appreciate that. I am so glad that I became a blogger since it has really cheered me up since I love writing! I remember when I was younger and I used to write stories all the time! It is something I can be proud of and hopefully something recognised for.

It can also be stressful for a teenager to own a Blog, to get on with everyday life at school and to especially tackle that nasty homework that you have to do nearly every evening. I am sure a lot of you bloggers sometimes think that you have had enough and you can’t keep on with your life with the Club Penguin community. It is a big responsibility since you are sacrificing a lot of your time for something that you love and I think that is a good thing. Blogging to you has definitely made me a happier person and it even helps me with my writing skills. It is almost educating myself but the bonus is – is that I love doing it! Blogging has got ups and downs but so has everyday life. Dedicating your time to something special to you is rewarding even though it can make you flip. Especially being a newish blogger, I have found the first part of my journey tough because it is hard to share your work with others and make it recognised. It is hard to fit in with other bloggers who are better than you and much more experienced! It is a very tough beginning but I am sure it gets better.

A year later, I have grown confidence in my blogging and my posts are getting there. I know that I am nowhere near the end of my journey so I still need to strive for that recognition. However once you reach the end, what else can you do? Nothing really. That is why the journey is so important and you have got to make the most of it! In my opinion, it is the downs that you later appreciate in your journey since you realise that it is them who keep you going. As long as you are determined enough, it is possible to succeed in blogging. I want to succeed in blogging and I am getting there. I am just happy with what I have accomplished so far! All thanks to you in the community who have helped me on this tough journey. You know who you are and I really appreciate it!

That was just something that I wanted to share since I would love to inspire new bloggers to keep on going and to make them realise that success begins somewhere so it is the journey that count the most! Now it is time to address to you how I got where I am now. I will be going just under one year back to when I was an ordinary Penguin in the Club Penguin community.

After playing Club Penguin for quite a while (6 years) I felt that it was time to move on with something. I felt that nothing was being accomplished by sitting at my computer most evenings checking out what’s new on the chat rooms. I was also worried about my age since I didn’t think a lot of teenagers play Club Penguin. At the time, I felt that even though it was fun to play Club Penguin, it is time for me to move on with my life and perhaps focus on something more practical.

As you can tell, none of this went to plan and that was because of this.

Everyday – after school – I would get on the computer and log onto Club Penguin especially if something interesting was going on. Before any of that, however, I always take a look at some Club Penguin Blogs. Some examples of these Blogs were: Club Penguin Memories (owned by Trainman1405), RiffyCP (at the time hosted by Happyblue128), and Saraapril In Club Penguin. I used to read Blogs all the time to check out the latest news that I wouldn’t usually hear about online. I was then beginning to think that I would miss reading these Club Penguin Blogs since they were so interesting. Lots of thoughts were going on in my mind and I finally decided that I wouldn’t leave the community. But instead I would become a more of a part with it.

A few days later I decided to join Twitter as my ordinary Club Penguin name (@Blue21102). This all happened on the 17th May 2014. I thought that making a Twitter account would make me seem more popular in the community and maybe I would find it even more fun to be able to interact with the Club Penguin community better. My dreams then were to become a famous Penguin throughout the Club Penguin community. All I needed was some followers to start me off.

Now and then, I got the odd follower and I was surprised to find that Trainman1405 and Saraapril (two of my favourite bloggers) followed me! I know now that anyone can follow anyone but at the time I was so happy! This is normal since they were inspiring to me and I appreciate the hard work they produce.

Within the next few hours, I get an invite to become an author on LegoPuffle CP Cheats. I was stuck on what to do since I took the message personally and I never planned to become a Club Penguin Blogger! My family seemed surprised so my Mum pushed me into doing it. Without further hesitation, I accepted the invite and became a member of the team at LegoPuffle CP Cheats! I was excited since it was something unexpected that happened to me really quickly. I was asked by the team to post an introduction to myself and that was where it began…

On May 18th 2014 – 12:00pm – my introduction was posted! My first ever post was produced! Below I will insert the exact wording:

Hello everyone!

I am Blue21102 but you can call me Blue. This is my first experience blogging but it has always been an ambition in mind. I will be sharing news and interesting stuff to make your days full of discoveries. I can’t wait to see what it is like working here and I hope that you will enjoy my blog posts.
FUN FACT: I like the guitar!


As you could probably tell, I was really happy and I never knew I would become a blogger!

I must admit, it was difficult to manage a position where you are needed to post something now and then. At the time I felt that the team were being hard on me and pushing me to post a walkthrough of the Future Party. I remember I was staying up all night to make sure that my post looked great; I remember being so careful! I was so tired and I felt that all my hard work was not at all appreciated even though it was. I was basically experiencing a lot of stress since it was the first time I had done something like this before and this was only in a matter of hours. Already I wanted to quit and I was planning on sending the team an e-mail to explain why I can’t take much more of it anymore. It was a difficult time and I was so so stressed!

A day after I felt a bit better and I had some free time without the team asking me to post. From what I had already done, I was quite proud of and so was my family. One of my goals was to become an author and to be able to write a books since I loved creative writing at school and at home. So all of this suddenly inspired me to create my own Blog! I already had a name for it since I used to pretend that I was a news reporter in my house by sticking articles about Club Penguin around the house. They would be titled “Blue’s Blog” and they weren’t brilliant. When I think about it now, I must have been so crazy but it is something warming to remember. You are probably laughing right now and I am a little embarrassed. Oh well!

So I used this as another inspiration as well as the Blogs I mentioned earlier! So I finally came to the conclusion of calling my Blog ‘Blue’s Blog’. I was looking on the internet, searching for some free hosting and I came across several hosts that help support your website for free. I found Blogger! LegoPuffle CP Cheats was also run by his so I was used to the tools when posting and designing my Blog. I can’t remember exactly how my Blog started however I do know that I began to feel as if I was doing something useful for once.

Over time I made my own logo which I made in Photoshop. I was very proud of it but when I compare it to the ones I make now, I just laugh. The website came more alive as I worked on it and I even attracted a very friendly Penguin called Sms8. I haven’t heard from him in ages however he is another inspiration of mine who really supported me and kept me going. He came along when I was also forming a new Club Penguin Alliance called ‘Blue Buns’. I was interested with the CP Armies and I thought that it would help gain my popularity if I ran my own! Instead I would put a little twist on it and make it a friendly alliance where Penguins can discover Club Penguin secrets together. I never knew Sms8 personally but his commitment really made it feel as if I did.

In honour of his support, I made him Co-leader of Blue Buns! We were really good friends and you can tell that we were if you look at how many comments he posted on my Blog. They would always turn into conversations; I enjoyed it! For the grand opening of Blue Buns, I really wanted to throw a party on Club Penguin. What you are about to hear next is a key event of my history with blogging.

I made invitations and advertised it on Twitter and via the Blog. Sms8 also assisted me which I really appreciated from him too! This all happened late May, approaching June. Since I was so obsessed with this party, I would direct message several people on Twitter and ask if they could come. Some would say yes and some would say no. Eventually I had a giant list of these people who said they were going to come but when it came to the event, only 3 turned up. That was me, Sms8 and Pompom49450 (a close friend who I know personally). I was recording this event on Bunny Hill and I could remember how disappointed I was. I got really sad and I made drama about it on this video – blaming everyone who couldn’t come. I thought that that party would help me a lot with my future since I always dreamed being the popular penguin.

So I posted this video, hoping to get a reaction and some people apologised. Right then I felt that they shouldn’t feel guilty. I felt really embarrassed and I would reassure people that it was my fault. A penguin on Twitter called GeePeach tweeted to me. GeePeach could tell that I was down and I was wondering how a person can succeed in hosting parties and becoming popular. What GeePeach told me next, really inspired me:

“Remember, “Popular” is just a word. It’s an abstract noun = It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just a word that the non-populars use to describe themselves when they worry about being non popular. They think it makes them look cool when actually they just look mean and conceited. Don’t worry, everyone is equal. If it wasn’t for the word “Popular” everyone would be much happier. Don’t give up. That’s what mods, Trainman1405, Monchocho, and FerdTheBird told me when I first started making parties :)”

This comment on popularity changed what I thought back then. I knew GeePeach was right and it has definitely had an impact on what I believe about popularity today. Thank you GeePeach!

As you were reading this, I kept mentioning that I wanted to become popular in the community. When I think about it, I was quite selfish in a way. In some ways I wanted to become popular so that I could look cool however It is dedication to what you do that makes you recognised, not throwing parties to attract Penguins. I guess I found it hard to settle in since I didn’t want to be a Penguin who is there in the background but after that inspiring comment from GeePeach, I don’t want to achieve being the most popular Penguin in the community. From then on, I wanted success in my Blog, in my work and in my YouTube videos. If I kept working at these, I would get better and I would be recognised for my efforts. I just started too quickly.

From that you should learn that it can take a long time to each your goals. Yes, it is frustrating and annoying to put up with but it is up to you if you want to succeed in your dreams. It may take up your time, it may take up your sleep and it may sacrifice your everyday life. But the outcome is worth it if you want to achieve! I have not yet got there but I have improved! It has only been one year and it is just the beginning still.

Moving on forward, I found that my Blog was not doing that much to attract viewers. I needed to upgrade my standards and push my efforts. I was thinking about ‘The Big Step’. I wrote a post which explained what more I wanted to do with this Blog. It also informed that I needed more time to prepare for The Big Step so my Blog was inactive for a while. It was approaching the Summer Holidays as well so I used this to help me later on. In the meantime, the Blue Buns party (postponed version) was a success. Still, not many people came but after what GeePeach told me, I was proud of my efforts to make Blue Buns possible.

Later in July, I announced that I was moving my Blog to a new domain! As part of The Big Step I thought a fresh start with fresh ideas would do the trick. I moved to WordPress on the 17th July 2014 and it was not a mistake. As you can tell, this is the same website I have used for quite a while now and it is doing great! On this new Blog I started to think of some new topics that I could write about. As the month progressed, I introduced Island Discussions and Community Collab elements. I especially enjoyed the Island Discussions as I love solving mysteries on Club Penguin! Community Collabs were great at involving the community so I thought that my Blog was doing great!

As time went on, I started doing party reviews and I remember that Polo Field visited my Blog and gave me some feedback which I really appreciated. I carried on with my posts as well as introduced the Advent Calendar in December. I would post an activity everyday in countdown for Christmas however not all of it went to plan since I missed out a few days. Whoops! It was becoming more fun to Blog however I was also taking lots of breaks because of school. I wouldn’t have called my Blog that frequent at the time.

This carried on until February this year when I finally posted a Channel Update to let people know what has been happening. Basically Christmas happened and School happened as well as some stress from everyday life. At the time I also introduced #CPFuture, a program which encourages the community to have a voice. Now and then I would post a project which some Penguins may agree with so it is up to the community to decide whether the project is good enough and maybe they would become a supporter if they liked the idea. The more supporters, the higher chance that it would happen on Club Penguin.

Around February I was doing well on social media and I felt that I was more happy generally. It was around this time I also changed the name of my Blog. Well, I changed it to ‘The Blue Blog’. I did this because I felt that my Blog needed more of a higher status and I am thinking of adding authors soon. If I just called my Blog ‘Blue’s Blog’ it is like saying that it is just my Blog so I wanted to give it a fresh title with a new meaning for all Penguins to enjoy. Furthermore I think that Blogs should be unique and the title to my Blog now sounds different to the usual Club Penguin Blog.

From then on I have made more YouTube videos, more posts and my Blog has definitely become more frequent. I have even created a Twitter account for The Blue Blog which shows that my career in blogging is developing really well. I find – generally – that I am friendlier with the community and more interactive. And all this leads to today!

Well, that was a long history of The Blue Blog. I am counting now and it is over 3070 words long. I am sorry that it is a very long read but I felt it was the right time to share with you what made my Blog possible. There is a few people I mentioned throughout this post and I would like to mention them again for some gratitude.

Thank you:

  • Trainman1405 for being an inspiring blogger for ages. I have always read your posts and they are great. You definitely deserve a job at the Club Penguin HQ in Kelowna if they stop laying off staff!
  • Saraapril for being another inspirational blogger. I find your Blog more creative than any other Blog and that has helped me with my Blog Topics Keep up the great work Saraapril!
  • Happyblue128 for entertaining me on RiffyCP. You are a very active member of the community and you have donve very well in your blogging. I cant wait until RiffyCP comes back again!
  • Sms8 for being beside me all the time! Unfortunately I don’t know what happened to us and I doubt that you are reading this but you have been such a good friend who made The Blue Blog possible. Thank you so much Sms!
  • GeePeach for a very inspirational comment on popularity. You are so thoughtful about the community and you have had an impact on the way I treat my successes on my Blog. Thanks again GeePeach!
  • Polo Field for commenting on my Blog! I was very happy and honoured at the time and it made me very motivated to keep my Blog going.

There are so many other people that I would like to thank such as: Sajo8 for reading my Blog frequently, Greengirl816 for your amazing posts and your support at the Blue Buns Party and Pompom49450 for being a great friend as always.

The Blue Blog has become something more powerful than I expected. I am only beginning my journey even though I have accomplished so much within a year. I can’t wait to see where it goes next and I hope that some of you would like to join me to celebrate my ‘One Year Of Blogging’ by coming to my party next month. Details will be posted soon but for now I would like to thank you all again for your support over the last year!

Thank you for reading this long post; I hope you found it interesting!


P.S. Wow! I have typed 3473 words!


5 thoughts on “The Blue Blog: One Year Of Blogging

  1. Thanks for such a good read, Blue! I’m so glad that my blogging helped to inspire you to start up your own blog. It’s times like this – with Club Penguin laying off staff – that it’s nice to have a new, fresh perspective on what Club Penguin is doing, and you certainly bring that to the table! I’m super impressed that your mum pushed you to do blogging! It’s always nice to have the backing of a family member, especially if you’re so passionate doing something.

    Waddle On!

    • Thank you for the very supportive comment, Happy. I really appreciate your hard work when you do blogging and I appreciate that you have been able to read this lengthy post!

      I am glad you enjoyed it. 🙂
      Waddle On!

  2. Thanks for such a good read, Blue! I’m so glad that my blogging helped to inspire you to start up your own blog. It’s times like this – with Club Penguin laying off staff – that it’s nice to have a new, fresh perspective on what Club Penguin is doing, and you certainly bring that to the table! I’m super impressed that your mum pushed you to do blogging! It’s always nice to have the backing of a family member, especially if you’re so passionate doing something.

    Waddle On!

  3. Awwwesome post, Blue! I know I’m reading this after a long time( 😦 ), but I’ve been so busy! I just hope I can get back now!

    I’m glad I could help you continue on your road to blogging, the starting is always the hardest.
    I’m really glad you could take your time out to share with us your beginnings. Really good read. 🙂

    Waddle on!

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