Blue Reviews: Frozen Fever Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this months party…

Frozen Fever Party!

1. Story

Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf are back for another magical visit to the island of Club Penguin! This time, Elsa wants to give Anna another big birthday party after the success of the one that was thrown in Arendelle. Also the Frozen stars loved the last party so visiting again will be cold blast! Our part of the story? Freeze and thaw rooms! Collect magic snowflakes! Prepare for Elsa’s performance at the Ice Palace! This will give them a nice welcoming and warming host to the island of Club Penguin. Not too warm though! You know, because of Olaf – unless he has his flurry of course!

Around the island you can participate in several activities to make the party last. Your mission is literally to enjoy the rooms and throw the best birthday party – for Anna – ever! Good luck and have fun!

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party The Stars

Before the party even began, I was wondering what the Frozen Fever Party will introduce to us. From what is sounds like, it is pretty much the same as last time except Anna is having another birthday party – lucky her! The reason why they are here is all because of this and the fact that they love Club Penguin so Penguins must be a good host and enjoy the (birthday) party with them! Pretty basic, but sweet!

2. Visuals

Club Penguin have managed to attain the top quality visuals as usual except I have always love the Frozen Party rooms since they are quaint and generally contrasting. The fact that you can freeze and thaw the rooms, emphasises the atmosphere of a cold but heart-warming party for everyone! The new Arendelle castle makes a strong touch to the party as well, replacing the old one last year.

The room decorations are basically the exact same from last year’s Frozen Takeover however we could argue that Arendelle would not suddenly transform into something it was not before. Besides, the rooms in this party are gorgeous and it will be lovely to visit the Ice Palace once again.

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Town Centre And SnowgiesClub Penguin Frozen Fever Party Cove Olaf

The thing I love about the visuals in this party is how it complements the movie (Frozen) and the short (Frozen Fever). Some of you are not keen on Disney Takeovers however this has to be one of my favourites since you can just tell by the style and the beautiful music that it must involve Frozen, what not. The team have done a great job producing these rooms for both this party and the last Frozen Takeover which I never reviewed.

There is always rooms for improvement, however. Sometimes there is lag when you enter rooms and this is a s a result of the freezing and thawing rooms. It is a splendid idea but it is a shame that the freezing is not really responsive on some occasions. Note that this only happens for about a second so it is nothing major, but it is something to consider next time.

Furthermore the Coffee Shop and other mini rooms have been excluded from the party, again. With another chance for improvement, Club Penguin could have spent more time on producing new room designs for rooms that were excluded before in the last party. For some reason, they haven’t which is a bit disappointing. You would think that copying all the rooms from last year would be a doddle but in this case, it seems to have taken the same time as it did making them. That or Club Penguin have been a tad lazy. Sometimes these rooms are ignored but it is the little details which make a party successful. I would surely appreciate them since it also reflects the effort Club Penguin have produced. Room decorations were hardly a problem before, but that was ever since the app came. Obviously Club Penguin have to focus on room decorations for the app too so it is difficult to manage both. As well as that, there is content to focus on which basically brings the party together. Apparently the team find that not enough time is required to make a good party anymore. I wonder why that is…

I am glad that Club Penguin have kept the rooms that were previously used last year even though it is a bit sneaky. I find that they all match the theme of Frozen which makes the party truly magical and heart-warming for Frozen fans. To improve, Club Penguin needs to up their efforts on room decorations since I find that it is these which keeps the party strong. Even if the details were small, they would be much appreciated by the community.

3. Content

When it comes to content, this party is not exactly the best but there has been an improvement since last year! I just appreciate that there were a few things different from last year since I was worried if the efforts would literally be the same. I still find that the Frozen Fever Party lacks something which could be a plot or more activities to make it enjoyable. Therefore the improvement from last year’s Frozen Takeover would have been very impressive however I’m afraid it hasn’t been too impressive. Still good enough, though!

Firstly we have a BIG SUMMER BLOWOUT in items except it is not Summer but Spring. This is why Oaken should never have returned…

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Big Summer Blowout

Ya? Don’t you agree? Well anyway I am happy that Club Penguin have added more exclusive items to the party catalogue. Oh and that is something else I appreciate with this party! Not like many other parties, the Frozen Fever Party has included a party catalogue which cheers me up a lot since it seems to give the party more worth.

These items are basically updated outfits for the main characters of Frozen as well as some Snowgies for you to treasure! I must admit that I am loving the Kristoff Party Outfit! Thank you for these great items Club Penguin! We appreciate it! In other news, this party also brings back old items from the last party which I have different opinions on.

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Oaken's Outfits

I think it is a good thing that Club Penguin brought these back since you have the chance to collect any that you have previously missed. However it is likely that everyone would have got them since they are so easy to get which then means that as well as these items, Club Penguin could have introduced some new ones. Same with the party emotes except they are nothing major!

One thing that I am also impressed with is the new igloo! It looks great and it definitely makes up for not being able to produce more items. I am pretty sure that this igloo is for both non-members and members which is great. I would advise you get it as soon as possible since it is free and it looks amazing!

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Castle Igloo

Club Penguin have also kept the ability to transform into Olaf and Marshmallow which is great news! I love transforming into my favourite character, Olaf, and the special moves that come along with them are cool! Even Olaf makes his little debut of In Summer’. You can access these transformations by clicking on the menu button for the party. Sadly this is members only but members do have privileges sometimes. But you can throw snowballs which freeze room decorations! At least everyone can enjoy that!

Along with these returning features, the snowflake hunt is back on! I wasn’t a big fan of this last year since it is so easy however you had to find them to collect the items. In my opinion, the snowflake hint is pretty pointless because of how easy it is. All you have to do is look for 3 snowflakes in each of the party rooms and none of them are really hidden. If Club Penguin would have upgraded this snowflake hunt, it surely would be much better and challenging for the players.

Something different, Club Penguin have now added a range of pins for players to collect. There are quite a lot and they are showcased outside the castle and inside too. I don’t think Club Penguin’s intentions were to hide them since they are easy to spot and obtain. I think that the pins are there to exclusively collect and share. A few of them look quite cute! Another thing I would like to spot about these pins is that some of them have a string attached to them so every time you find one and collect it, the strong falls which I think is some clever detail. If you have no idea what I am talking when I mention the string, well then I guess that you have not yet seen Frozen Fever. It is basically used to reveal the big birthday surprise in the little short. Nothing major but I appreciate the detail!

Once again, the Olaf Puffle is up for adoption for no fee! You must adopt one since they are quite rare considering that they are only available at 2 parties – so far. These are only available for members as well. I have already adopted one last year and called it ‘Flurry’. I am stuck on names for my next one…Let me know, in the comments, your name suggestions!

Once a week has passed throughout the party, you have the chance to see Elsa perform at the Ice Palace once again! I love the design of the Elsa’s Ice Palace but the content within it isn’t spectacular since she doesn’t actually sing at all! The soundtrack of ‘Let it Go’ is accessible from the music playlist so all that leaves us with is the chance to “meet” Elsa and obtain her background as well as some igloo items. Let’s not forget the Ice Palace igloo itself! I think that this igloo will be available however it has not been mentioned yet.

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Ice Palace Wait

Last of all, the music within this party is so catchy and strong! I love all of the soundtracks since you can feel the Frozen vibes every time you hear them. They are awesome for igloo music and for making each room that much nicer with a comforting tune to keep you happy. Frozen or not, Club Penguin music is always at top standard which is something that they should be proud of since everyone loves music now and then! Well done Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Music

I have covered a lot of content in this review however that is because it is kind of joint with the previous takeover. I never got the chance to review the first Frozen Takeover but now I have done so with some Frozen Fever features added! Overall the content has improved from last time which is great but it still could be improved to make the experience even more enjoyable. Normally, parties have quests to make it more interesting but even small activities to take part in would have done the trick. In addition, it is lucky that content was kept from last year’s party since without it, the Frozen Fever would not have done well!

4. Durability

Now, is the Frozen Fever Party durable? It is a hard question to answer since it is yes and no. I think it is durable in some ways because it keeps you coming back to see the performance by Elsa. In that way it is durable. I guess it depends n whether you are a Frozen fan or not because these room decorations definitely keep the fans interested.

Considering that there is no quests to come back for, kind of makes the party less durable since they usually excite Penguins to come back every day! Whereas with this party, some people might log on for the first day and collect the pins, items etc. but wait seven days until they log back on to see Elsa perform at her Ice Palace. That will be a likely routine for a lot of you. I must admit that the party itself is a little boring but it depends on your approach to it. Some people log on to collect items and to make progress within the party whereas others make the most of the party with their friends and almost rein act what happens in Frozen Fever.

Since I appreciate any efforts Club Penguin pull off, I log on frequently but that doesn’t make the party durable since I log on to check out what is happening and I am not particularly going to be involved with any of the activities. That is why I think that some may interpret this party as being durable and others will think the opposite because there is no more different content to enjoy every time you log back on. I am kind of in the middle since I am a Frozen Fan but I agree that the durability could be improved to make the party even better.

The Frozen Fever Party definitely appeals more to Frozen fans than fans of Club Penguin. It matches with the world of Club Penguin perfectly however it may seem more durable for players who enjoy Frozen more than others which I understand is a point. In general, the party is not that durable since there needs to be more content to look forward to however that is not happening in this party. Club Penguin could go a step further by making the party a better experience which encourages more people to play for longer. I still enjoyed it but more is still needed for an even better outcome.

The Verdict

The Frozen Fever Party this year is certainly a treat for those who love Frozen and Snowgies! All the cast are back for a blowout which is pretty spectacular for any Frozen fan. Even people who don’t enjoy Frozen much may find this party great because of the soothing atmosphere which really captures the essences of Arendelle. I am impressed especially with the visual effort within this party since it makes Arendelle seem alive, now that rooms are interactive with snowballs and the heart emote. It is quite unique and for it to visit the island once again is a good choice since the experience has been slightly twisted to fit in with Anna’s birthday! There is still a lack in what to do in the party but now and then Club Penguin need a breather – especially after a very successful party in March! Be sure to check it out for a magical time which may not be the most thrilling but very relaxing and…cute!

SCORE: 7.2


  • Spectacular Visuals
  • Cheering Music
  • Party Catalogue (minor)
  • Arendelle is lively


  • Lack of room decorations (minor)
  • Little content added
  • Low replay value

Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party Logo Cutout



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