When Time Is The Enemy

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Within the world of Club Penguin, there are moments that take perseverance to succeed. You may come across some challenging encounters which leave you frustrated and determined. For example stamp collecting is something I am quite interested about on Club Penguin. I am consistently aiming to earn as many stamps as I can but it takes me so long to accomplish some of the tough ones.

In ‘Catchin’ Waves’, completing Survival Mode is very difficult. Notice the emphasis on the ‘very’! Being a competitive Penguin sometimes, I tend to find that the real enemy in completing these challenges is time and patience. It is normal to feel determined in beating challenges like the one in this game but it makes you much more stressed! You keep trying and trying to succeed in Survival Mode and it seems to take “forever” and the computer may feel like that it is “turning on you”. Don’t worry! I think the same thing all the time.


But what I have learned from taking on challenges is to be as relaxed as you can. It is about being patient, a bit like what Sensei encourages in young Grasshoppers – yet early in their training to become a ninja. Mastering the skill of remaining patient is difficult to learn quickly from what I have experienced. I remember when I was a White Belt in Card-Jitsu and I was determined to become a Black Belt within a day. Guess what? I never succeeded in that since I found myself in bed all tense and frustrated. The tension of temptation is rather powerful unless it is controlled.

Let’s think of another example. How about completing Astro Barrier? The whole game includes long and tiring levels as well as some bonus ones for you to unlock throughout the game. Being a stamp collector myself, this game has almost ruined me! I have yet to complete this game and I am guessing that it will be a long process until I finally master it. The thing about Astro Barrier is that it is so addictive that it lures you into hours of game play. News flash! This will not get you anywhere so your first target is to avoid the temptation of being stuck to Astro Barrier. My advice is to play it now and then but it is essential to learn from your mistakes. If at anytime you feel annoyed and sweaty, get off that game and chill. Do not work yourself up since you will not improve once you are in that state of mind (I think that is true).

Maybe develop a log for each level, reminding strategy. I still think that the chances of succeeding in Astro Barrier is greater when you come back to it now and then – even without a log! Well it is up to you how you approach these situations. Remember I am using Astro Barrier as an example so you need to keep this in mind with any situation that heats you up. These things happen outside of Club Penguin too, you know.


The best thing to remember is that you need to stay calm, relaxed and focused in order to succeed. Stress kills parts of your mind where you are concentrating on the game so do not overdo it either. Of course, be patient and understand that success is achieved over time on most occasions. It may be a long and a time consuming enemy to your life however it is up to you whether you think it is worth it. The outcomes are always rewarding which then should provoke more success in your actions. By mastering the ability to have perseverance and resilience, you can almost succeed in anything!

I hope you enjoyed this Weekly Waddle Guide on challenge and success and I hope it will inspire your actions in the future whether it is inside the world of Club Penguin or not. Be sure to stay tuned for a different Weekly Waddle Guide every Sunday!

Thanks for reading and Waddle On!




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