The Blue Blog: Turning One!


Hello everyone!

The Blue Blog is turning one really soon and I think that this occasion deserves to be celebrated with you guys! It has been an amazing journey throughout my blogging career and I hope it was for the best. This hobby has always been a passion of mine, especially when there is an amazing community to support you along the way. There has been quite a lot of things accomplished in one year and I am proud of them and I will, hopefully, continue to accomplish more things within the coming year.

This party is practically designed to say thank you for an amazing journey and it is here to celebrate my Blog’s “birthday”. In addition, it has been quite a while since my last party so it would be interesting to throw another one to see how it goes. I will leave the invitation later in this post but it is probably a good idea for me to brief what will be included within the party!

First of all, it will take place on Glacier. I chose this server because…I don’t know actually! Glaciers are stunning things to observe so I guess this could be an influence to make my party enjoyable! I will meet everyone in the Town Centre at around 8:00 am PST and then the fun starts!

There is nothing structural about this party since it can end up anywhere but I am planning on socialising with everyone and maybe play some games. It would be great if we could visit igloos as well and praise them. The party itself is casual so anything can happen! I can’t wait to see where it goes!

This event will be recorded by me, using Bandicam. I use this screen recording software all the time and it is great. Unfortunately it will have the watermark but it costs money and I may think about turning pro in the future! Anyone can feel free to record the event but note that I will definitely record it so look out for your Penguin on YouTube! After the party, I will leave a link to the video and it is there to reflect on the memories.

So now that I have explained a few bits about the party, it is probably the right time to show you the invitation. It is quite brief so please let me know if there is anything else you would like to know about the party. Have a look!

The Blue Blog One Year Of Blogging Invite

I have added 2 time zones on the invite. These are Penguin Standard Time and British Summer Time. I live in the UK so that is why I have added BST. Please let me know if any of these two do not match your time zone and I will post them here for anyone to view.

The dress code is totally casual so wear anything! You don’t have to bother wearing anything formal but it is totally up to you!

Now, as a sign of appreciation for your support, I will be hosting a giveaway! There will be a prize for non-members and members so it will be fair. The whole thing will be a prize draw where I will pick a Penguin at random from each category. To ensure that you are participating in the prize draw, you have to come to the party so that I can record your name and you must have Twitter. This is because I can safely give you access to the prize without it being publically given away. I will announce the winners on this Blog and on Twitter so make sure you have Twitter! I will DM the winners the prize and they can enjoy it.

Now, the non-members prize is something quite big! It will be a 1 Month Membership code for you to activate. It will be addressed to the winner in the form of a code and I am pretty sure that it is unused and totally genuine! I wish non-members good luck to get this!

The members prize is something not as special but it is still something! I have access to a magazine code that will unlock you 3 sporty items! These sporty items are pictured below:


Not only do you receive these items, you can have access to one item from the Treasure Book and 1500 coins! Therefore you have the decision to pick what you want as well! Good luck to members on getting these items. Again, I will DM the winner the code to unlock them!

So that is the current plan for how the party will roll. This post is sticky so any updates will be easily visible. I will let you know when there is any updates or change in plans on Twitter so stay tuned for more news about this party!

Thank you for reading and Waddle On!




2 thoughts on “The Blue Blog: Turning One!

    • Hey!

      Great to see you again! I guess you do have an e-mail address so if you win, I’ll email it to you. If you like, contact me your email. ☺

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