Tour Guiding!

Hey everyone!

I am sure that a lot of you out there are Tour Guides and I have a feeling that only 4% of you actually commit to the job. It is quite true that not many Penguins tour guide anymore and this is becoming a problem. I must admit that I have not tour guided that much but after thinking about it, every new player on Club Penguin deserves a heart-warming welcome and a fantastic beginning to their Club Penguin career. Don’t you think the same?

Some Penguins join the Club Penguin and end up a bit overwhelmed by what there is to do in Club Penguin. They first get briefly greeted by Tour Dude who sets quests for the player to participate in and earn new items for their penguin. These quests help them get use to their bearings on how to access games and clothes but there is a lot more that needs to be defined in Club Penguin. That is why Tour Guides exist and get paid 350 coins every month!

So why not try and get back into the routine? Just go to the Ski Village and wear that Tour Guide hat. Make sure you encourage new players to accompany you in your tour so it helps them feel more social with the community. It is very useful to use the safe chat to help give tours. Go on Activities, and click Give a Tour. However don’t just rely on these. New players may ask questions that need your brain to work them out. That is why you have got to be over 45 days old on Club Penguin. So if you are not that good on Club Penguin history or information, I would advise that you should research a bit more so that you are fully prepared for any tour.

Another thing to keep in mind is to never use the map. This is because you will lose your group which then means that your tour was pretty useless. Always make sure that you are advertising your tour in every room to help invite more players. The more players, the more interest that is buzzed around the island and the more pride you gain!

Some of you may think that tour guiding is only for the benefit of the new player however it helps you interact more. I find that it makes you a friendlier person who is always aware of what is going on in the room. The appreciation you receive helps motivate you and makes you feel happy so it is a great opportunity to take part in when you have the time! The fact that you are also rewarded for it every month, shows the appreciation from the team.

Overall Tour Guiding is a great hobby that everyone should get used to again. I know a small portion of Penguins who are very active in the community and I think those people have the chance to extend their efforts by helping and guiding new players to enjoy the Club Penguin experience. A better and a more helpful community will strengthen Club Penguin’s reputation and it would definitely encourage more players to join Club Penguin. That is what we want!

Keep up the good work everyone and make Club Penguin a better place for everyone!

Waddle On!

Club Penguin Tour Guide Hat



2 thoughts on “Tour Guiding!

  1. Hey Blue21102. I’m hosting a Party called #SaveClubPenguin. You are in invited. The party is on the server Frozen on Saturday the 9th. The time is 2:00 pm penguin standard time at the town. If you want you can tweet this on twitter. That would be really great. My username is Andy12e44. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the invite. I would love to come however it is up to whether I will be able to log onto Club Penguin or not. I cannot predict whether the bug will be fixed but lets hope I can make it.

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