Flash Mobs!

Ever wanted to get the message around? I bet that everyone reading this has always wanted to host an igloo party and I bet that they have stuck themselves to one room to advertise it. Most likely, the Town Centre.

Why not take this to a new level and pick up the pace? This is not just for party wannabes but for stamp wannabes too! If you host a party – in your igloo – and at least 30 penguins attend, you would have earned a valuable stamp. This also applies to other stamps which gets the community involved by teaming up with other Penguins in the room. For example, the ‘Full House’ stamp requires a few Penguins to jam out at the Lighthouse by playing a different instrument each. Or there are a lot of Penguins who want to earn the ‘Iceberg Drill’ stamp by gathering over 30 penguins to help tip the iceberg. There are a lot more too!

So to get the word around, Penguins should use what I call ‘Flash Mobs’! I don’t mean the comical ones though. Pick a room to start in and spread the message. Repeat it over and over again in overcrowded servers for more likely attention. If no one responds, then pick it up to a waddle. Keep waddling around the room and spread that message. Some Penguins ignore it still! So why not throw in the ‘Toot’ emote at the beginning each time. Everyone loves the ‘Toot’ emote! All you need to do is press E + T at the same time on the keyboard. (Skilled timing may be required).

After that you may grab all the attention in the room. At this point you need to be direct! Now and then say ‘Join me!’ or ‘C’mon!’ which helps involve and engage the fellow Penguins around you. Just hope that one of them starts following you until a few others decide to join because of them. With a few to go, head to the next room (avoiding the map at all times)! This makes the Flash Mob more dynamic and fun. You are even more likely to pick up some followers by entering several rooms. The chances extend every time a new room is chosen.

For extra support, you may want to spread the message elsewhere. Twitter is a great place since the community is very active on Twitter. Or you can personally refer to your friends which are likely to help you out when you need them. This gives you an extra boost from the beginning of the Flash Mob!

So Flash Mobs are great things to consider if you ever want to spread a message. They are meant to have two impacts. The first one is to hopefully gain some followers in your message. However the most important one is that you earn some quality fun from it! It can be quite funny some times so they are definitely worth the time! (A good mood may be required).

Waddle On!




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