Blue Reviews: Rainbow Puffle Party

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this months party…

Rainbow Puffle Party!

1. Story

First of all this party doesn’t really have a name since it is technically an exclusive offer for everyone. This party only takes place on the Club Penguin app on Apple and Android. The purpose of this party is to celebrate the fact that Rainbow Puffles are now available for everyone to adopt for free. However this party only lasts 2 weeks so this offer is only exclusive from 21st May – 3rd of June. Since it is an app exclusive party, nothing much is expected for a story line. All I can say right now is that everyone can finally get the chance to enter the Cloud Forest and adopt their own Rainbow Puffles!

Not much of a story line is included in this party however the overall purpose of this party may appeal to all non-members who can finally own their own Rainbow Puffle. It is quite a good idea for an app exclusive party since this party would be quite disappointing if it were to be on the web. 

2. Visuals

I must say that I adore the room designs within this party, even though there are only a few of them. Some of the typical Club Penguin chat rooms have been lifted in to the skies and transformed into cloud islands with lots of Rainbow celebration. I wouldn’t mind if this was a permanent feature aside the Cloud Forest because the rooms look very beautiful!

Below are images of some of the rooms:

2015-05-21 17.19.15

2015-05-23 13.06.25 2015-05-23 13.04.05 2015-05-23 13.04.38 2015-05-23 13.05.36

Unfortunately there are no room decorations inside any of the building however I never expected this much from the team considering that their main focus was on The Fair (web only).

The stunning visuals at this party are very welcoming to the Rainbow Puffles as it fits the theme perfectly. A lot of people agree with me so it is a shame that the Cloud Forest will not be extended into a cloud city as shown above in the images. That would be cool!

3. Content

This party has nothing too special, content wise, except some daily items for everyone to enjoy everyday. This encourages more visits throughout the party so that people can make the most of it. There is also the Rainbow Puffle adoptions which is the main purpose of this party too! The reason why there is not much content at all is due to the amount of attention The Fair is getting which is good in a lot of aspects. The Fair is much more respected by a lot of people and it has top priority because it is on the web, the main Club Penguin engine. Furthermore, it is likely that The Fair will be liked by more people because last year’s interpretation stunned a lot of people in a great way! So paying more attention to how The Fair will perform this year is much more important.

Nothing much at all has been added to this party however the main aspect is adopting the Rainbow Puffle. I am sure some people appreciate the daily items, that you obtain, since it makes the party a tad better than it would be without little efforts such as this.

4. Durability

Without much content, you don’t get much durability. The exclusive offer can make the experience durable for some since a few people feel like adopting as many free Rainbow Puffles as they like. The amazing room visuals makes the party seem much more welcoming so particular Penguins, who appreciate these, may find this party a great way to hang out with their friend whilst enjoying and observing the room decorations.

Last of all there is the daily items you earn which makes the party more durable since the only way to obtain these exclusive items is to log on to the Club Penguin app everyday. The items are worth it if you love colourful content!

I wouldn’t say that this party is very durable but I think Club Penguin have done enough to entertain the community. It is an app exclusive party so no one should expect anything too impressive.

The Verdict

Overall, the Rainbow Puffle Party is a great event for non-members (in particular) to enjoy. Club Penguin have done the right thing by making this party on the app only so that it fits in with the little content, story and structure. It is the purpose of this party which counts the most and that is to celebrate that Rainbow Puffles are free to adopt by anyone. As a party, it is quite weak however it is an enjoyable offer for a lot of non-members to appreciate.

SCORE: 5/10


  • A great opportunity
  • Lovely visuals
  • Reasonable efforts
  • Daily items worth checking out


  • Not an impressive party
  • Very little experience offered
  • Only a few rooms decorated




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