The Blue Blog: Turning One (Video Recap)

Hello everyone!

I have finally put together a montage of my One Year Of Blogging party! Some great memories were made and a lot of fun and games were shared together. Don’t worry if you were unable to turn up because the timing was a bit awkward for you lot in the USA!

Thank you to everyone who turned up to this party and I have awarded two of the attendants – at random – A one month membership and a magazine code. Here are the winners:

Magazine Code Winner – Valbusa1

One Month Membership Winner – Bordymann66

Please congratulate these two awesome people! I think everyone deserved a prize for coming but unfortunately that is not the case. I would also love to thank: Ranbirsgirl, Cony47, LX54321, Sensai Blast, ToasterCP and Somsubhra1 for coming and making the party much more fun than I expected it to be! I really, really enjoyed it!

Last of all, a big thank you to all of you in the Club Penguin Community for reading my posts and supporting me on my journey. A year may have just been accomplished, but the journey has only just started. I hope you will stay tuned to The Blue Blog for another special year ahead.



Waddle On!



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