Throwing a Party

To throw a party on Club Penguin, you need to be prepared. If you want a successful party on Club Penguin you need to be even more prepared! As you can tell, parties are difficult things to host since there are a lot of things to consider to make it perfect for your guests. Some problems can not be overcome at all times however it is possible to host an amazing party for everyone.

I am not perfect at all and I have thrown quite a few. So far, I have hosted 2 major ones and small little meet-ups with my buddies. I don’t think any party is perfect since the Club Penguin community is so vast that there are a lot of time zones to keep in mind. If you pick the wrong time, a lot of people can not attend even when they wanted to. It becomes a problem for me since most of the community live in the USA yet I live in the UK. Every time I throw a party, it only suits people within my time zone which is why you have got to understand these problems.

Even though it may have a big impact on your audience, there are still a lot of people in every time zone who can attend your party so you can’t just rely on them personally. You need to get the word around! Last week I made a post on Flash Mobs which is a reasonable technique for players to use for advertising. Be sure to read it for an extra on how to throw a party.

Other than Flash Mobs, you can use social media. How about advertising on Twitter by posting the party details every now and then. For an even better advert, make it look attractive and make it legible to read. No one reads something that looks boring so make the most of what you can do to make the party invite special. Now and then I get complements on my design of my party invites. I recommend using Photoshop (CS2 +). I use Photoshop CS2 to make invites that are goo enough so anyone with CS5 has an extra advantage. If you care about your party, go the extra mile! You can also pin these  invites to your profile pages on Twitter so everyone can see it every time they visit your profile.

Instead of a stationary, graphical invite, you can use YouTube to make a vlog on advertising your party. A lot of people prefer watching videos than reading text so try and think of even more ways to advertise your party. If you want a big audience, you need to advertise it in as much forms as possible at as much places as possible. I am not saying that you will definitely be successful by doing this since the world is unpredictable. Some people spend too much time advertising, yet it doesn’t make a difference on how many guests will turn up. Some people get sick of your advertising if you over do it so keep it sensible.

To keep your guests entertained throughout the party, it needs to be fun and on the move! Everyone loves games so don’t stick to the chat rooms. People get bored this way because nothing is making the party interesting at all. If you are not present at the party at any times, people could leave so ensure that you are always talking or moving the party on. If you are late at your own party, it is not a good impression on yourself so try and be there before it starts.

Another way to entertain the guests is to put them in front of you. In other words, do something that will be of the benefit of them even if it doesn’t suit you. So people may want their igloos checked out. Why not go on an igloo liking spree? A lot of people want postcards if you are quite popular. Why not send them all one? Other people have other ideas for a party. It may not be on your plan but if the guests want it, you should always try and include them by asking what they want to do. If they end up doing what they want, it will be more enjoyable for them which is what you want for a successful party.

If you haven’t thrown a party yet, why not try? It is a great experience which will bring you closer to the community and create fun, memorable moments for you to treasure. However don’t just rely on this post for some support. My last piece of advice for a successful party is that you should try and attend other people’s parties. This is for 2 reasons. One. You can pick up tips and techniques which may make your party better. You will enjoy interacting with other people so experiencing a party will give you a general idea on what you need to do to make your own. Two. Attending another party is appreciated by a lot of people. Throwing a party is something fun to do but a party is not a party without any guests. To make a successful party you need to be a guest at not only one party – nor two – but as much as possible. This is the most important tip in this guide since you would appreciate guests at your own party so why not make someone else feel the same. The more parties you attend, the more people will realise your support which gains you some friends which may help you out in the future by coming along to your parties. Plus, it is fun going to parties and making memories!

Throwing parties are tough on Club Penguin. In future, remember what I have said and hopefully it will help you on your journey. Don’t expect to be perfect on your first attempt. I am not there yet and I have been patient even though it is difficult. It is a long, bumpy ride but it is rewarding at the end…It will be.

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9 thoughts on “Throwing a Party

  1. Thanks for giving these tips! They help! 😀 I’ve thrown a few party’s before, but no one showed up. 😦

  2. Thank you for reading this post Sajo. Sorry to hear about your little story. I am still a long way off if that makes you feel better. It takes a lot of party experience for a successful party.

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