Update: 07.06.15

Hello everyone!

As always I try to deliver as much content as I can on this Blog however it has been pretty tough to lately. You may have noticed that I have not blogged for about 2 weeks and I am missing out on some news and a party review on the Fair 2015. Luckily, the Fair has been extended so I have more time to produce this post.

The reason why I have been inactive for quite some time is mainly due to school. So the sixth term has started in State schools in the UK which is basically the most important term of all. There is a lot of revision for exams and I especially need to focus on my options by trying to exceed my targets and finishing my school year with a positive result. I am sure a lot of you think the same.

I apologise for my absence for these past 2 weeks and I am hoping to be able to blog more now and then. It is very difficult to catch up with any time on this Blog but this time I am going to try hard to schedule my time for you. Let’s just hope I won’t get any homework flooding my time!

I hope you can understand my situation at the moment but stay tuned, as always, for some posts to come soon.

Waddle On!



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