Blue Reviews: The Fair 15′

Hello everyone!

Welcome to another ‘Blue Reviews’ where I evaluate the monthly parties/events that occur in Club Penguin. For each party I review, I will explore four areas in which the party is going to be reviewed upon. These are: Story, Visuals, Content and Durability. After reviewing these four areas, I will then conclude my review with a Verdict! This summarises what I have mentioned throughout the review and everything will be averaged into a score out of 10. I hope you will enjoy my review on this months party…

The Fair 2015!

1. Story

The Fair has returned to the island for another year! Rookie – organiser of the party – has brought back the Amazement Park, including all of your favourite sectors: Tumbleweed Town, Pirate Park, Galaxy Park. Plus, a new sector called “Ye Olde Castle” makes it’s debut for the first time. Just like the Fair in 2014, past fair games have the same modifications to fit a specific theme and there has been a new fair game added called “Medieval Monsters”. This is located at Ye Olde Castle.

The Daily Spin has returned for it’s second year, giving players the chance to add some edge to their experience at the Fair. Silver tickets unlocked from the Daily Spin can give non-members the chance to access member-only rides for a limited amount of time. These rides are: The Wagon Wheel (Tumbleweed Town), Bulls Eye (Tumbleweed Town), The Space Squid (Galaxy Park), Marooned Lagoon (Pirate Park), Buccaneer Boats (Pirate Park), Medieval Monsters (Ye Olde Castle).

The Daily Spin

Furthermore the Prize Booth has been upgraded to serve Fair exclusive items as well as the chance for members to transform into a costume. These suits makes the Fair much more of an exciting experience for members!

The Amazement Park

I am so glad that Club Penguin have brought back the Fair (which is my favourite party of all time). It is pleasing to hear from Rookie again with his exciting new upgrades to the Amazement Park which definitely gives the Fair a boost from last year as well as providing the old, exclusive Fair games which most people enjoy. A lot of people are pleased with the Fair’s return for another successful year – so far!

2. Visuals

The Fair 2014 has been excellent with each room included. The whole Amazement Park twist has certainly improved the atmosphere of a true Fair and that is why every room has its own unique theme which are both attractive and contrasting. We have Tumbleweed Town which is all about the “west” and the classic cowboy era. You’ll find cacti and iconic roundup buildings which blasts you to the past.

Tumbleweed Town

As opposed to the Galaxy Park, where you are introduced to the future! This zone is all about technology and…Space Squids? Well, it is packed with several games such as some arcade ones and a magnificent ride which is one of they key features of the Amazement Park. Why not transform into a Robo suit and get competitive with the Feed – A – Puffle snack station or do some robotic break dancing? The choice is yours!

Future Sweg

If you love The Migrator or all things pirates, then you belong to Pirate Park. Here you can enjoy several games such as Puffle Soaker and Puffle Paddle or enjoy the spectacular visuals during the mysterious ride through the Marooned Lagoon. Buccaneer Boats has many pirate iconic structures such as a skull cave, mermaids, tropical palm trees and torches. When you enter Pirate Park, you literally feel like you are best mates with the almighty Rockhopper!

Bucaneer Boats Marooned Lagoon

This year, the Amazement Park goes medieval! Ye Olde Castle captures the atmosphere of the medieval age with dragons, knights and damsels. This sector is slightly different to the rest since it has only one attraction for members only as well as a simple slide alongside a small cafe. This area is definitely quaint with a fierce breakthrough at this year’s Fair. The surroundings welcome you to a very interesting age of time which I am glad that the Fair included this year.

Medieval Cafe Medieval Tower

Excluding the Amazement Park at this year’s Fair, you may have noticed that the sky has also toned down to an evening joy. This affects the whole island which is a positive for those who like nighttime added to Club Penguin. I certainly love the evening at the Town Center with the Dance Club lights swaying in the dark. Even though the whole island is not decorated at all during this party, the Fair atmosphere certainly is!

Town Centre

The visuals are very strong at this party especially when Club Penguin have the chance to add some contrast. It is really important for parties such as this one to have themes so that it never lacks a lively environment. At a normal Fair, people want an active environment with interesting themes to make the party unique and stand out to other parties. This is another reason why the Fair is my favourite party! Overall, Club Penguin have done some excellent efforts with the visuals this year. I am very happy!

3. Content

This party offers a lot of things to do for everyone. Members do have some priorities but non-members can still enjoy a range of activities and maybe hope for a silver ticket on the Daily Spin. First, everyone can enjoy a mediocre performance by the Penguin Band. I say mediocre, but this is because nothing at all has changed to the Penguin Band. I find that their cameo at the Fair isn’t anything too special for another year unless something different has been done to it. Plus, you can no longer obtain their autographs/background so this is a disappointment for some people.

Penguin Band

Secondly anyone can meet up with Rookie (mascot of the Fair) for some extra, wacky fun! Meet-up times have been added on the official Club Penguin Blog so try and meet Rookie if you haven’t already. Moreover it was possible to meet Aunt Arctic to celebrate 500 issues of the Club Penguin Times however those meet-up times have now expired. Just so you know, the Penguin Band are not meet-able at the Fair. The only way to see them is to wait every 10 minutes for them to perform at the Amazement Park entrance.

The music is also worth mentioning since I love the soundtrack to Medieval Monsters (Castle Chaos) and overall the music also helps people to hook into games. The catchier the music, the more memorable a game is. The Space Squid has some awesome music (Martian Landing). You can currently listen to some of the Fair soundtracks on the Igloo Music list however search the rest up on YouTube or Soundcloud if you really enjoy them!

The Prize Booth offers items for everyone and members to purchase. I think that each unlockable item is great and likely to be noticed which is a good thing to see. The Puffle hats are very unique and awesome! Members have the chance of purchasing even more items and being able to transform into other creatures! This is a very cool feature I never expected to see at the Fair but it works well. As a bonus – like last year – tickets earned at the Fair can stay with you after you log off so you never lose any!

Prize Booth

Now for the zones at the Amazement Park!

At the Pirate Park you can play Puffle Paddle and Puffle Soaker. These two classic Fair games are part of my favourites of all time and I love the twist on both of them. Anyone can play these games but only members can take part in the Marooned Lagoon ride – where you throw snowballs at targets to trigger off some neat animations. The Buccaneer Boats ride (for members only) is very similar however you have to use dinghies to get to the targets. Both of these rides are reasonable but Marooned Lagoon is the strongest out of the two.

The Galaxy Park has 4 games that everyone can play. These are Lunar Launch (Ring the bell), Feed-A-Puffle, Virtual World and Super Hero Bounce. My personal favourite out of these is Feed-A-Puffle because it looks very cool to play and I love the futuristic twist on the game. The one member only ride is The Space Squid. This is an epic roller coaster ride which is so fun to go on. The ride is quite small however the attention to detail with this ride is fantastic. You pay not tickets at all to ride it and you don’t earn any tickets from it so it is a little “breather” from all the fair-tastic games elsewhere at the Amazement Park. I love The Space Squid and I am pretty sure every other member does too!

Space Squid Ride Virtual World

Tumbleweed Town is an awesome sector with Puffle Shuffle, Balloon Pop and the Memory Card Game for everyone to play and enjoy. Balloon Pop is probably the most original out of all of them and it is definitely worth playing for its wackiness and creativity. The other two games are also very fun! I tend to succeed a lot with Puffle Shuffle and I am sure a lot of others do too if you have the mind to concentrate on more than one hat. Anyway there are 2 member rides/games at Tumbleweed Town and these are: Bulls Eye – where you have to throw snowballs at moving and iterating targets. Look out for the Herbert target which earns you more tickets if you hit him! The other one is the Wagon Wheel which is a spectacular ferris wheel disguised as a wagon wheel, hence the name. I love sitting on the Wagon Wheel and enjoying the sunset view over the Club Penguin island. This ride is a separate chat room where you can move around and let the ride do the magic. This ride is probably my favourite however I do also love The Space Squid.

Wagon Wheel

Ye Olde Castle is an interesting area of the Amazement Park. It only has one game for members only which is a bit weird however it is the latest installment meaning that there may have not been enough time to produce more games. The thing I like most about this park is that it captures the essences of a real park since it has a slide and a cute little cafe. The game is not even anything special but it is a little different area for people to appreciate. So Medieval Monsters is not a spectacular game but it is enjoyable. It is very similar to Bulls Eye except it has even more unique features to do with the time period. I wouldn’t say that this is the best game there but the main thing I like about Ye Olde Castle is the visuals.

As a whole, the Amazement Park is a very entertaining feature added to the last two Fair parties. I really like the twist on some of the classic Fair games as well as the new rides which are very unique compared to former Fairs on Club Penguin. The Prize Booth is even better this year with extensions for members and the Daily Spin still offers a range of possibilities to make the Fair even better! The silver ticket is probably the most valuable token to earn on the Daily Spin so good luck non-members!

4. Durability

This is the first party in quite a while (on web) to offer 3 weeks of fun! This party is definitely more durable than other parties we have had. The main reason due to this was because some players – such as me – were unable to attend the Fair due to a bug so Club Penguin were nice enough to extend this party so that everyone can enjoy it for at least a week. I am extremely happy Club Penguin did this, otherwise this review would not be here right now!

In terms of content, this party encourages players to log on to Club Penguin every day to check out the Fair. This is because of the rewards on offer on the Daily Spin keep people tuned in as well as the amazing amount of prizes which collectors would love to earn at the Prize Booth. The content, generally, makes Penguins want to come back because the Fair this year is so fun and unmissable to anyone. Out of 2015, the Fair wins for me for second year running!

The team have done a great job on keeping the Fair durable because the more fun it is, the more people want to log back on everyday. Club Penguin have used this to keep players engaged throughout the party, especially by adding another week of the Fair for everyone to enjoy. Well done!

The Verdict

This year’s Fair has definitely impressed a lot of the community. Just like last year, the Fair has been massively improved for some high quality content for most people to enjoy. The party is even more enjoyable for members and the amazing amount of games and rides makes this party so memorable. It’s success for the last 2 years may encourage the team to pull of an even better one next year! Would that be possible do you think? Anyway it is very difficult to criticise something very awesome so I might as well leave the verdict here. Overall a great party I enjoyed a lot!

SCORE: 9.6/10


  • Even better than last year’s Fair
  • Packed with a lot of varied content
  • Awesome prizes to be earned
  • A true Fair atmosphere
  • Spectacular visuals


  • Stationary Penguin Band
  • Medieval Monsters is too similar to Bulls Eye




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