Island Discussion #16: Unidentified Discovery

Hello everyone!

I am back with another Island Discussion on ‘The Attic’! If you don’t know what I mean, well basically ‘The Attic’ is a little element which will now be part of some of the Island Discussion. When I mention it in a post, the discussion will evolve around a particular item found in the Mystery Attic. There are lots of topics to talk about however today I am going to talk about something interesting. The Mystery Attic seems to be hinting at something quite fearful which may appear in the future. We are talking about UFOs!

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) is an aircraft which mysteriously appear to be reported from around the whole world. Quite often we hear about sighting of a UFO in reality however it is hard to judge whether it is a hoax or not. Why do we care so much about them? Well it is believed that some people who go missing are abducted by UFOs as we have gathered some evidence. It all depends on if you believe in aliens or not. As a matter of fact, I do but I have not yet seen any evidence which seems to be reliable. Aliens may control UFOs and abducting humans could be one of their tests to identify us humans. To them, we are aliens so each one of our kind is curious about each other.

On Club Penguin, we seem to be hinted a future UFO visit. In the Mystery Attic, there are a couple of images which look promising enough to make us believe that a UFO may be involved with the island in the future. Here is one of the images:

Club Penguin UFO Discovery Attic

I have highlighted the UFO in this image as you can see. So, what can we interpret from this image? You could say that the UFO will be blue and that the star in the background could tell us that it is currently in space. We could analyse a bit deeper. Think about where this picture came from. It is on a corkboard in the Mystery Attic so this will bring in some context. How did this picture get here? It may be a photograph or a sketch.

If it is a photograph, then this tells us that someone has seen it before. What is the evidence for this? Well look around the picture. You have two other pictures which I can already identify what each one is. The first one is Scorn the Dragon King. During the Medieval Party 2012, Scorn returned to rule Club Penguin after Garianna accidentally conjured a portal which allowed him to enter present day Club Penguin. Previously, he ruled the Sky Kingdoms but during this period the five (lost) kingdoms were not united so morale was low. Gary, Garianna and Rookie decided to unite the five kingdoms once again to help bring back justice and to defeat Scorn (with a little help from the Time Trekker 3000).

The third image is a picture of a Frost Bite. Members were able to transform into these during the Holiday Party 2012. If you ate certain cookies, you would transform into an assigned costume for a limited amount of time. This would also have helped donate towards Coins For Change at the time.

Now we know that Scorn and the Frost Bites are familiar characters in Club Penguin history. This could mean that the UFO may have been seen before. These three images may be put together to secretly suggest that these events have already occurred and have been established. In addition, the fact that they are on a corkboard, could suggest that these events have been reported or are currently being investigated (which is what happens in several operations). Therefore something must have happened to prove that this UFO has been sighted.

Moreover – if you think carefully – you may have found already that the Frost Bites and Scorn were all sighted in 2012 (the same year). This could mean that this corkboard files mysteries which occurred during the year 2012, therefore could this mean that the UFO was also discovered in 2012? Not much evidence has proven this yet so we will have to stay tuned for some further evidence to prove this.

Going back a little bit where I was saying that the corkboard could represent new stories that have already occurred, there is something that could prove that the UFO was sighted a long, long time ago. I am talking about the prehistoric period where technology was not even invented. Strange enough, it looks like that a UFO somehow may have made it’s way to some Caveguins in the past!

Club Penguin UFO Discovery Cave Maze

During the Cave Maze (April 15-April 22 2015) some people could spot this small yet a carving of something big! As you can see, a UFO is pictured on the left. It clearly looks like one however the confusing part are the Caveguins. Think about it. Why would there be an UFO sighting back in the prehistoric times. This is definitely a legit carving so it is somehow possible.

One reason could be a futuristic city in outer space where technology is much more advanced as opposed to technology on Club Penguin in that time period. However I find this reason quite weak since it seems like I am guessing. Let’s put some Club Penguin context into it.

We have had two Prehistoric Parties – where Penguins have had the chance to travel to the past. We used modern technology (the Time Trekker 3000) to create a time machine to get there. At the time, Garugg the Ugg Ugg needed our help but zoom out and think of a bigger problem. We have a UFO carving existent on this island so now we need to think how the UFO got to the Prehistoric age. Maybe the Time Trekker 3000 was responsible for this! Somehow the UFO may have escaped from modern day (during the Prehistoric Party or not) and travelled to the past. This could explain why there is a UFO in an age where technology never existed!

Judging by the carving, the Penguins look very surprised which is not even hard to guess. How would you react if you saw something that looked so new and different? It is almost as if a new colour had been invented or discovered. It is hard to imagine what this UFO could have done and where it is now.

This next image could have a link with another familiar face if you think carefully:

Club Penguin UFO Discovery Iceberg

I have highlighted a UFO shaped silhouette in the sky of an image of the Iceberg. The Iceberg does not seem to be in it’s regular position however. It looks “tipped” in this image which is a different story! What counts here is that there is a UFO in the sky. This photograph may have been taken once the UFO arrived at Club Penguin however how come the Iceberg is tipped if nothing like this has been recoded in Club Penguin history? Maybe this photograph is actually a sketch which may foreshadow the future of the Iceberg. There have always been rumours on being able to tip the Iceberg so this future event may involve the UFO somehow.

Think about modern day Club Penguin with the Iceberg. It is in it’s regular position however there is also a shark that seems to be circumnavigating it. This shark is the Mighty Megalodon which currently seems to be a threat at the moment. We have no idea when this shark will become a suspect at large but this image may hint that the Megalodon may have something to do with the tipping of the Iceberg. So why could the UFO be there? There are many possibilities however we are not yet close to finding out a legit solution. It could be searching for the Megalodon to abduct it or it could be the reason why the shark is here today! There are many possibilities! Why not wait a bit for some more evidence?

If you can, think back to this image of the UFO:

Club Penguin UFO Discovery Attic

If it is a sketch of a UFO, then it may be the time to think about the significance of it. Forgetting about context, this UFO must be important since the Mystery Attic holds a lot of mysteries. If this is a mystery then the picture of this UFO may foreshadow a future UFO visit. This could be an abduction or it may be a time to introduce some new friends (aliens). The fact that the previous image with the iceberg is likely to be a future forecasted event, perhaps this one is too making the UFO a mystery to Club Penguin in the recent ages. The thing to find out next is what it could have done if it was in the Prehistoric ages? Still we need more evidence to help us move on with this mystery on the UFO!

So what have we gathered in this Island Discussion? We have an unidentified discovery on a UFO! I think we have made a good start to finding out the significance of this UFO and the deep analysis and links are very helpful with the mystery. Stay tuned for future posts on this UFO when more evidence will come in but for now it is time to move on to another mystery within the Mystery Attic!

Comment below what you would like me to investigate on in the Mystery Attic? What are your conspiracies on the UFO? Please let me know for some further discussion on this topic.

Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!




6 thoughts on “Island Discussion #16: Unidentified Discovery

  1. As usual an amazing post with lots of detail :). Maybe this Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal comic has something connected with UFO’s? Also on the Puffle Poster by the Cow Puffle it says “they are associated with aliens…..” so it seems like Club Penguin has some great ideas ahead :).

  2. This post is amazing. There’s a lot of detail describing the discussion that you’re discussing so that the readers would understand what you’re talking about. I don’t really believe in UFO that much but there are theories that are associated with them. My theory is that maybe rather than Rockhopper discovering puffles, maybe those UFOs are trying to bring the cow puffles to the island. And I think that the UFO picture is a photo because if it was a drawing, it’ll be more cartoon-ish and stuff (well, Club Penguin IS a cartoon though) and plus, if it was a drawing, why would be clipped at the board? All of those pictures at the board seems like a photo to me because ALL of the creatures on that board has been discovered except the UFO, you can only find sightings of UFOs.

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