The Cart Surfer Combo

If played correctly, Cart Surfer can earn you many coins in minutes. It may take up to 5 attempts however you will be earning thousands of coins in no time. I have my own combo which keeps me on a roll throughout the game. It is very simple but probably the best combo you would have ever come across.

This combo is made up of two moves. For the first move, you do an air somersault. Keyboard wise, this is quite simple but he timing has to be right. You press the down arrow first and shortly after press the space bar. The arrow tilts the mine cart and the space bar makes it jump. In a combo you should end up with a flip which earns you 100 points. That is quite a lot!

The next move is very simple. All you need to do is just walk on the track. By doing this, you press and hold the down arrow for a short amount of time. For this move you get 80 points which is only 20 points less than the first combo.

Now I call these two ‘The Cart Surfer Combo’ which is what earns you a lot of points in the game. All you do is take turns in performing the tricks so you get 100 points then 80, then 100…etc. The score adds up quite a lot by performing these moves. Adding the Black Puffle may increase your performance in the game. The reason why you shouldn’t perform the same trick in a row is because the score decreases; the game wants you to be unique with your moves. The Cart Surfer Combo is very powerful in Cart Surfer however sometimes it is too powerful! After the score reaches 3000, the game is determined to end. You can stop this by tossing away your lives. In the game you have 4 lives so you need to waste three of them wisely. A good position to fall out of your mine cart is once you reach 2000, 2500 and 3000. Somewhere around the boundaries will help you. I have no idea why but I have found that it extends the game even longer on most cases. The highest score I have ever reached is around 4000 so that means that I get 400 coins. In cart Surfer, you have to divide the score by ten to find out the amount of coins you will earn.

Tip: Grinding around corners also helps to gain your score.

If you reach 90, you are doing fine! Some people reading this may be stamp collectors/masters. If you have an interest in stamps, then you will gain a major advantage! If you have all of the Cart Surfer stamps, your amount of coins you get will be doubled! So when I got 400 coins, I eventually ended up with around 800! You can earn up to this amount in just a couple of minutes and with a bit of practice. If you haven’t already, try and get all the stamps for this game so that you can earn much more coins by the end. Furthermore, if you have a Black Puffle, you may want it to help you score more points in the game. I usually work alone in Cart Surfer however it is totally up to you. Personally, I find that the Black Puffle does not do much in Cart Surfer.

Now some of you may have found the written demonstration a bit confusing. That is why I have made a video of ‘The Cart Surfer Combo’. It basically shows you what the moves look like and a sense of timing on when to crash your cart. I hope it helps a little bit.

You will become a pro at Cart Surfer in no time! I hope you found this guide helpful. 😉

Waddle On!



2 thoughts on “The Cart Surfer Combo

  1. Hi, Blue! Yes, this guide is really helpful. 🙂 You misspelled “Cart” into “Cat”. That text is actually under your video. 🙂

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