Club Herbert Update!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Top Secret Slogan

Good day agents!

It seems that Club Herbert has now been updated once again. This will help us get on with Operation: Find Herbert since we now know some extra details. Below is the visual report on

Club Penguin Club Herbert Update 30.06.15

As you can see, Herbert P. Bear may now have finished his visit around Penguins on the island since it has been marked off on his new checklist. For some peculiar reason, Herbert has decided to frame a picture of his visits around the island. Specifically – the Mine Shack, Forest, Puffle Lodge and somewhere I have not yet been able to identify. I would like to see if you can make a link with any of these images since it may be significant to what Herbert may be planning right now.

If it helps, it was reported back to me that Herbert left his visits at the Puffle Wilds so this implies that he is based somewhere in the Wilderness of Club Penguins. The mountains are still possible as an option however it seems as if Herbert has returned to his usual cave somewhere in the Wilderness as we can tell from the walls and the same old door with the…crab flap?

In the corner of this image we can also make out a hammer which can be interpreted as both a weapon and a tool. In this context, it is likely for Herbert to be using the hammer to help nail the framed picture onto the wall. It still sounds odd why he is doing this considering how he has referred to us as “pesky penguins” on his post-it note. Still look into this.

The most important part of this image is his “secret meeting with” someone anonymous. Unfortunately there had to be a spring covering the missing noun up so that is something us agents have to guess from other suspects and our own independent investigations. The fact that the meeting is “secret” implies how important whatever Herbert is planning is. This is something we have to keep in the back of our minds. Herbert’s visit in public may have gave him an advantage in some way since I could not guess why he would be interested into hanging out with his enemies. We can alternatively gather that Herbert is insane – as also suggested from his last note: “cut toenails”. Well I guess that information does not help us at all so I guess we shall no longer talk about it.

Last of all, we have confirmation that Klutzy has been reunited with Herbert and that he seems to be suspicious. Klutzy, even though sometimes is a bit silly, can be underestimated since only Rookie can “get close to translating a crab” (yet Rookie is the lowest rank on our team) and his strengths were also proven when he accidentally hacked the EPF Mainframe with bugs. This crab is just as important to this case as Herbert so maybe once Klutzy Is out of the way, Herbert may be weaker (vice versa).

That is all I have, yet, to share with you on this image. Please report back to me any further findings or theories in relation to this image. It would be helpful for some of your synthesis on this occasion since you may have an idea on who the secret meeting is being held with.

Stay sharp agents!

Blue21102, out!


2 thoughts on “Club Herbert Update!

  1. Hello! i’m recently new to your blog and have been reading some of the theories that you write about, pretty awesome. also, they updated club herbert. it’s the same picture but you can’t see the door anymore, just the picture, klutzy’s eyes and the hammer, and the note.

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