Island Discussion #17: Dot-Two-Dot

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to yet another Island Discussion. Today I will be talking about something quite surprising and exciting. If you have stuck with my Blog for a while now, you may remember my 9th Island Discussion. It was called ‘Dot-To-Dot’ (pun intended on the title of this post) and it was basically a vague theory of my thoughts on Dot the Disguise Gal. I remember discussing the statement: ‘What if Dot the Disguise Gal was evil?’. There was practically no evidence to support a theory off the top of my head however I have recently been able to stumble across some interesting clues to make you realise that my old theory may be something crucial.

My former Island Discussion, on Dot, explored how Dot may be not what we interpret her as. In other words, I was wondering whether Dot the Disguise Gal is evil or not and what made me think of this was only because she is a Disguise Gal. I thought that maybe being an EPF agent could be one her many disguises since her skill in stealth gives her an advantage to disguise as a villain. Furthermore her first appearance with agents on the PC coincided with Herbert’s popcorn explosion at the PSA Headquarters. I was questioning the significance of her character as she helped to unveil the EPF and came up with other ideas such as Herbert sending her as a duplicitous agent to assist him in the mission on blowing up the HQ. A lot of my theories were speculations and not approved by any evidence at all but if you are interested in what I came up with, head here!

Now, what I am going to share with you next may blow your minds. You are probably thinking that what I wrote in the previous paragraph was a load of nonsense but you have to take note of this:

Club Penguin Club Herbert Update 30.06.15

You may associate this image with what I shared with you recently on Operation: Find Herbert however since then I may have figured out who is going to attend the secret meeting with Herbert. As you probably may have guessed now, I think Dot could be a possible answer. The only evidence within this image to support my theory is because I was literally trying to read through the spring and imagine what the name could be made out as. The missing characters are definitely a name since the sentence indicates a noun. From what I can see, the name appears to look very short and what shorter name is there than Dot? Also if you imagine taking away the spring from the sentence, you could make out some of the characters that are able to hide behind the aesthetics of the spring.

Other people have been guessing ‘Dot’ for the noun however I seem to have a whole theory that it fits within. Some parts of my theory may be a little off topic but (generally) it involves a relationship with Herbert and Dot. What are your thoughts on this missing noun? Can you make out anything different? If you can, please let me know!

Also during my search for evidence, I have come across an EPF message from Dot that sounds very suspicious and – if interpreted correctly – it will make sense to relate with my theory. On June 18th, Dot sent this message to everyone via the EPF Spyphone:

Dot Message June 18

Dot’s intentions with this message were obviously not to reveal that she may be not what she seems however it indicates how good her disguises are. The word that emphasises this point is “anything” since it reveals that there are no limits to her disguises so she could be anyone/anything anywhere! She also mentions that they will “always be useful” which hints that, so far, her disguises have worked out really well for her. This could be true since no one has confidently discovered whether she is a villain or not so Dot remains safe and cloaked.

That is all I have to share about Dot and her true identity. I hope that my theories have been able to convince and intrigue you. If they have, then feel free to comment your personal thoughts on what I have discussed. If you feel as if you have further untouched evidence then you may want to contribute as well! Thank you for reading!

Waddle On!



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