Blogging From Another Perspective

Hello everyone!

In this post I am going to explain how my Blog is different from others relevant to Club Penguin. I have always put out there how I aim to make my Blog unique; the site tagline: “The Unique One.” even proves it. I am not going to lie but I guess that my blog posts may sound boring since it is something different to get used to. Usually, you would probably be interested in the latest drama on Club Penguin and sometimes you may catch the odd new story now and then. My Blog has never really been like that and there are a number of reasons to define this.

Firstly, I find that blogging about something different may appeal to people more often due to an exciting, new post to share about. Recently, that doesn’t seem to be the case since I find that a lot of my posts go unnoticed. I am not going to blame anyone here but I am just communicating a point. The way I see Club Penguin may be a total different way you see it. Being a 14 year old, I surprisingly held onto some imagination from when I was younger and I am yet fading out from it. Most often, I find Club Penguin quite boring and I could have left around a year ago or sooner. For the last year I have created this Blog to change the way I interpret Club Penguin by using some imagination. Even though my imagination could be quite weird, I sometimes think that my approach to Club Penguin is realistic and exaggerated.

Some of you may know that I love mysteries! Any puzzles or quests will attract me and that is what I try to seek for in Club Penguin. Funny enough, I find that these posts are probably the most popular ones I create even though they are not exactly the usual post you will come across. Yes, I seek for mysteries within the world of Club Penguin but I find it very difficult to actually crack them or even discover them. This is where most of my imagination kicks in which then leads to some exaggeration. Since Club Penguin is a virtual world targeted for kids, I find that my mature approach tends to become too realistic so that it almost creates a different world. I am not saying that my theories and mysteries are false and non existent but I do sometimes question whether I take things too seriously. The team may not even be purposely planning mysteries in Club Penguin however you get the od one now and then but it is designed for chat and meet ups within a frosty world.

I don’t like to bug myself about it though because I like doing these sorts of posts the most and the fact that it is different, makes it (personally) much more fun to blog about. You may have noticed already that my posts are kind of different and I just want to say that I hope you see them this way and that if you read them, you may have been underestimating before.

Another reason which explains why my blogging perspective is different to others is also because I blog for the fun of it and when I feel like it. I don’t mean to sound unprofessional since I love writing but I don’t like to overdo it. I discovered this when I wasn’t able to keep up with my schedule when I aimed to post frequently about recent updates in the past. The fact that most of them were daily, really made it hard for me and I began to feel not that bothered to fit with a schedule anymore. When I can post when I can, I feel as if I have more control and time to do it. Therefore the product is at a higher standard and my posts tend to become more lengthy. I feel as if I don’t try hard enough if I post (maximum) 500 words but then again, I don’t blog as often as I used to so maybe my longer posts catch up with that.

So my Blog may not appeal to many but I am aware that some of you are very loyal and I appreciate any readers. If you are not interested in what I post about then I am okay with that since I enjoy what I do, so posting publically is just another opportunity to get recognised for what I do. I hope this post didn’t sound too serious; I mainly wanted to reassure to people that my Blog is not meant to be frequent and up to date. I actually have experience currently – and in the past – where I have to act as a blogger on other websites. Most of these expect consistence and quality which is good experience if you are interested in becoming a writer. Myself, I find it difficult to do these kind of jobs but I am currently coping just fine being a blogger on this website and a manager of CPCHEATS&CO. I must admit I need to start blogging more on other website I am hired for so as you can tell I am not that on the ball at all!

Other than blogging however, I enjoy getting to know a lot of you since I get lonely on a website without assistance. I may not be the best frequent blogger in the world, but I aim to be: friendly, professional and productive when I can be and need to be and it is these skills which I value most.

Waddle On!



2 thoughts on “Blogging From Another Perspective

  1. A very good post indeed. My name is Caramellos, or Caroline, and I have a unique blog as well. I do animations, write stories, and make comedy articles! Enough about me. Great blog.

    • Hey Caramellos! (Nice name btw). It is great to hear that you like my Blog. It’s interesting to hear that you have a unique Blog too. I am going to check it out. 😉

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