Island Discussion #18: Herbert Theory

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to a new Island Discussion this week. Today’s discussion will explore a background to Herbert P. Bear before he even arrived at Club Penguin. Every villain has a story and a reason. We found out why Tusk (Master of Snow) became enemies with Sensei and the Card Jitsu Saga helped us to re-live the story of their upbringing together. Ultimate Protobot 10K is another villain with intentions to assist Gary the Gadget Guy in his future inventions however surprisingly became one of Club Penguin’s dangerous villains after a malfunction in his creation.

Herbert does have a story that exists on this island only but we never seemed to grasp on to why Herbert has become a spiteful Polar Bear who wants to live in a Summer Paradise. I was thinking that maybe something happened to him before he was stranded on an iceberg. Maybe his family or friends caused betrayal and that lead him on a journey on his own.

You could always tell that Herbert was an isolated bear. Throughout the PSA missions, there was always a sense of doubt and the way he treats Klutzy in a controlling way hints that this could be as a result of his former life. People say that your actions can be influenced from others stronger than you and with more power however the power of that person prevents you from striking back. In other words, it is a bit like bullying except Herbert could have lived a life where his parents weren’t especially pleasant with him. It is a classic form of revenge and wanting to finally be the most powerful person you can ever be.

When Klutzy came along, Herbert was very grateful as he gave Herbert the power to control him. Klutzy’s intentions may have been to be his friend and to welcome him to the island; before we knew it, Klutzy could have been an innocent crab until Herbert changed that. Also Klutzy being a crab could emphasise how size matters in this relationship between Herbert and Klutzy. Perhaps Klutzy was designed as a crab to make Herbert feel like a strong character since he is a tall Polar Bear. However what Klutzy could be experiencing is what Herbert experienced when he left his family. Herbert’s family turned Herbert into a selfish Polar Bear and his ongoing adventures with Klutzy has also set that influence. If you think about it, Klutzy is just a crab and he never seems to assist Herbert in any other way other than to support Herbert to make him feel like the stronger villain. It is quite selfish really!

A future EPF party could explore the relationship with Herbert and Klutzy and maybe Klutzy finally realises that he is in a trap where Herbert has power all over him. Once Klutzy escapes, this could finally make everyone realise that Herbert has no power without him and then this could lead on to why Herbert is lacking something. His family. I think this could be a possible reason to explain why Herbert is what he is and maybe the Club Penguin Team haven’t considered this.They should if they haven’t already and I think it would be a great way to conclude Herbert’s journey as a villain. In some ways we might feel sorry for Herbert and Klutzy if this is the case.

So as you can probably tell, this Island Discussion has no graphical evidence to support my theory…yet! Recently an artist on the Club Penguin Team posted this image of Herbert looking into a mirror.


I think this image perfectly portrays what my theory is about. What the image could be showing is that Herbert sees himself as someone powerful. The mirrored image of Herbert makes Herbert look more vicious and the different style of art make it more serious. I must admit that whoever did this is a very smart person since this image says a lot more than a laugh about what Herbert thinks he looks like. If we ignore the mirrored image, Herbert is just himself and after his many failures people pity his presence and not many people are scared of him anymore. This mirror could represent what Herbert aims to be when Klutzy is there to make him look like more of a vigorous person. If you look closely, Klutzy is there behind the mirror and it looks like that he is cowering to signify how overpowered he feels. It makes you feel sorry for Klutzy since he is loyal to Herbert but Herbert doesn’t appreciate this and therefore uses Klutzy in the wrong way.

So what are your thoughts on Herbert and Klutzy now? I kind of feel sorry for Klutzy (if this was true) and Herbert since this also happened to him when he was with his family. Could all these past events have been the trigger to why Herbert was isolated; why he reached out to Klutzy as a tool to make Herbert stronger? This theory has changed the way I see Herbert and Klutzy now…

Waddle On!



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